Thanksgiving Crafts Party

Thanksgiving is all about spending time with family. This is a great party to have the night before Thanksgiving to enjoy some family time and get creative with some craft activities.

thanksgiving crafts invitations

A cute idea for invitations are hand print turkeys! I know you did them in school as a kid, well this is a great time to bring them back. Grab some heavy construction paper, brown paint, markers, and feathers. Dip your child's hand in paint, and make a hand print on the paper (make sure the fingers are spread). Draw on a beak and glue on feathers. We have also added beads for eyes. Pass them out the your guests in person, for your Thanksgiving or Day After Potluck dinner!


You can also check out our personalized Thanksgiving invitations for your party, we have some great ones for Thanksgiving! Add some great Thanksgiving invitation wording and you are all set:
  • Join us as we gather together to give thanks at our Thanksgiving Celebration Dinner
  • Eat, Drink and Be Thankful! Join us for a Thanksgiving Feast
  • The Miller's invite you to join them for fun, family, friends and (of course) food!
  • Let's Give Thanks! Please join the Simon Family for Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Please be our guest on Thanksgiving as we get together, feast and count our blessings
  • Gobble Gobble! After this Thanksgiving feast our bellies will Wobble Wobble!

thanksgiving crafts party decorations

Have the kids make Thanksgiving characters like Pilgrims, Indians, and turkeys. This is a cute centerpiece or buffet table decoration. Grab some toilet paper rolls, crayons, glue, construction paper and scissors. Cover roll with black paper. Cut a small circle, draw a face on it, and glue it onto the roll. Other things to add: arms, feet, hair, hat, brim, apron, etc. You can also make the Indians and turkeys this way.


Thanksgiving cornucopias are a great way for the kids to show what they are thankful for. For these decorations you need paper grocery bags, magazines, glue, crayons and scissors. Cut the paper bag so you can flatten it. Cut out the cornucopia cone shape, add a circle to the "open" end. Color it if desired. Cut out pictures of fruit from magazines and glue them onto circle of the horn. They can also add pictures of family and other things that they are thankful for. You can hang these above the buffet table or in the sitting area.

You can also add some fall leaves garland around the mantel or buffet table. The colors are great! Autumn candles also add a nice touch to the room.

thanksgiving table decorations and menu

If you are planning to have a Thanksgiving or Day After Potluck, have the kids make place mats for the party, with Thanksgiving and fall scenes on them.  You just needs some large construction paper, crayons, scissors, glue sticks and markers.  Have the kids cut out trees, leaves, pilgrims, hats and other fall things to decorate the place mats with.
For table decorations, we also have a nice cascade Thanksgiving centerpiece to add some fall color to the party.


For each guest, have the kids make Indian headbands to wear at dinner. You will need brown construction paper, scissors, stapler or tape and scrap construction paper. Cut brown construction paper into strips, fit it around child's head and staple or tape ends together. For your guests, cut strips long enough for everyone and tape or staple them to the correct size of your guest after you’ve decorated them. Cut feathers out of scrap construction paper and glue or staple onto headband.


Here is a fun free Thanksgiving Placemat you can print out for each of the kids!
Printable Thanksgiving Placemat

thanksgiving crafts party Activities
With all these other crafts going on, what other activities do you need, right? Well, Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks and showing our appreciation for the thing in our lives. The Tree of Thanks is a great tradition to start. A tree of thanks is a visual display of all the things we are thankful for. 
To make this craft, you need two paper grocery bags, construction paper (fall colors), crayons, markers, or pencils, glue and scissors. Cut open the grocery bags so it lays flat. Cut out a tree trunk with branches. Use colored paper and cut out leaf shapes. Before or after dinner, have everyone write what they are thankful on the leaves, and hang them on the tree. You can also makes leaves out of pictures, by cutting the pictures in the shape of leaves.
If you get sick of all the crafts, or want some more ideas, check out our Thanksgiving crafts and activities page for a bunch more ideas.
thanksgiving party favors
Send all your hard workers home with a treat! Our personalized thanksgiving candy bar wrappers are a great thank you gift.
Have fun crafting!