First Thanksgiving Dinner. A Thanksgiving Theme Party

The Pilgrims and Indians joined together for that first Thanksgiving and worked to make it a meal worth remembering for centuries.

Thanksgiving Invitation
Don’t just call everyone to come over, send them an invitation. Whether you make it on parchment paper or go with a personalized Thanksgiving invitation, take that extra step this year—since we have all come to appreciate our family and friends more than ever.

Thanksgiving Decorations and Party Supplies


Greet your guests with life-sized cutouts of the host and hostess dressed as pilgrims or a  personalized Thanksgiving banner near the front door.


The Thanksgiving table is the most important part, so focus most of your energy here.
  • Pressed fall leaves make beautiful placecards. Use a paint pen to write your guest's names on the leaves and place one on each plate.
  • Or use miniature pumpkins as place cards (using magic marker to put names on each).
  • Use fall fruits and vegetables center table for a cornucopia centerpiece and add some votive candles.
  • Collect some beautiful leaves and use them to decorate tables and buffets--almost like confetti but lots better.
  • Another centerpiece idea (for one table or more) is a gift basket filled with fruits that someone can take home,or if you have multiple tables, can be given to a shelter or food bank.
Kids Table
  • Instead of a tablecloth, use brown craft paper. Provide a basket with crayons and let the kids write down or draw things they are thankful for.
  • Make silverware bundles by wrapping plastic silverware in a napkin. Tie it off with fall colored ribbon.
  • Decorate the kids area a little more with a fun Indian and Pilgrim scene setter.
  • Print out this free Thanksgiving Placemat for each of the kids!

Thanksgiving Games and Activities


There are some fun activities you can have for your guests. The kids will love it and the adults will appreciate it too!


Kids can create an easy "Thankful Turkey" which is really cute!
Thanksgiving Craft
  • 1 toilet paper roll
  • 1 plastic bowl
  • assorted colors of construction paper
  • tape
  • glue
  • scissors
  • pens
We started by cutting feathers in different colors and then wrote on them some of things my son is thankful for in his life.  We then taped the "feathers" around the back of the bowl. Glue might have looked a bit nicer, but we aren't that patient or picky! 
After the feathers were added to the bowl, we started on the body. My son drew eyes for the turkey and we used a small piece of yellow paper glued on as the nose. For the feet, we traced my sons hand and cut out the shape. This then got taped onto the body. We even created a (fairly lame) hat for the turkey. The body got taped to the bowl and we were all done!
 Adults and children will love watching "The Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" special, so pick up the DVD. Check out our Thanksgiving Crafts and Activities page for a ton of craft ideas to do with the family.

Thanksgiving Party Favors
Send everyone home with a personalized Thanksgiving candy bar with some fun Thanksgiving wishes (Only a turkey would have missed this meal!) or something warm and fuzzy (From our house to yours – Thanks for coming!).