Hollywood Red Carpet Anniversary Party: Host a "25th Silver Screen" or "50th Golden Award Show"

Whether you are planning your silver anniversary (25th), your golden anniversary (50th) or just an anniversary party in general (let’s say you’re having the 7-year itch and you need to celebrate), a Hollywood theme with its red carpet, lights, cameras and action is a great party.  All eyes, and lights of course, on the couple.

hollywood anniversary party Invitations
We have several personalized Hollywood invitations to choose from, but, of course, the photo film tickets with the happy couple’s photo is my favorite. Just adjust the title of the event in the copy if this is a milestone—such as Hollywood: The Golden Era for a 50th or Hollywood Silver Screen Celebration for a 25th.

Party411 can also do a personalized invitation with photos from then and now (where did the time go?) a semi-custom caricature invitation or a caricature we create just for you that represents the highlights of your marriage.

Whatever you choose, remember the invitation is the first impression of the party, and you certainly want everyone to know this is going to be a fabulous event.

hollywood anniversary Decorations and Party Supplies
When it comes to decorating and easy—a Hollywood theme practically decorates itself. It doesn’t matter what year you’re celebrating, when you say Hollywood you think gold (as in Oscar®), you think silver (as in “silver screen”) and you think stars (as in the walk of fame)!


Your Hollywood Entrance:
  • I’d start with a red carpet of course.
  • Next, I’d rent some klieg lights from a local prop shop (not expensive at all) so that the the entrance is spectacular.
  • Over the entrance, I’d hang a personalized Hollywood marquee banner welcoming all.
  • At the end of the red carpet, as soon as your guests enter, I would have a life sized cut out of the couple (yesterday and/or today) with speech bubbles welcoming all to Hollywood’s Golden Era, Silver Screen Celebration or to just to plain ol’ Hollywood. (See all of our life sized cut outs and see if anything strikes your fancy.)
  • You may want to consider serving champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries on the red carpet or at the entrance as a special treat to wow your guests even more. You can set it up on a small table and have it be self serve too.
  • Finally, and I don’t want to get ahead of myself here, but on the way out, I’d line the red carpet with our VIP favor bags filled with inexpensive treats (see favors below) so guests can grab them as they leave. What a look.
In the party room:
  • Decorate in gold and black for a 50th or silver and black for a 25th anniversary. Red, black and metallics are good for any milestone.
  • Line the walkway or flank the entrance with with silver or gold balloons.
  • Another great option is to weight balloons with picture frames filled with various photos of the couple.
  • At a table in the foyer or pre-function area, put up a photo collage of the happy couple during their marriage that can double as a sign-in/autograph board or a future framed piece over the mantle. Each photo can be placed in a silver and/or gold star to pull through the theme.
  • In each room or on different sides of the room if you’re in a large party room, you may want to set up a screen with a movie from the era when the couple got married or just maybe some love stories from the film noir era. There are so many great romances to choose from and these films make a great backdrop in any room—sound or no sound.
More Hollywood anniversary theme ideas:
Use a favorite or romantic movie for your inspiration. Here are some of our favorites -

Days of Wine and Roses (1962, Jack Lemmon and Lee Remick)
The perfect theme for an anniversary.  Table centerpieces are roses, of course, and wine is the centerpiece of your theme.  For your next anniversary, celebrate this Oscar®-winning film with a wine tasting at your home or a local winery or wine bar.

Gone with the Wind (1939, Vivian Leigh and Clark Gable)
A love story for all time.  Celebrate your anniversary with a southern theme, southern food and a look back at the old South.  Host this soireé in your backyard as a garden party or at an outdoor venue, and, if you are so inclined, ask friends and family to dress as southern belles and gentlemen.  Or if that is not for you, at least pull off the theme by dressing the waitresses as southern belles.  For pictures and for fun.

The Way We Were (1973, Robert Redford and Barbra Streisand)
Take a look back at the years the next time you celebrate your anniversary.  Perfect for a 25th or 50th, this theme plays right into the history of your life together.  Using photo collages as centerpieces, blow ups of the family over the years as decor, and a scrapbook table for people to view your life in pictures--is all you need for a fabulous event.  A great photo op is to blow up your wedding photo as a cut out and use that as a sign in board and for souvenir photos.

Titanic (1997, Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio)
Was there a better love story ever told??? Never.  Recreate that last night's dinner and invite your friends to a dinner party to remember.  In fact, make it black tie (if desired) and turn-of-the-century themed with candles, elegance and more.  A showing a the movie (in the background) would also be a nice touch.  Choose items off the menu (http://www.examiner.com/article/menu-from-last-first-class-meal-on-titanic-what-was-served-april-14-1912) that your guests will enjoy but not all 10 courses are a must.

Casablanca (1942, Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart)
Morocco at sunset.  Rick's Cafe.  Moroccan food, jazz, a pianist, of course.  What could be more fun. Ask all to dress 40's style, get a few cut-outs from the movie and movie posters, perhaps use an airline ticket to Morocco as an invite. (We have great boarding pass invitations)  There's so much you can do...and I know you can. Here's looking at you, kid...

hollywood anniversary Table Decorations and Menu
Use black linen on the table(s). If you are entertaining at home, set the table or buffet with fun and easy Hollywood paper goods. Again, you can just do silver/black or gold/black for the 25th and 50th anniversaries respectively.

One more thing. As placemats/placecards, consider using stars from the walk of fame like you find at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Hollywood and Vine.

We’d love to make you personalized centerpieces with photos from then and now to which you can add flowers or balloons. Scatter star confetti around the base because you should.


Need seating cards? We can do them in silver or gold, and we’ll even put the names and table numbers on them if you’d like.


Depending on the occasion (Silver Screen, Golden Era or Hollywood in general), your menu can represent the theme using descriptive titles. For example, rename your entrees: Silver Screen Sea Bass, Film Noir Filet, etc. Party411 is happy to make custom menu boards for you if you desire to display on the buffets.
The bars should be right out of the Golden Era or Silver Screen era with decor and drinks to match. Use table skirting in silver or gold or a mix of both.
hollywood anniversary activities
Some people love games and some people don’t, but it’s always nice to at least leave time for a toast or two. Here are some other ideas:
  • Give out awards to those people in the room who have made your marriage special. What’s a Hollywood party without awards??
  • Let your friends choose a Hollywood couple that most reminds them of the happy couple (depends on the era, of course): Kate Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, Brad and Angie, Bogie and Bacall, Tom and Katie, Elizabeth Taylor and Rich Burton, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Sonny and Cher—write down who and why. Very entertaining.

hollywood Anniversary Party Favors

As I mentioned above, give away a VIP bag that you can line up on the red carpet or at the door as people leave. Fill them with personalized yummies like a candy bar with then and now photos, mint tins also with a photo or just the number that represents the years you’ve been together, a split of wine with a personalized label, a candle, a picture frame—all with lots of gold and silver tissue coming out.
The key to a great Hollywood wedding anniversary is to make the couple the center of attention. Just make sure to surround the couple with the people who love them and the day is sure to be a hit!