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Western Theme Party

Your cowboy hat is starting to collect dust. You're humming the theme song to the classic TV western "Bonanza." Rather than talk in your sleep, you're calling out square dance directions. You're drawn to pointy snakeskin boots and chaps. Well, sit yourself down, pardner, get out the old address book and prepare to have yourself a country western party! We have tons of western party ideas that will help you find invitations, decorations and favors that will make your party a foot stompin’, Hee-Hawin' success.

Western Theme Party Invitations
Round up your friends and family with a personalized western theme invitation. We love pairing an invitation with a fun western item; try slipping a bandana or a sheriff badge in the envelope (go with a padded one), your guests will be delighted!

Add some western confetti to the envelope to add some fun and sparkle to the invitation.

Use your imagination to set the stage for your adventurous western party. Here are a few creative invitations that you may have to hand deliver (or pay extra postage for), but no one will send regrets, that's for sure!


  • Create a WANTED poster as the invitation to your party! Roll it up with all of the party details on the inside, and tie it with a bandana. Use parchment colored paper and black lettering.
  • Really make a ringing impression with customized cowbells. Paint the name of each guest on the outside and attach the party details to the ringer inside. Send or hand-deliver. Cowbells can be found at your local novelty store or discount mass merchandiser.
  • Hand deliver a colorful cowboy hat to your guests with all of the exciting party details folded up inside of the hat. Make sure to request that your guests come to the party wearing the invitation (the hat, not the paper).

Whichever invitation you choose to send, ask your guests to come dressed for the occasion. Of course as the host, you'll be dressed in denim (skirt or pants), fringe, cowboy boots with spurs, a western bolo tie, a sequin cowboy hat, holster or cutesy vest/skirt combo a la Dale Evans.

Western Decorations and Party Supplies
Welcome your guests with a big personalized banner that says something like "Jack & Jill's O.K. Corral" or "Welcome to American Corporation's Old West." At the entrance to the party set up a life-sized cutout of the guest of honor or the host and hostess as a cowboy or cowgirl. You can place a basket full of bandanas and cowboy hats near the front door so your guests can fill out any gaps in their cowpoke duds.

A rented barn or ranch is a great setting for all your favorite buckaroos to gather. If you can pull that off, you have a lot of the decorations built in. If not, there are lots of things you can do to make your party authentic. First, set the stage for your event with real hay bales outside the entrance. Use real or cardboard cactus cutouts around the hay as well to really give your presentations some depth. Plastic snakes should be all around the ground, but fear not, your cowboys and cowgirls will surely be able to handle them. If you have one or can borrow or rent one, place a western-style saddle on top of one of the bales.

Here are a few more great Western party ideas -


  • Hang wanted posters all over the walls. You can personalize the posters with the host/hostesses pictures.
  • Hang "Cowboys" and "Cowgirls" signs on your bathroom doors.
  • Another fun idea is to use rope to make lassos and hang as garland.

Have a country western music playing. You might also play other classic country artists like Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, George Jones, June Carter Cash, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings.

Western Table Decorations and menu
Use checkered toppers over red linens for great looking tables, and use solid red and solid white napkins (every other placesetting) for a little more pizzazz. Denim table covers are another way to go, too. You can even use metal sheriff's badges as napkin rings (pin one in the middle of each napkin).

Need western party ideas for centerpieces? A cactus makes a wonderful table decoration! Tie red and blue bandanas around your clay pots to brighten up those cactus plants. Stick mini-spurs in the plant soil for an added WOW. You can find these in a toy store or toy department of your local stores. Don’t forget to sprinkle western confetti around. It's a great touch!

Another fun idea is to re-create a "western setting" in the middle of the table. For a really creative centerpiece, use an old-style metal coffeepot, a bandana-lined basket (that you can fill with just about anything), some old-style metal coffee cups, and several bottles of fancy barbecue sauce. Just arrange these all together in the center of the table.

For kids' tables, try a cowboy play set as the centerpiece. Not only will it look inviting to them, but also they can entertain themselves as they sit and eat.


Roll up and ribbon-tie one bandanna for each person as a seating card. Tie off the seating card with their name and table number and you have a party favor, too. Another idea for seating cards is plastic horseshoes, found in your local toy store. Print the name and table number of your guests on each one. We've also got a western seating card that you can fill in your guests name, or have us do it for you!

The most popular type of food for a western theme party is barbecued anything. Whether you feast on chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, or steak, make sure that you cover the food in rich and tasty barbecue sauces. Other great foods to add to the menu at this party are chili, stew, and baked beans. Don't forget a variety of salsas, chips and other dips. For unique ways to serve food try these ideas:



  • Place a small bowl in the top of a cowboy boot and fill it with salsa. Use boots of different sizes to give your salsa bar depth and variety
  • Use a real cowboy hat, turned upside down and line with a check napkin to hold chips. You can place bowls inside the hats, too, if you are hesitant about napkins.
  • Tie bandannas around other bowls and lay them flat underneath serving platters to carry your theme throughout.
  • Vinyl horses make great cardholders for your food names on the buffet table.

Western Party Games and Activities
Hire a professional "caller" to entertain you with authentic square dancing. While you're at it, you might as well hire a professional dance instructor to teach you how to do-si-do.

Play "musical hats" to keep everyone entertained. Make sure to buy authentic cowboy hats and American Indian headdresses though, or the game won't be nearly as much fun. Gather everyone together and try to bust the western boot piñata. Fill the piñata with candy and fun toys that go with the western theme. A sure fire party hit!

We've got more great Western Party Games!

Western Party Favors
Everyone knows that we think a personalized western theme candy bar wrapper makes the perfect party favor. The candy is delicious, the bar is huge and best of all it gives your guests a lasting memory of a great party.

Let your guests go home with their very own bandana, as well as a fun and colorful foam cowboy hat.

Everyone loves a plant that requires no maintenance. Give each guest his or her very own cactus. Make little labels that say something like "I did some boot scootin' at Ted & Mary's Buckaroo Bash." It's the gift that keeps on giving!

Have a great time at your country western theme party!