Super Bowl Fiesta Theme Party

  Ole! One of our favorite themes is that Southwestern thing. Add some football for a super theme. It's easy to do, and there is a never-ending supply of great party items that go with this theme. Grab your hat and shuffle on south to celebrate.

This theme is just one way to have a fiesta. For more great ideas, visit our Fiesta Planning Guide and take your own festive journey south of the border.

Super Bowl Fiesta Invitations
We have a great Football Fiesta Invitation design perfect for your Football Fiesta. This invites is sure to be a touchdown for your Super Bowl Fiesta bash!

You can also make your own Super Bowl fiesta invitation. Brightly colored paper with fun football wording like "You'll need a siesta after this Super Bowl Fiesta!" will get the RSVPs flying in! Make it really special by throwing in a pair of mini maracas. You'll need to send it in a padded envelope, but just imagine your guest's faces!

Ticket Invitations - One of our most popular style of invitations for any football party are our ticket invitations. You get to use your own wording, choose from nine colors and can order as few as 30. (The orange or blue tickets are perfect for a fiesta theme).

Super Bowl Invitations - Super Bowl invitations are another great option. Just fill in your party information, throw them in the mail, and you are all set! However you decide to invite your guests, let them know they should dress "Football Fiesta Festive". Most of the fun will be in seeing how they interpret that!

Super Bowl Fiesta Decorations and Party Supplies
Welcome your guests with a life-size Football Fiesta cutout of you or a friend as a Fiesta Football player with a speech bubble! You can also get a great Football Fiesta photo op for your guests to take pictures with.


Add fiesta and football theme decor around the party for additional decorating touches:


  • Use colorful latex balloons mixed with fiesta balloons to make fun balloon bouquets. You can use a helium tank and inflate them yourselves or hire a local balloon company for your balloons. These should be placed throughout the room for an overall effect.


When I watch football I love to get dressed up and make a lot of noise. Get your guests to go crazy during the game by providing them with a few wearables and noisemakers. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Sombreros
  • Beer Sunglasses
  • Genuine Maracas
  • Football Beads

Like everything else, stay in theme by mixing fiesta party items and football party items.

Super Bowl Fiesta Menu and Table Decorations

There are plenty of great ways to decorate your table Fiesta Football chic. Well, maybe chic is a bad choice of words, since we are talking contact sports here, but definitely Fiesta football FUN!
  • Use a grass field table cover and football party paper goods to set your table.
  • Set a neon margarita cup at each place setting.
  • You may want to use bandanas as napkins for something fun.
  • Place a few small sombreros on the middle of the table and fill the brim with chips or pretzels.
  • You can add a little more fiesta to the table by using fiesta paper goods for dessert.

Appetizers are great for a Super Bowl party -

  • Taquitos
  • Salsa, Queso and Chips
  • Quesadillas
  • Empanadas

So what to serve for the main event? Two words -TACO BAR!

  • Hard and Soft Tacos
  • Taco Bowl Shells
  • Flour Tortillias for Burittos
  • Chips
  • Bags of Doritos (to make Walking Tacos)
  • Grilled Steak and Chicken
  • Ground Beef with Taco Seasoning
  • Fajita Mix (onions and peppers)
  • Shredded Lettuce
  • Guacamole
  • Diced Tomatos
  • Diced Onion
  • Spanish Rice
  • Refried Beans
  • Black Beans
  • Nacho Cheese
  • Sheredded Chedder Cheese
  • Sliced Olives
  • Sour Cream
  • Green Onion
  • Radishes
  • Taco Sauce (Mild, Medium, Hot)
  • Variety of Salsas (Chunky Tomato, Salsa Verde, Corn, Hot)
  • Wedges of Lime
  • Chopped Cilantro

Does your theme dictate what type of drinks you serve? I would say yes. When you say fiesta, you think margaritas. When you say football you naturally think beer. So why not combine the two in a tasty beer margarita, or better yet a Corona Margarita!

Corona Margarita

  • 6 ounces white or blanco tequila
  • 12 ounces Corona
  • 6 ounces frozen limeade concentrate
  • Ice cubes to suit
  • Lime flavored salt
  • Lime wedge (optional)

Cover the rim of the glass with the salt. Pour all ingredients into blender and blend well. Garnish with a lime wedge.

Besides your Corona Margaritas, you can serve bottles of Corona with personalized beer bottle labels. Make sure you have some fun non-alcoholic drinks like soda a bottled water. You can serve bottle water with a personalized water bottle label.

Super Bowl Fiesta Activities
Add some spice to your Super Bowl Fiesta by having a Hot Pepper Eating Contest. The challenge is to see how many hot peppers your guests can eat without bursting into flames (or tears). You are going to want to buy mostly mildly hot peppers like pepperocini, banana peppers, and pimentos. But get some hot peppers for the brave guests; jalapeno, chili, and polano peppers all pack a wallop. And for the grand finale - habanera peppers. Prepare a table outside with big bowls of chilies, plates, and latex gloves, because some peppers tend to be hot to the touch. And pour glasses of milk for your friends to kill the burn of eating all those peppers!

Want something a little more mild? How about beating a football piñata? Or maybe a bull piñata to stick to the theme. Works for me.

A Super Bowl Pool Board betting game is perfect for your Super Bowl 52 party. Use ours or create your own. Here's how it works:

  • Sell each square on the grid for a set amount of money. Play big or small.
  • Numbers 0-9 are assigned randomly across the rows and down the columns after bets are places and squares are bought. (Draw out of a hat for the order of numbers for each row and column)
  • The numbers beside each team name represent the last digit in the score for that team. For example, if the score were "AFC team 14- NFC team 3", then who ever's name is in the square under the "4" of the AFC team and the "3" of NFC would win.

The betting board is a great way to keep people interested in the game! You should also check out our Super Bowl Games and Activities and Fiesta Party Games for more fun ways to entertain your guests!

Super Bowl Fiesta Party Favors
Send your guests home with a great party favor to say "Thanks for coming!". What about a mini cactus? You can add a few football stickers to the pot!

And while not technically Mexican, a bottle of Tabasco Sauce with a personalized label or hang tag is a spicy reminder of your hot party!

A personalized fiesta candy bar wrapper is another great way to thank everyone for coming! Your guests will be thanking you for showing them such a great time. With help from the Party Girl and the, all of your parties will be Excellente!