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Hollywood Theme Party

Lights! Camera! Action! And what an action filled night it will be at this Hollywood theme party as your guests are smiling and posing for the camera! Your guests can be both star and photographer at this party – what could be better?

Hollywood theme party Invitations
There are so many invitation choices for You Oughta Be In Pictures but here’s one that will be the most fun for your guests. A personalized camera from Party411.com is the perfect way to get your guests in the mood. Attach a label with the party information on it to the back of the camera and mail it in a small padded envelope. Or, hand deliver the invitations if your guest list is small. Ask your guests to take pictures of themselves with the cameras and return the photos to you before the party. Make a collage of the photos and hang it up in your party room. It’s a great decoration and incredibly entertaining too!

Want a more traditional invitation? Choose a great personalized Hollywood theme invitation. Once they see this invitation, your guests will know they’re in for a star studded evening.

How about a picture frame invitation? If you’re creative, make your own from heavy card stock paper. Write the party information on the back and place a note on the front saying “Future Star.” Want to make your life easy? Use a Hollywood clapboard frame for the invitation and just insert the party information in the frame. Whatever you decide, your guests will know they are definitely going to be in pictures at your party.

Hollywood theme party Decorations and Party Supplies

Hang a personalized Hollywood banner on your front door welcoming your stars. This indoor/outdoor banner is a wonderful and fun way to greet everyone.

“Celebrity” guests deserve a celebrity entrance so be sure to have a red carpet waiting for them. They’ll stroll down this classic walkway until they reach the front door.

The stars will shine even brighter once your guests enter your party room - through a gold and black metallic curtain of course!

Imagine their delight as they see the walls decorated with Hollywood scene setters and Hollywood ceiling decorations hanging from the ceiling. Create your own walk of fame on the floor. Write each guest’s name on a star (and maybe some truly famous people as well) and place them all over the room. Everyone will love finding his/her own star.

hollywood theme party table and menu
Make sure your tables glitter just like your guests! Tables with Hollywood paper goods are a must. You can go with a  black and gold color scheme, or black red and silve is great too. I love the idea of a Red Carpet" tablecloth sprinkled with star confetti.

Remember the photos that your guests sent you before the party? You can turn those into centerpieces! Mount the pictures on a foam core triangle (spray painted silver or gold) and place it in the center of the table. Your guests can sit at the table where they find their photo.

Balloons always make great and economical centerpieces. Purchase gold and silver balloons. Plastic award statues are great for balloon weights
Whatever is at the center of your table, be sure to have plenty of personalized cameras for your guests. After all, isn’t taking lots of great pictures the point of the party? In addition to the cameras, be sure to have plenty of party items like hats, glasses, and feather boas so everyone can dress up for the pictures!
Or, how about the chance to be someone completely different in the picture? With life size cutouts from Party411.com, your guests can be a Hollywood starlet, a wizard, basketball player, disco dancer, or even the driver of a groovy VW bus! And with lots of cameras available, everyone will be snapping away!
hollywood party games and activities
Even if it's just in the background, put on a movie!  A different movie on the different TVs in the house is a great back drop for a hollywood theme party.
Charades is always a party favorite!  Make it specific to your Hollywood and movie theme using actors, actresses, directors, movie characters and movie objects or props like the clapboard, cameras, lights, even director and producer!
hollywood theme Party Favors
Not only will your guests love using their cameras at the party, they make great party favors too! Keep all the cameras used (have the pictures developed and mail them out to your guests later on) and give your guests personalized cameras from Party411.com to take home. It will be a great reminder of a fabulous party. Include a picture frame with the camera and a delicious milk or dark chocolate personalized Hollywood candy bar to complete the package.

Your guests will leave your party feeling like they indeed Oughta Be In Pictures. Everyone will be thrilled because you and Party411.com made them stars for the night!