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50th Anniversary Party Ideas: A Golden Gala

Celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary certainly deserves an excellent party. The marriage has lasted through Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Clinton and two Bushes. This much history demands planning a wedding anniversary that will be remembered for 50 more years.

Whether you host the party at home, make it an intimate gathering in a restaurant, or decide to throw a large, catered event, some things will always be important. Use these 50th anniversary party ideas to celebrate a special couple

50th anniversary party Invitations


Putting together a guest list for a 50th anniversary isn't too hard. There are friends, family (by now kids, grandkids, in-laws and maybe a great-grandchild or two), work associates, volunteer groups, etc. After so many years, a couple has touched many lives. Of course, some people are more comfortable with smaller gatherings, and that's ok. It will still be a special evening.


Since the highlight of this party is to celebrate the couple, it is only natural to select party supplies that feature the guests of honor. Start with a personalized 50th anniversary invitation that features "then and now" pictures of the couple. It is a great theme you can carry through to the rest of the party.

Especially for the 50th, it would be fun to go all out on a caricature invitation. Capture the spirit of the couple and establish a theme at the same time. The best part about a caricature is that you can use it for your invitation or sign-in board, or give one as a gift customized to the particular characteristics and interests of the celebrant. Nothing is more personal or more fun, and it screams, "This party is going to be fabulous!"

50th golden anniversary Decorations and Party Supplies
The traditional symbol for a 50th wedding anniversary is gold, giving you the perfect element for setting a beautiful stage for this party. A gold 50th anniversary banner is a great way to welcome your guests. Or wow them with a personalized 50th Golden Anniversary banner that you can customize with your wording and photos!

Greet everyone with two life-sized cutouts of the guests of honor (there are lots of great couple themes). They will be a huge hit with the guests and the happy couple can take them home after the party.

When they walk in the door, decorate the entrance with balloon bouquets. Mix a few gold and ivory balloons together, and tie them off with gold curling ribbon and weigh them down with a deflated balloon filled with sand. Or use these cute 50th anniversary balloon weights.

Near the entrance you can set up a table with pictures of the couple throughout their marriage. Put them in gold frames to stay in theme! Before the party, ask guests to submit in writing their favorite memories of the couple. Assemble these in the scrapbook as a gift for the couple, and you can display it here. Or set up a personalized 50th anniversary sign in board nearby where everyone can leave the couple a message. Decorate this table with a gold foil table skirt and a balloon bouquet or two.


Twinkle lights and votive candles make great room decorations if your venue will allow them. The key to a great golden wedding anniversary is to make the couple the center of attention. The golden decorations are an accent that sets the tone but they should not be the focal point of the event. Pictures of the couple, mementoes from their life and marriage... make sure to have these keepsakes on display!


50th golden anniversary Table Decorations and Menu
Begin by setting the table with ivory colored linens. Then add golden accents to make the room shine. Use white china with gold trim and serve drinks in crystal that has gold accents if the venue has it available. You can use gold napkin rings or gold ribbon around the napkins.

If your party is at home, use gold paper goods. Use the soft paper disposable kind of table cloth instead of plastic (they look more like cloth).

For a simple centerpieces you can fill a clear glass globe with sand and place a gold votive or pillar candle inside. One of the easiest 50th anniversary party ideas is to decorate the tables by scattering gold wrapped chocolate hearts or gold confetti across the top of the table. For a unique table decoration consider using a personalized "Then and Now" seating cards and table numbers.

You can even get centerpieces that match the seating cards and table numbers with a personalized "Then and Now" 50th anniversary centerpiece. Guests will love the pictures of the guests of honor, and you can add a balloon bouquet coming out of the top for height, which is important if you have a large room!

Food is important. Select a menu of their favorite foods but remember to make it simple if you are doing the cooking. Who wants to be in the kitchen during the festivities? You can always buy trays of food from a local restaurant and supplement with a few side dishes made by yourself.

If you have a bar you should decorate it to stand out. Add more balloon bouquets, fun beverage napkins, and a few shiny gold party decorations. For a bit of fun, why not serve a signature drink. Here is a fun drink that fits well with the gold theme -

"50 Happy Years" Golden Cocktail

2 1/2 oz vodka
1 1/2 oz coconut rum
1 tsp shredded coconut
Coconut flakes
Edible gold powder

Coat bottom of martini glass with gold powder (available at baking and cake decorating stores). Combine remaining ingredients into a shaker with ice, shake well and strain into the glass. Garnish with coconut flakes and a little more gold powder.

Let people share memories of the couple during the golden wedding celebration. Don't forget to toast the guests of honor. You, as host, should have special words to say to them. But encourage everyone to share their fondest memories and wishes with the couple.

One of our favorite 50th anniversary party ideas is to top the anniversary cake with the topper from their wedding cake if you can sneak it away from them. Otherwise, create a cake topper from golden balls, gold leaves or even golden cupids.

50th Anniversary Party Favors
It is always nice to hand out a party favor to let everyone know you appreciate them coming to the celebration. Send your guests home with something special to remember the couple (and party) by -


  • A personalized candy bar wrapper is a wonderful treat for guests and can match all of the other great elements of the anniversary party. Set them at each place or put them in a basket for people to grab on the way out.
  • Personalized mint and candy tins are another sweet way to thank your guests!
  • For a special memory take a gold picture frame and include a picture of the couple. Line them up on the memory table. Have one per couple to take home.
  • Decorate each place setting with a mini vase filled with fresh flowers. Preferably the vase will have gold accents. At the end of the party guests can take these home as favors.
  • Make sure someone is taking a video during the event. If you have a good editor you can make copies for all the guests. A truly memorable favor that can be enjoyed over and over.
  • A fantastic idea is to give a gift to the couple's favorite charity in their name, in lieu of party favors. Give all the guests a small card with a thank you note for attending that informs them of the donation.

The key to a great golden wedding anniversary is to make the couple the center of attention. Just make sure to surround the couple with the people who love them and the day is sure to be a hit!