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plastic easter eggs
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bunny ears
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Easter Ideas

Most people don’t call them "Easter Parties" but there certainly is a lot of entertaining on Easter Sunday. Family, friends and more come over for Easter dinner and maybe an Easter Egg Hunt or two. So, instead of having just another Easter dinner, turn your Easter Sunday into a family day of fun and entertainment.

Easter Invitations
A personalized Easter themed invitation is a wonderful way to invite friends and family over for some fun!

Get the kids involved: Give the kids some construction paper, stickers, markers, and glitter to make paper Easter eggs. Write the party details on the back of the egg:


Hop on over for some Easter fun!
Join us on April 14 at 2 pm
for an Egg Hunt and Easter Dinner
it's BYOB (bring your own basket!)

Everyone will love getting such a cute invite!

Easter Decorations and Party Supplies
Not since Christmas were you able to decorate outside…and spring is the perfect time! That small tree on the front lawn would look so cute with some colorful plastic Easter eggs hanging from it, wouldn't it? As well, there is a personalized Easter banner and inflatable Easter Bunny to direct people right to your front door that are fun and festive.

Inside you can hang paper Easter eggs from the ceiling and put a name of each guest on the back. Have them find the egg with their name on it and code it so they get something for it when they leave. Decorations and favors in one! I like it.

Easter eggs, large chocolate bunnies, and plastic grass in baskets or terra-cotta pots make wonderful decorations, but be warned, they will eventually be eaten by guest with a sweet tooth, or dismantled during the Easter egg hunt!

Easter Table Decorations and Menu
Time for dinner. And the table should look great because it's just so easy. Set out the good china and use an egg tree or a huge basket of beautiful flowers for the centerpiece. If your party is more casual (or you just want to avoid doing dishes) use Easter egg hunt paper goods and tableware.

Try for some great Easter dinner ideas.

Easter Egg Hunt and Other Spring Activities
Hopefully the weather will be nice and you can host "not the same old Easter Egg Hunt!" First of all, just like the Olympics, you should have your guests qualify to be in the hunt. But make it really easy so everyone gets involved.

What’s really fun is if you can get one of the uncles to dress up in an Easter Bunny outfit.

The first hunt should use giant Easter eggs that are so big you just can't miss them. Everyone will find something and thus they will qualify for the final competition.

Next, a game of Bunny Hop where guests hop from one spot to another to qualify for the Easter Egg Hunt (great for laughs). After that, divide your guests into groups and give everyone bunny ears, and then give each group a life-sized bunny cutout. Give them markers, paper carrots and more and allow them to customize their bunny.

Finally, pass out an inexpensive Easter basket for people to collect their eggs in. Hide the eggs anywhere and everywhere, especially in hard to find places like trees, shoes, cookie jar or drawers.

Easter Party Favors
For a perfect Easter party favor pass out a personalized Easter candy bar wrapper with a huge (2.25 oz.) bar of delicious chocolate. After all Easter and chocolate go together!

Besides candy, here are a few more ideas for Easter party favors:


  • Rabbit Sunglasses
  • Chick and Bunny Wind Up Toys

Have a Happy Easter from the Party Girl and!