Easter Basket Ideas

Easter basket ideas. A thought about Easter baskets.
When I think Easter basket, I think chocolate and I'd like to know what's wrong with that? Everyone says that too much candy isn't good for the kiddies. Maybe not, but it's good for me.

Well, knowing that candy isn't the be all end all for some of you, there are some great novelties, toys and other things to give the kids (and in my book, that's anyone from 2 to 102!).

But first let's discuss chocolate. Instead of the usual chocolate bunny or egg, why not something that represents the interest of the recipient? Last year, I gave my hairdresser an Easter basket with a chocolate hair dryer perched atop. He loved it…and it was so very much appreciated. Go to your local candy store or look on the internet--I guarantee you'll find what you are looking for.

Or, for something completely different, check out our personalized candy bar wrappers and make an Easter greeting to remember from you and yours alone for each and every basket you prepare and as a favor at Easter dinner! We have tons of patterns from which to choose, or we'll take a family picture and use that. Turn it over…and all the ingredients are about you!

Or you can give personalized photo cookies. They are available with your photo on a number of great chocolate products. Choose from personalized lollipops, ornaments, boxes, portraits, CDs and more!

Otherwise, prepare each basket with something specific about the person who will receive it. It will make such a difference. Imagine going through the basket expecting just to find foil-covered chocolate eggs, some marshmallow stuff, a lot of grass, a little more marshmallow, a chick here and a chick there. But in with the chocolate, the marshmallow, and the grass, you actually find that new CD you had been saying you wanted, a gift certificate to your favorite restaurant, or a homemade batch of your favorite cookies. Now that's an Easter basket made with love!