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snowflake linking balloons
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Holiday Lights Winter Party

Holiday lights is the perfect theme that celebrates the holidays no matter who is attending. Be it clients, employees or both, using lights to decorate your room brings a touch of elegance without a huge cost.
Holiday Party Invitations
Send a beautiful holiday lights invitation that is sure to catch everyone's attention (and get you on their calendars!). Include your company’s logo, attire (Especially if it’s black tie—so people don’t come in jeans!), some of the events details and all of the other necessary invitation requirements.
Another popular option is sending personalized ticket invitations. You get to use your own wording, choose from seven colors (we recommend blue or silver) and can order as few as 30. Lanyards and pouches are also available for ticket invitations, so everyone can wear the ticket to the event!
Or go with a caricature invitation; it is a unique invitation that is custom drawn just for your company event! Make it fun by including a drawing CEO of your company trying to hang lights on the front of your building or office, possibly hanging off a gutter, or tangled up in lights for a good laugh!
Holiday Lights Party Decorations
Outside the entrance, indoors or out, use silver luminaries to create a lighted walkway. Attach twinkle lights to the door frame of the party room and on any trees that are provided with the venue. In fact, move any available trees as close to the entrance as the property will allow to create a “hallway” effect. You can also rent trees from a local company. Swag lights are perfect for hanging on railings or decorating a wall near the entrance.
Attach a star necklace to every holiday lights seating card, and then place the cards on top of iridescent snow to complete the beautiful shimmering display. A balloon arch made of linking snowflake balloons would be beautiful over an entry table or a buffet.
Snowflake gossamer and white twinkling lights are the perfect backdrop to your holiday lights party. Create a snowy scene by covering walls and ceilings with the lightweight and inexpensive material. Hang the lights behind the gossamer for soft lighting. Hang additional strands of twinkling white lights on the walls, doorways, around the stage, and anywhere you can attach them (sticky hooks from the home improvement store are perfect for this).
Incorporate more lit snowflake sculptures around the room. Put a few by the DJ, one in front of the podium, and few along the walls. They are fantastic for wherever you need a little more decoration.
If you have a large room and you still need something to finish it off, fill the room with glitter snowflake balloons tied in bouquets. Balloons are an inexpensive and easy way to decorate even the largest of spaces.
Table and Bar Decorations
You have a few great options for centerpieces with a holiday lights theme. Candles work really well for this theme, just group pillar LED candles at different heights, and sprinkle iridescent snow around the bases.
Another fantastic option for a centerpiece are small trees that also can be lit with battery-operated white lights! Just make sure they are small enough not to block anyone’s view. Or have your florist make centerpieces from white flowers and winter greenery.
Don't forget to decorate your bar and your buffet tables (if you are having one). Use snowflake gossamer to create table skirts and place white twinkling lights behind the material. Repeat any of the previously used decorations (a light up snowflake, balloon bouquets, iridescent snow, etc.) to tie the tables in with the rest of the room.
Corporate Holiday Party Entertainment
Want a really spectacular way to immortalize your holiday lights party? Create your own photo holiday lights guestbook! Set up a Holiday Light Photo Op. Near the photo op set up a small table with Polaroid cameras, tape and permanent markers. Place a note in a frame telling guests to become part of the photo guestbook by getting their picture taken as a bulb, writing their name and a message on the bottom of the photograph, and taping it up on the tree. Make sure you have enough film to accommodate all your guests, and assign someone the task of filling the cameras once they are empty.
It's a good idea to have a few of the party organizers take and put in their pictures at the beginning of the party. This will illustrate the purpose to everyone very clearly, since "A picture is worth a thousand words".
Party Favors
Besides the wonderful memories your guests will be leaving with, send them home with a great party favor to thank them for celebrating with your company.
A bottle of sparkling champagne with a personalized holiday wine label will delight your guests. You can leave a few bottles on each table for everyone to enjoy throughout the evening, or send a bottle home with each couple. You can dress it up in a gift bag so it is easy for them to carry it out.
Another perfect party favor for your holiday party is a personalized candy bar. Whether it’s milk chocolate or dark chocolate, this candy bar is a delicious way to say "So sweet of you to join us!". Set one at every place setting, or have them by the door for guests to grab on the way out.
Have a wonderful Holiday Lights Party, and a have a Happy Holidays!