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New Orleans Mardi Gras: A Jazz Theme Party

A New Orleans Mardi Gras means jazz so why not celebrate Mardi Gras 2013 with a New Orleans Mardi Gras Jazz theme party. Your house will swing, when jazz is king. And your guests will be moving all night long at this groovy party.

Cool Jazz Invitations
Your guests will all want to come running, not marching in, to your New Orleans Mardi Gras Cool Jazz party as soon as they see the invitation. A custom Mardi Gras theme invitation will let them know that the music will flow at your Mardi Gras party.

Want your house to be more like a New Orleans jazz club? Then guests will definitely need a ticket to get in! Choose your wording and your colors and will design a ticket invitation or a photo ticket invitation to the hottest party in town. You can even turn the invitation into a magnet, a great souvenir for your guests, since everyone loves to save the tickets from their favorite music events.

Cool Jazz Decorations and Party Supplies
A New Orleans Mardi Gras Jazz party is an indoor event but there is no reason you can’t “jazz” up the outside of your home. Nothing would set the tone for your party more than to have some great jazz musicians standing outside playing. If you don’t have access to “live” musicians, then how about a wonderful life size Jazz player cutout of yourself or the guest of honor? Put some speakers outside so the music will welcome your guests before they even come in. Mardi Gras beads are perfect for a Mardi Gras Jazz party. Pass them out to the ladies as they arrive. Offer the guys Mardi Gras hats.
If your house is a jazz club, then you need a sign announcing it. Hang a personalized mardi gras banner over your door welcoming everyone to “The Smiths House of Swing.”

Once inside, it’s all about the music and there are so many choices. If live music is an option, choose from a smooth jazz combo, the upbeat sound of Dixieland jazz, or the more contemporary Zydeco sound. Don’t have the space for a real band? No problem. You can have it all – play music by jazz greats Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Buckwheat Zydeco, Dave Brubek, Count Basie…the list goes on and on!

And be sure to keep the lights in the room low for an intimate, mysterious atmosphere at your Mardi Gras jazz party.

Mardi Gras table decorations and menu
Jazz clubs have small intimate tables of four or six. Regardless of the size of the tables you use, cover them in black table cloths and these Mardi Gras paper goods. Sprinkle Mardi Gras coins on the top of the table.

Candles will give your tables a more sophisticated look. Place three to five of them on every table. If you put them on a glass tray, the reflection will be even more magical.

Balloons are an economical and fun way to decorate and they’ll give your “club” an even more festive look. 
  • Green, gold, and purple latex balloons on odd number bunches
The tables look great and the atmosphere is perfect so now you need to feed your guests. Since jazz music has its roots in New Orleans, traditional Cajun or Creole food is the way to go. Hot and spicy food is a wonderful accompaniment to the cool music!
New Orleans food is famous throughout the world, so let's get down to the menu (and drink) details.
  • Shrimp & Crab appetizers
  • Gumbo
  • Crawfish boil
  • Shrimp étouffée
  • Jambalaya
  • Red beans and rice
  • And last but not least a King Cake for dessert!

You can have as much fun choosing your drinks as your food! If your guests are of a legal drinking age, offer them Pat O’Brien’s Hurricane Mix. It’s been a staple in New Orleans and at Mardi Gras parties since World War II. Interested in serving your own cold brew or wine? can create a custom label for your own beer bottle labels. And after all, what club doesn’t have its house specialty?

mardi gras games and activites 
Your party is all about the music so make sure you let your guests play along. Pass out inflatable saxaphones and blue brothers sunglasses that will make everyone look so cool. This room full of musicians will keep the party swinging all night long!

Give your guests the chance to remember their great night of music and fun. A photo op of a jazz musician is a great photo opportunity and the photos you take are the perfect souvenirs of a fabulous party.
Visit our Mardi Gras Games Pages for more games and activities!
mardi gras party favors

Remember the house wine and beer you served at the party? Why not make a few extra bottles and give them to your guests as they’re leaving? Everyone always brings wine to the host or hostess, what a treat it would be to leave with a bottle of special spirits!

Speaking of treats, is there a greater one than chocolate? Circling a delicious bar of milk or dark chocolate will be a Mardi Gras candy bar wrapper of your choice with the name of your New Orleans Mardi Gras jazz club or your warm wishes on it.

What a party it will be when you and create night of Cool Jazz together. Let the good times roll!