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Kids Easter Party: Easter EGGstravaganza

Need some Easter ideas for the kids? Easter eggs is a great theme for an Easter party. It's colorful and fun to decorate for too! And since you can decorate real eggs or put out plastic ones, it can be as easy or as involved (a la Martha Stewart) as you want it to be. Your kids will love doing an Easter Egg Hunt before dinner as well. Can you think of a more perfect theme?

Easter EGGstravaganza Invitations
Have your kids make colorful Easter eggs on 11x17" paper and turn it into a hand-made invitation for family and friends. Just add time and place. And just think... each one is an original work of art!

Or go with a personalized Easter egg themed invitation from Party411. The beautiful pastel colors will get everyone excited to grab their baskets and head on over.

Another fun idea is to send your invite folded up and stuffed into a plastic Easter egg (throw in a few jelly beans if there is room). Send it in a little box with some plastic Easter basket grass for an invitation no one will forget!

Be sure to let your guests know if there is going to be an outdoor egg hunt so they can dress their kids appropriately. I like to do the hunt before dinner so it wears the little ones out. This way they sit longer. :)

Easter Decorations and Party Supplies

On the door, you'll need a spring flower personalized banner that says, "Welcome to the [your name here] Easter Eggstravaganza!" Where everyone enters, hang either hand-made colorful construction paper eggs or hand colorful plastic Easter eggs from your foyer ceiling. This starts the party off with a blast of fun and color and screams your theme.  Choose from some fun egg theme decorations for the party:
  • Egg ceiling whirls
  • Egg cutouts
  • Easter egg mylar balloons
There are great Easter paper goods (don't forget to tie off the napkins with matching curling ribbon). For centerpieces, fill colorful pastel baskets with Easter grass, of course, and colored eggs, chocolate eggs (foil-wrapped), chicks, bunnies and more fun things. But make them all edible and this basket turns into dessert! Add some great Easter balloons (in the shape of eggs and more) to finish it off. 

Or if you have the energy, you may want to make an egg-shaped cake and decorate it like an Easter egg for the centerpiece for each table. Try this Easter Egg Cake from Peggy Weaver.

For the adults, you may want to put mini-Easter egg resin collectibles at each place. It will make the table more festive, and give your guests something to take home.

Easter Activities
You must, of course, have an Easter egg hunt (inside and/or out)--or why have an Eggstravaganza party? Pass out an inexpensive Easter basket for people to collect their eggs in. Hide the eggs anywhere and everywhere, especially in hard to find places like trees, shoes, cookie jars, or drawers. You can also give a prize to those who find special eggs. Number several of the eggs, and have that number correspond to a prize. That will "egg" everyone on to do their best!

Decorating Easter egg shaped cookies is also a great idea. Bake sugar cookies and set them out with frosting, sprinkles, and mini candies. Everyone can decorate their own egg cookie, and they will be more fun to eat than real Easter eggs...and I want to be there for that part (I love frosting).

A photo opportunity with different Easter hats and bunny ears to wear would be fun, and all you need is a Polaroid camera and some film. Or get an Easter Bunny photo op, and everyone can take turns pretending to be the Easter bunny!

Having an Easter egg piñata would be fun, too. Fill it with candy and little toys that appeal to all ages--and let them at it. Cracking it will be great fun. And, last but not least, if you're game--an egg toss! I recommend that you have plenty of paper towels on hand for the clean-up!

Easter Party Favors
For a perfect Easter party favor pass out a personalized Easter candy bar wrapper with a huge (2.25 oz.) bar of delicious chocolate. After all Easter and chocolate go together!

Besides candy, here are a few more ideas for Easter party favors for the kids:

  • Easter Stickers
  • Sidewalk Chalk
  • Small Bag of Jelly Beans
  • Bubbles

And for the adults:

  • Spring Scented Candle (Lilac, Hydrangea, Rose)
  • Seed Packets

Have a Happy Easter from the Party Girl and!