50's Theme Anniversary Party

Do you want a fun theme for a 50th Anniversary Party? A 50's theme with great rock & roll music, sock hop decor, and a fun 50's diner menu is a great way to celebrate a fun loving couple. The fifties had everything from Elvis to Pop Art so there are a lot of fun ways to take this theme. Since we love 50's music (who doesn't?) we are going with a Sock Hop meets the classic 50's Drive In.

Sock hop 50th anniversary party Invitations


Start the party off right with a great invitation to your 50's anniversary party. you have plenty of great choices. Here are a few personalized options -
It would be fun to go all out on a caricature invitation. The best part about a caricature is that you can use it for your invitation or sign-in board, or give one as a gift customized to the particular characteristics and interests of the celebrants. Nothing is more personal or more fun, and it screams, "This party is going to be fabulous!" 
If you’re the creative type, then make your own invitation. Decide what kind of paper you want to use. Heavy poster board or card stock is your best bet. Why not make it unique by attaching the invite to a plastic rock & roll record?
Any way you go, sprinkle a little confetti in the envelope for extra fun!

1950's anniversary Decorations and Party Supplies
The traditional symbol for a 50th wedding anniversary is gold, giving you the perfect element for setting a beautiful stage for this party. Wow them with a personalized 50th Golden Anniversary banner.

Greet everyone with two life-sized cutouts of the guests of honor. The poodle skirt life-sized cutout and the greaser life-sized cutout are perfect for this theme (or maybe someone will want to be Elvis?) They will be a huge hit with the guests and the happy couple can take them home after the party.

When they walk in the door, decorate the entrance with balloon bouquets. If it is a 25th anniversary use silver balloon, and gold balloons for a 50th anniversary. Add a music note Mylar balloon to each bunch, and use an old record as a balloon weight (or use these fun rock and roll plastic records).

Near the entrance you can set up a table with pictures of the couple throughout their marriage. This is a great place for a sign in board too.


Add some fun to the room by scattering more balloon bouquets throughout the room. Balloons are a great way to fill a large party room because of their height.


50th golden anniversary Table Decorations and Menu

If your party is at home or more casual you can use 50's paper goods. Otherwise your venue should supply linens and tableware. Either way, here are a few ideas to bring a 50's vibe to your tables - 


  • Records make great charger plates.
  • Create your own "milkshake centerpiece" -fill a tall clear glass with chocolate colored sand. On the top use several white carnations for whipped cream, one red carnation as a cherry, and finish off with 2 straws.
  • Place Elvis glasses and ladies 50's glasses on the table for your guests to wear. Bonus, it doubles as a party favor!
  • For a simple centerpieces you can fill a clear glass globe with sand and place a votive or pillar candle inside, and scatter confetti across the top of the table.
Food is important. Select a menu of their favorite foods but remember to make it simple if you are doing the cooking. Who wants to be in the kitchen during the festivities? You can always buy trays of food from a local restaurant and supplement with a few side dishes made by yourself.
People will love it if you go with drive-in fare like cheeseburgers, fries and root beer floats. For drinks, in addition to the soda shop favorites, serve Manhattans, Grasshoppers and Martinis, too.


If you have a bar you should decorate it to stand out. Add more balloon bouquets to the area but with Mylar balloons mixed in. White lights are another great decoration for the bar! For the drinks you can set out fun music note napkins.
Fifties Party games and activities
Let people share memories of the couple after dinner. Don't forget to toast the guests of honor. You, as host, should have special words to say to them. But encourage everyone to share their fondest memories and wishes with the couple.
You could also set up a screen to do a slideshow of the couples pictures. Decorate the area like a 50's drive in with scene setters. You could even hand out some popcorn!
If you are having a band or DJ most of the fun is going to be on the dance floor; 50's music will get everyone shake, rattling and rolling!

50th Anniversary Party Favors
It is always nice to hand out a party favor to let everyone know you appreciate them coming to the celebration. Send your guests home with something special to remember the couple (and party) by -


  • A personalized candy bar wrapper is a wonderful treat for guests and can match all of the other great elements of the anniversary party. Set them at each place or put them in a basket for people to grab on the way out.
  • Personalized mint and candy tins are another sweet way to thank your guests!
  • For a special memory take a picture frame and include a picture of the couple. Line them up on the memory table. Have one per couple to take home.
  • A fantastic idea is to give a gift to the couple's favorite charity in their name, in lieu of party favors. Give all the guests a small card with a thank you note for attending that informs them of the donation.
The key to a great wedding anniversary is to make the couple the center of attention. Just make sure to surround the couple with the people who love them and the day is sure to be a hit!
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