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Magical Holiday Reception

We all know that the holidays are magic and magic is another one of those themes that works without being too holiday specific! Spread the magic of your company to clients, staff or both…with these ideas.
Magical Corporate Holiday Invitations
No e-mail invitations for this party! You'll want a fabulous personalized magical theme invitation that invites your employees and guests to celebrate "The Magic of the Holidays!"
If you are hand delivering the invitations, spice them up by including a magic wand or even better…a pretzel magic wand dipped in milk or white chocolate! This will certainly get their attention. You can get these at a local candy store or if someone in the office is crafty, make them.
Be sure to include on the invitation what the dress code for the evening will be - whether casual or formal, people will appreciate having this information up front. This party does lend itself to a more formal event. It doesn't have to be black tie, of course, but it works with a more dressy crowd.
Magic Theme Decorations and Party Supplies  
Welcome your guests with a magic theme banner that welcomes your guests to a magical holiday celebration. Next to the sign, have a lifesize cutout of the boss dressed as a magician with a speech bubble welcoming everyone to the party. Or have a caricature drawn of a giant top hat with a rabbit pulling your boss out of the hat. can turn the caricature art into a custom entry display.
You may also want to fill the entryway with balloons. Have balloon arches lining the entry for people to walk through as they enter the party. We love red, black, green and silver balloons for a magical holiday theme.
At the seating card area, have the pretzel magic wands (yes, again!) with a custom seating card attached. And, you know how much we love to dress our guests, so have a pile of black top hats for people to wear at the party. And it's magical, so light them up with glow necklaces and jewelry. (Of course this works best if this party is in the evening.)
magic holiday party table decorations
For centerpieces, black sequin top hats fill the bill perfectly. Add florals with magic wands and a pair of white gloves coming out and/or set the top hat right side up and pull balloons through a small hole in the top. Better yet, stop at a local toy store and pick up plush white rabbits. Have them poking their heads out of the top hats. These toys can be donated to children's charities at the end of the night or to employees who have kids waiting at home. Place votive candles around the base to give the centerpiece a more elegant feel.
Light up wizard hats also make a simple, fun centerpiece. And, instead of traditional confetti, get mini playing cards and scatter them on the table.
At each place, set a magic trick for your guests to practice. You can give a prize to the person at the table who figures out the trick first. We adults are just big kids, anyway! A deck of cards is also a good favor. We can get you a deck with your company logo as the background. Very cool. Contact the Party Girl for details.
Be sure to serve your drinks in light up flashing cups. Whether you need martini glasses or water glasses, a variety of shapes and sizes are available. And, imagine your guests delight when they realize that their ice cubes are flashing as well. Light up ice cubes will bring pizzazz to even a simple glass of water. Silver cocktail napkins are a nice touch as well.
Magical holiday party Entertainment
Hire a magician... of course. Your magician can do strolling magic during hors d'oeruves and a 45-minute "show" between dinner and dessert. Most magicians can include people in their tricks, so let him know ahead of time if there are specific people you would like included!
Along with the magician, you should consider a DJ or a band for your party. If it's a Saturday night, then you and your guests will want to dance the night away.
For a fun activity, use our magician photo op for souvenir photos of all of your guests!
Magic holiday theme Party Favors
A company candy bar personalized just for you at each place replaces the usual plate of candies and markets your company with ingredients and branding. Whether it’s milk chocolate or dark chocolate, this candy bar is a delicious way to say "Thanks for coming!". Set one at every place setting, or have them by the door for guests to grab on the way out. Maybe you can have a guy in a giant rabbit costume passing them out for one final laugh at the end of the party.
And, why not send them home with a personalized magic theme wine bottle?
Spread magic about your company with this great party. Happy Holidays from Party411.