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Santa theme invitation
christmas invitations
Snow confetti 
snow confetti
Santa hat
santa hats
Reindeer antlersreindeer antlers
Santa and Mrs. Claus theme lifesize cutouts
red and green balloons
Christmas mint tins 

Company Christmas Party

Ho Ho Ho! A Santa themed party is just plain fun. You have to have a boss (or be a boss) that’s willing to join in the fun, but if you do, this theme is a great way to enjoy an end of the year holiday office party. 

Sometimes we try just too hard when the obvious is staring us right in the face. This easy but appropriate party gives you the freedom to play with decorations, invitations, and activities without cornering you into an inflexible theme. So, let's celebrate Santa--he works hard, gives us presents, and brightens up our lives (sounds like the boss doesn’t it?).
company christmas party Invitations
 Your employees and guests will be filled with Christmas spirit when they receive a personalized Santa invitation. Add a little snow confetti to the envelope for a surefire way to spread Christmas cheer.
  • If you are handing the invitations out to the office instead of mailing them, put the invitation in a small gift bag with a few candy canes and some foil wrapped Christmas chocolates; it's a "sweet" way to spread the word.
  • You could also make a “Santa’s List” invitation! Print the invite on off-white cardstock, roll it up (like a scroll), and tie it with a floppy velvet ribbon. Attach a tag that says “Naughty or Nice List” so guests get the connection.
  • Another unique invite is to attach them to Santa hats with ribbon and have an employee dressed in an elf costume distribute them to the office. This will get everyone excited about the party, and it will also give them something to wear! 
  • On your invites, remind your guests to come dressed in their most festive (and by festive we mean crazy, blinking, and possibly musical) holiday wear. Christmas sunglasses and reindeer antlers will only add to the merriment (make sure you have them ready to pass out to guests as they arrive!), and everyone will love seeing how creative their coworkers are. 
Try some of this fun wording on your invites to spread the Christmas spirit:
Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas and
Join Us for a Santa Celebration!
Santa Claus is Coming to Town!
So Be Good for Goodness Sake
And Come to XYZ's Company Christmas Celebration!

Tis the Season to Be Jolly
Let’s Get Together for a Christmas Party!

Make Sure You Are on Santa’s Nice List This Year
By Attending XYZ’s Company Christmas Party!
Either way, make sure to send your invite out 4-6 weeks early, so guests can mark it on their calendars. With the busy Christmas season, you don’t want to wait too long; guests’ holiday schedules fill up fast!
Santa Theme Decorations and Christmas Party Supplies
Outside the building, make sure your office is a perfect example of Christmas cheer. Hang wreathes on the front doors and line the walkways with luminarie bags.
  • Make the entryway a festive sight, too, by lining the main hallway with stocking cutouts. Make them personal by adding one employee name to the top of each stocking with a permanent marker.
  • At the entrance of the party area, hang a customized Santa banner above the doorway, welcoming guests to “XYZ Company Christmas Party.” 
  • Make sure to greet your guests with a life-size cutout of the boss or CEO dressed as Santa, Mrs. Claus, or Santa's elf. Add a speech bubble telling everyone "Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas XYZ Company!"
  • Try decorating the welcome table with a red table skirt and some white twinkle lights.
  • Group red and green snowflake balloons in odd numbers, and place them on the welcome and buffet tables, too. Don’t forget to add a silver balloon weight to each bunch to keep them from floating away.
  • Once inside, make your guests feel like they’re at the North Pole, only not quite so cold. I like to use a Santa scene setter for this theme, but there are so many Christmas scene setters to choose from including Christmas trees, the North pole, and snowmen.
  • If you have a large space, set up a Christmas tree decorated with colored lights, ornaments, and fake spray snow. Wrap boxes in Christmas paper and scatter them under the tree, and have them overflow out of Santa's sack as well. 
If you're not hosting a large office party, there are still ways to give the office some Christmas cheer. Try some of these ideas:
  • Before the party, have a door/cubicle decorating contest. The office door/cubicle decorated with the most Christmas spirit wins a prize! (A small gift card, perhaps?) Lucky for you his contest serves double duty as decorations for the actual office party as well.
  • Hang stockings for each employee on the edge of their desks. Have co-workers bring candy or presents with them, and have them fill each other’s stockings during the party!
  • Create a North Pole to put at the party’s entrance with a tall PVC pipe covered in red wrapping paper. Attach signs to the pole, directing guests to the buffet table, white elephant exchange, dance floor, etc.
  • Hang silver snowflakes from the ceiling to add some Christmas cheer. The room (including those drab office ceilings) should be decorated from head to toe!
corporate christmas party Table Decorations
 If you are not having the party catered, make sure you use holiday theme paper products, like these holiday plates, cups, and napkins. There’s enough work to be done over the holidays
without washing more dishes! 

After decorating tables with green fringe table skirts, try one (or more!) of these festive Christmas centerpieces to add some pop to your office party:
  • Tie silver balloons along with a few white balloons in odd numbers to a glittering snowflake centerpieces. These would also work well on a buffet or welcome table.
  • Leaving out small bowls of peppermint bark and red and green M&Ms gives your guests something to munch on in between trips to the buffet table.
  • Christmas tree centerpieces will make your tables stand out! Sprinkle confetti around it to match the colors and theme.
  • Fill tall, clear glass vases with silver garland and red Christmas ornaments. Guests will love the classy take on this traditional decoration!
  • A length of pine garland weaving among pillar candles creates a warm, festive atmosphere. Try scattering small pinecones instead of confetti for a more traditional Christmas look.
  • A small poinsettia in the center of each round table is a way to add florals to your look. Plus, guests can take them home as favors at the end of the night, or you can use them to decorate the office until Christmas arrives!
It doesn’t take much effort to create a festive Christmas centerpiece. Even stacking a few small boxes decked out in Christmas wrapping paper and red velvet ribbon would make a charming focal point for any table.
company christmas Party Entertainment
 Keep your employees in the Christmas spirit with a visit from the main man himself! Surprise your guests with a visit from Santa (and his elves?). Costumes for Santa and Mrs. Claus are easy to find. Plus, get a volunteer (or two?) to help hand out the jolly old man’s gifts by dressing as hard working elves. After a visit with Santa, try a couple of these activities to keep guests entertained:
  • Gift Exchange: A few weeks before the big event, have guests pick names out of a hat and buy a present (set a price min-max) to exchange at the party. A fun variation on this party classis is the White Elephant Gift Exchange, where guests bring the worst present from last year to re-gift!
  • Ornament Decoration Station: Set up a table with clear glass bulbs, paint, and decorations, so guests can get their craft on! Have a tree set up next to the station, so employees can show off their handiwork. Make sure to provide boxes so they can take their creations home without breaking them!
  • Christmas Cocktails: Set up a cocktail bar in a prominent corner of the office. Serve themed drinks, like a peppermint martini, eggnog, and mulled wine. 
  • Holiday Photobooth: Have employees take photos with office friends by setting up a Christmas themed photobooth. Hang red or green fabric as a background and provide fun Christmas props, like Santa hats, reindeer antlers, Rudolph’s nose, and even candy cane suspenders. Have a volunteer operate the camera, and print the pictures the following day so guests can hang them in their offices.
Another way to keep guests in the Christmas spirit (and to make them a little competitive) is by hosting Christmas Minute-to-Win-It games. “Minute-to-Win-It” challenges are fast-paced, often silly individual and team games where players have one minute to complete a task. Throw in a Christmas twist, and you have a set of games that will become an annual tradition at every holiday get-together. Have your guests try a few of these 12 games, make it easier for them to play by setting up stations for each one around the office so many participants can play at one time:
  1. Christmas Kiss: For this challenge, a team of two must balance a round ornament with their mouths (one person on either side “kissing” the ornament). They must walk six feet from a starting line, and hang the ornament on a string suspended between two points (within a doorframe for example). They have to repeat the process for a minute, and the team with the most ornaments on the string wins!
  2. Rudolph’s Red Nose Challenge: Each player is given a string with a small red pom-pom attached to the end.  Players must dab their noses with Vaseline, and put the end of the string without the pom in their mouths. The goal of the game is to swing the pom-pom up so it sticks to the nose, but players can’t use their hands. This game is harder than it sounds, and makes for some silly pictures as players try to frantically swing their poms!
  3. Face Cookie: Place a decorated sugar cookie or gingerbread man on each player’s forehead. They must transfer the cookie from their foreheads to their mouths without dropping it or using their hands! Good luck with this tough game!
  4. Christmas Blows!: On one end of a table, place 10 propped up Christmas cards (with the openings facing down). The name of the game is to blow each card to the other end of the table, so it goes over the edge but ends up “hanging” from it. The player must be able to accomplish this task with at least one of the ten cards in under one minute. This game is near impossible, but your friends and family will enjoy the challenge!
  5. Ornament Balancing Act: Balance a yardstick on an object (a thick book for example). Have teams of two hang ornaments on either side of the yardstick over the course of a minute.  The team with the most ornaments wins, but if the yardstick topples over, that team loses.
  6. Jingle Bell Box: Tie a tissue box around the waist of each player with the hole of the box facing outwards behind them.  Fill each box with the same number of jingle bells, and Ready, Set, Go! Players must shake, rattle, and roll the jingle bells out of their boxes (while remaining upright). At the end of a minute, the player with the fewest bells in his or her box wins.  This game is fun, noisy, and makes for some pretty silly dances! Enjoy
  7. Marshmallow Stack: See how many marshmallows players can stack in a minute. An easy game but very competitive!
  8. Speed Tree: Contestants have one minute to stack red solo cups in the shape of a tree using only one hand. (The other hand must remain behind their backs at all times!) Try creating varying levels of difficulty for this game: easy = 21 cups, medium = 28 cups, hard = 36 cups, intense = 45 cups.
  9. Marshmallow Toss: Players must toss as many marshmallows as they can through a wreath and into a bucket on the other side. They have only one minute, and the person with the most marshmallows in the bucket wins.  Make this game harder by setting the throwing line farther and farther from the wreath.
  10. Writing Christmas: Fill a large container with Christmas items (ornaments, garland, ribbon, wrapping paper, etc.). In one minute, a player must use the items to write the word “Christmas”. Have spectators judge the event, awarding prizes to the “Most Artistic” and “Most Inventive” designs. At least one player will most likely misspell the word, so make sure to have a “special” prize for him or her.
  11. Jingle Bell Shake: Put varying increments of five jingle bells, ranging from 5-35 bells, in seven numbered, wrapped boxes (may be similar or different sized). Guests have a minute to shake boxes and write down guesses for the amount of bells in each one. The player with the most correct guesses wins!
  12. Ornament Race: Wrap a large clothing box, and tape a square of 1’x1’ wrapping paper on the floor. Mark a “starting point” with masking tape 3-4 feet away. Players must put a round ornament on the starting point and use the box to “fan” the ornament onto the wrapping paper square. This game is harder than it sounds, and expect your box to be destroyed by the end of the night from the frantic flapping!

No matter how old you are, everyone loves party games, and Christmas offers the perfect theme for so many of them. Holiday charades are sure to have everyone laughing almost as much as a “Ho, Ho, Ho” contest! Be sure to visit our Christmas party games page for more ideas.

Party Favors for a corporate christmas party
Tis’ the season for giving, so make sure your guests leave with a special treat. Any kind of chocolate, (Santas, Christmas trees, snowmen) is always well received. But if you really want to make the chocolate special, use a personalized Santa wrapper! Your holiday wishes for your employees or clients wrapped around a delicious milk or dark chocolate candy bar is a party favor and holiday card all in one. 

You can also set up a candy bar with everyone’s favorite chocolates and Christmas treats (candy canes, gingerbread men, peanut brittle, and peppermint bark). Provide Santa theme favor bags to not only hold a bunch of goodies but also tie in to your décor and ad a personal touch.

Here are some other fun candy Santa favors that everyone will love:
The holidays are a wonderful time to remind everyone how much you appreciate the work they do all year long. Let help make your Santa theme party, or any party you choose, an event to remember.