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Super Bowl Party Games

Okay, maybe just watching the commercials isn't enough...even though it’s my favorite sport of the day. However, I know not all of you are like me, the Party Girl, so here are some other Super Bowl party games and activities you can try:

The Football Pool

This is standard. Add prop bets for how long the game will last, who will be the MVP, who wins the coin flip, who scores first touchdown, who has first turnover, score at the end of each quarter, etc. and give out gag gifts (see below) instead of money for these extra-added guesstimates.


  • Paper
  • Pens

To Play


  • Write out all of the possible wins or bets on sheets of paper for all of your guests.
  • Hand them out at game time with some pens.
  • At the end of each quarter tally up who won and give out gifts.

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Trivia is always great fun, grab some facts from our Super Bowl Trivia page and put together some simple questions. Don't forget prizes!


  • Index Cards
  • Markers

To Play

  • Play trivia either before the game or after.
  • Read off each of the trivia questions. The person who gets the right answer wins a prize.
  • Turn this into a drinking game by making all of the losers drink up.

Betting Squares

You know how it goes…you can win money! What’s not to like?
Super Bowl Party Games - Betting Board


To Play


  • Set up a 10x10 grid on the poster board and write one team on the top. The other team is on the side.
  • Sell each square on the grid for a set amount of money. Play big or small.
  • Numbers 0-9 are assigned randomly across the rows and down the columns after bets are places and squares are bought. (Draw out of a hat for the order of numbers for each row and column)
  • The numbers beside each team name represent the last digit in the score for that team. For example, if the score were "AFC team 14- NFC team 3", then whoever's name is in the square under the "4" of the AFC team and the "3" of NFC would win.

Pass the Cup

It’s simple, easy, and can make you and your guests some cash.



  • Plastic Cup

To Play


  • Basically the person holding the cup makes the rules. The person holding the cup says, for example, “Touch Down.” Then the cup gets passed and everyone adds a dollar. When there is a touch down the person holding the cup collects the money inside.
  • You can change up the words to First Down, 50-yard line etc.
  • A nice idea is to donate the money to a local food bank or charity of your choice.

The TV is the Enemy

One site suggests providing rubber-tipped dart guns for your guests so they can shoot at the opposing team on the TV screen (a little too much beer and Big Ed could be chasing Uncle Charlie across the lawn for shooting him in the forehead, so watch out). I suggest giving people something soft to throw at the TV when the game doesn't go the way they want! Both get out frustration and are fun, to boot!



  • TV
  • Rubber-tipped Dart Guns

To Play


  • Shoot the darts at the TV when the team you bet on to win loses.
  • Or, when your favorite player can’t get a first down!

Super Bowl Laugh Factory

Ask everyone to come with a football joke. There must be millions of them, and now with the Internet they are easy to find. An alternative is for you to print out a selection, and make each guest perform at half time! Football stand-up...I like it!



  • Football Jokes

To Play


  • At half time, have everyone perform his or her jokes. The person with the most laughs wins.




  • Pom-Poms
  • Mini Megaphones
  • Paper
  • Pens

To Play
Before the game, divide your friends into groups and let them write a cheer or two that they can perform whenever there is a touchdown.  Provide pom-poms and mini-megaphones. Sounds like fun to me. I love guys with pom-poms!




  • Team Jerseys
  • Super Bowl Beer Mugs & Other Gifts
  • Football
  • Snack Gift Basket Filled with Pretzels, Cookies, Potato Chips, Beer, etc.
  • Bobble Head Dolls
  • Anything NFL

Have fun!