Luau Super Bowl Theme Party


There is nothing like a beach luau party to kick off the football season. So get ready to break out the sunglasses, the thongs (for your feet) and the zinc oxide for a Super Bowl luau party to remember!

Super Bowl Beach Party Invitation

Your invitation is really important, because it will convey your theme to all of your guests and let them know that this will be a terrific and tropical Super Bowl Party!
Here are some fun wording ideas for your invites:
  • Join us for a Tiki-rific Super Bowl Party!
  • Join us for a "Lei'd Back " Super Bowl Party!
  • We're going tropical for this Super Bowl, so break out the flip flops and leis and hula on by!
As well, you may want to invite your guests to dress for the beach and/or to dress "tourist" mixed with a dab of football. Nothing like a Hawaiian shirt with shoulder pads! This always proves entertaining. Provide them with palm tree sunglasses at the door and a beer with a drink umbrella coming out! Beer, football; drink umbrella, beach; get it? Or better yet, serve the beer in a coconut cup. You can put this on the invite too!
  • Dress code is Tacky Tourist (go ahead, show us your worst!)
  • Put on your craziest Hawaiian shirts and a leis, bring a swimsuit, sunblock and shades!
A Super Bowl personalized invitation screams "beach!" You may want to include a little packet of zinc oxide (in the color of the team of choice) so your friends can paint their faces for the game. Or go with these Super Bowl 53 invitations.

Or another fun idea is to send a deflated beach ball with the invitation written on it with magic marker. Clever, huh?

Our biggest seller are Super Bowl ticket invitations. You get to use your own wording, choose from nine colors and can order as few as 30.

decorate for a Super Bowl at the Beach!
Create a mood (necessary when there’s a foot of snow on the ground) with some tropical decorations! Greet guests with a Luau Football player cutout at the door with your face and a speech bubble welcoming them to your football luau. They'll love it!

There are tons of great luau decorations available. I'll give you one approach below, but there are many more great decorations available. Just let your imagination run wild!

  • Have some inflated beach balls so your friends can bounce them around during the game (just like in a real stadium.)
  • Use sand buckets filled first with shreddz (colorful paper shredded into thin strips), then with foil-wrapped chocolate footballs as decoration around the room. Depending on where they are, you may want to tie off some mylar football balloons (but don't block the screen).
  • Inflatable Palm Tree -  one on either side of the TV and the fans will think they are on the beach, for sure.

Have a big basket of leis inside the door where people can help themselves to a few. I would plan on a few per person so that they can be creative and festive with their leis.

Super Bowl Party Menu and Table Decorations
On the buffet and other serving areas, set out beachcomber straw hats. They are perfect for serving beer nuts, chips, pretzels, cheese curls--whatever--in the brim! Or fill plastic beach pails with snacks and set them on the tables.
Set out football party paper goods so everyone can grab some grub and socialize, and you won't have to do dishes later! You can make it even easier by creating silverware bundles with paper napkins, plastic utensils, and a tropical plastic lei as a napkin ring.

Set up a buffet of beach/luau foods. You can go easy by just grilling hamburgers and hot dogs, or serve a few tropically inspired dishes:

  • Pulled Pork Sandwiches
  • Chicken Teriyaki on wooden skewers
  • Coconut Chicken or Shrimp
  • Grilled Pineapple
  • Sweet Potato Chips
  • Crab Stuffed Mushrooms
  • Fruit Salad
  • Mango Salsa and Chips
  • Key Lime Pie

Or go for fun things with a beach and football twist. Who says you can't do both? Make a menu and put it up on the buffet: Coconut football cake, Kick-off Caribbean Punch, First Down Fish Sticks (ok, so it's a bit of a reach), etc. Most importantly, have fun with it. They're not there only for the food...

... they might be there for the beer! So give them a real treat with a personalized beer bottle label with a football luau design. It's the little personalized touches like this that turn a good party into a great party.


Other fun Tropical drinks you can serve -

  • Bahama Mama
  • Pina Colada
  • Mai Tai

Super Bowl Beach Party Games and Activities

Bingo during half time anyone? At each place setting, put two bingo cards, a bingo marker or chips, and a set of rules (easily found at your local novelty store and inexpensive, too!). Or create your own game of "Super Bowl commercial bingo" with spots like Beer, Talking Animal, "Side Effects Include", Fast Food, Political, Pizza Delivery, Robots.


Or if Bingo ain't your thing, try some Beach Boys. If some of your friends have a buzz on, they'll make for great entertainment singing along! Karaoke is fun for everyone!

A Super Bowl Pool Board betting game is perfect for your Super Bowl 51 party. Use ours or create your own. Here's how it works:

  • Sell each square on the grid for a set amount of money. Play big or small.
  • Numbers 0-9 are assigned randomly across the rows and down the columns after bets are places and squares are bought. (Draw out of a hat for the order of numbers for each row and column)
  • The numbers beside each team name represent the last digit in the score for that team. For example, if the score were "AFC team 14- NFC team 3", then who ever's name is in the square under the "4" of the AFC team and the "3" of NFC would win.

The betting board is a great way to keep people interested in the game! We have a whole page devoted to Super Bowl Party Games and Activities. Take a look.

Super Bowl luau Party Favors
And finally, send your guests home with a party favor that is sure to be a winner; a personalized football candy bar. A delicious milk or dark chocolate candy bar surrounded by a personalized wrapper is a tasty way to end the game.


Or go with something a little more refreshing an give out personalized Super Bowl 55 mint tins. Fun!
Or hand out some fun wearables at the beginning of the party. Your guests can't help but have a great time in a pair of fun glasses and a glow necklace! The best part is that these fun wearables double as great party favors. Find some that math team colors and they make the perfect party favor.

Need more ideas for your Super Bowl beach party? Check out our Luau themes.  Or look at our Super Bowl Party Planning Guide for original decorating ideas.

Have fun!