Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Halloween scavenger hunt. scavenger hunt for Halloween party.
For this scavenger hunt, divide your group into teams and assign each team a color. This is an outdoor scavenger hunt but with a little creativity you can turn it into an indoor one.

Here are the .pdf versions of the scavenger hunt, so all you have to do is print and hide them!
Scavenger Hunt 1-4
Scavenger Hunt 1-4
Scavenger Hunt 5-8
Scavenger Hunt 5-8
Scavenger Hunt 9-11
Scavenger Hunt 9-11
First Clue
There's a special place that you must go to.
To discover a cauldron of witch's brew.
Dunk one team member's face to find
the apple of your team's design.
Set up a cauldron of "Witch's Brew" where everyone can bob for apples. Tie a different color of string around the stem of each apple, and make sure the teams know which color they are and that they must bob for the apple with their team's color on the stem.

Second Clue

For your next task you must retrieve
a set of tootsies among the leaves.
Look up, look down and you may see
a pair of feet in a great big tree.
Cut a pair of feet in each team's color out of construction paper. Hang the feet in the trees- if you want you can color red on the feet to make them look dismembered. Each team must somehow get their pair of "dismembered feet" from the trees.

Third Clue

Now you must look for lips that are talking.
They're not too far so get started walking.
Look for the head that won't stop speaking.
And take your pair before you start shrieking.
Set up a table where you can place either a fake talking head that you might be able to find at a Halloween Store, or someone who doesn't mind kneeling on the ground for the entire scavenger hunt (with a table around the head). Nearby, have someone turn on a fake chainsaw and yell this poem out to each group that approaches:
A year ago on All Hollow's Eve
I chopped off the head of my friend Steve.
I took his teeth, with choppers gleaming.
I stole his lips to stop the screaming.
Where did I put those lips I wonder?
Find your color lips or I'll tear you asunder.
If you can't find them you'll wind up like him (point to the head on the table which is assumed to be "Steve")! MHAHAHAHAHA!!!!"
(Everyone must take turns drawing different colored lips out of a bag without lookin until they find their color)

Fourth Clue
Your next goal is to find a mask.
This will not be an easy task.
Look for a place that will really scare.
Start digging where souls "Rest In Peace", if you dare.
Set up fake gravestones. Place the masks under piles of leaves in front of the stones. Each team must find the mask with their team's colored string/ribbon attached to it.

Fifth Clue
On Halloween night pumpkins come to life.
As they are carved with a long sharp knife
Reach your hand through "pumpkin guts" to grasp
a bag of seeds with your team's colored clasp.
Place a bag or two of seeds inside several different pumpkins. Make sure there is a bag of seeds with a colored ribbon/string for each team. This way, they have to reach their hands inside of a few pumpkins to find the bag of seeds that matches their team's color.

Sixth Clue
There lies a pond on the forest floor.
Where hands are found, all guts and gore!
They're cold and clammy and they float along.
No longer on bodies where they belong.
First, fill a bunch of gloves with water and stick them in the freezer. This way it makes the hands like big, clammy ice cubes. Tie a colored string (one for each team) on the hands. If you want, you might be able to put each team's color in the water before you freeze the gloves so that the hands are already the appropriate color. Make sure to put a lot of extra hands in the water (use a baby pool filled with cold water). Everyone must find their floating hands with the correct color of string (or the correct color of ice inside the glove).

Seventh Clue

Far in the woods, a web you will see.
It is stretched out between two large trees.
Look for the insect that matches your team's hue
whether it's yellow, green, red, purple, or blue.
Place a huge spider's web between 2 trees. Tie different colored plastic and or rubber insects to the web. Also, make sure to leave a large sign that says something like, "Beware of large tarantula" as well as a large and fuzzy looking tarantula in the middle of the web with big glowing eyes.

Eighth Clue
There's a great pumpkin which must be found.
Plastic bags you will find on the ground.
Sift through these bags and sort through the leaves
to find your colored prize on this Hallow's Eve.
Place several small pumpkins throughout each of your pumpkin trash bags filled with leaves. To distinguish each pumpkin, you can paint them each a different color or tie a colored string on each pumpkin's stem.

Ninth Clue
Look up in the sky, "It's a bird, it's a plane!"
No, it's just a few ghosts playing a game.
Choose the one that's dressed in your shade.
He may appear creepy, but don't be afraid.
Hang little ghosts in different colors from the tree of your choice. Each team must get the ghost dressed in their team's color (you can hang lots of ghosts and make them retrieve more than one if you choose).

Tenth Clue
Tied to a tree stands Roger Jones.
He has no skin, just lanky bones.
He was left to die one cold dark night.
His grin, still there, is such a fright.
Now that he's gone he needs not a thing.
So grab the bone that has your team's colored string.
Be careful not to disturb his head.
His stale breath is dreadful and will knock you dead!
Tie a skeleton (paper if you don't have access to a real one) to a tree and give him extra bones that are colored with each team's colored string. You can even use a paper one if necessary, and tie plastic or paper bones to the tree for each team to retrieve.

Eleventh and FINAL Clue
You've made it through the witch's brew
And been scared by the bodiless head too.
You found your pumpkin, your mask, your hand.
And now the guts are over – this is the end.
Here's the part where you win your prize.
And you're awarded for being so quick and wise.
Up in the tree on each branch you will see…
A fabulous accessory you can wear with glee.
So up you will go, to reach each prize.
This way your brilliance won't be disguised.
For the rest of the night, on your head the hat must stay.
It will ward off evil spirits and keep the ghosts away.
Each team must have a "souvenir" from each of the stations to get to this point. Make sure there is a sign up which says: "BEWARE… ANY TEAM THAT GOES BEYOND THIS POINT WITHOUT A SOUVENIR FROM EACH OF THE 11 STATIONS IS DOOMED TO BE DISQUALIFIED."

Hang Halloween hats in the tree. The winners get to wear them for the rest of the party!

Have fun!