Oscar® Party Ideas

Everyone loves to pick a winner and what better place to do it than at an Academy Awards® Party? This is a great opportunity to have a fun party with “built-in” entertainment. All you have to do is add friends and food. Host a red carpet event with the help of theses Oscar® party ideas. After this party, the actors in Hollywood won’t be the only ones who are stars!

oscar party Invitations
There are endless possibilities for invitations to an Academy Award® Party but here are a few suggestions to get you started. Choose a Hollywood theme invitation. From popcorn to backstage passes to cameras, you decide which invitation best represents your party.

Awards parties are the hottest ticket in town and your guests will be thrilled when theirs arrives. A personalized ticket invitation from Party411.com looks just like a real ticket and includes whatever information you want to put on it. Make sure no one misplaces this party invitation by turning it into a magnet that sticks to the refrigerator or any metal surface.

Want to create your own invitations? Cut stars out of heavy gold or silver sparkle paper. Announce your party on the front and write the party information on the back in contrasting gel pen. Don’t forget to include Hollywood confetti for an extra festive touch.

Here are some fun Hollywood theme wording examples that you can use on your invites, or even a party banner -
  • We're Rolling out the Red Carpet for Oscar® Night! Join us as celebrate a night of stars and film!
  • And the Invitation Goes to... You! Please join us for a Red Carpet Watch Party!
  • ADMIT ONE: Join us for a Star Studded Red Carpet and Academy Award® Watch Party! 
If you want your party to be a real “red carpet night,” be sure to tell your guests to dress for the occasion. Formal attire, elegant chic, Hollywood highlights, or your favorite star fashions – it’s fabulous fashion time.

oscar party Decorations and Party Supplies
The hardest part about decorating for a Academy Award® Hollywood party is deciding what to use because there are so many choices. Here are some Oscar® party ideas for you to consider depending on the size of your room, the size of your budget and how much time you have to prepare.

The glamour begins before anyone even walks through the door. If you know some courteous teenagers, have them dress up in dark pants and white shirts and station them at the curb to open car doors and welcome guests.

What’s the focal point of any Hollywood awards party? The red carpet of course! Line your front walk with red carpet that will make everyone feel like a star. And remember your teenage greeters? Have them double as the paparazzi. Take digital pictures of everyone’s grand entrance and then project them on a computer screen during the party. If you’re not the red carpet type, line your front walk with twinkle lights instead.

No matter what you decide to place along the front walk, keep the lights glittering with small white twinkle lights in your shrubs and bushes. They will give the front of your house a little extra sparkle.

Greet your guests with a fabulous personalized Hollywood banner. There are so many wonderful styles to choose from including Hollywood Nights, a personalized banner that includes a photo of your “star,” even one that looks like a movie marquee. Whichever one you pick, it will look great indoors or out.

The glitz and glamour continue once your guests are inside. As they walk in to the party room be sure to welcome them with a cut out of golden statue. Nothing says Hollywood like these shining gentlemen.

Make a backdrop where guests can take pictures!

Standing cutouts of all shapes and sizes are a fabulous way to decorate. Try a few of these:
  • Paparazzi Cardboard Standup
  • Lights, Camera, Action! Cutouts
  • Hollywood Street Signs
  • Movie Star Standups

Hollywood Menu and Table Decorations
There are plenty of options for food at a Film Awards Party. Appetizers and desserts are always popular and easy to prepare. You’re guaranteed not to have leftovers if you serve movie food. Popcorn, pretzels, nachos, hot dogs, candy bars and water will all be gobbled up quickly. Make your candy bars really special with a personalized Hollywood candy bar wrappers.

Your tables will be stars at this party too. You can use solids, stars, metallics, or even table covers with film rolls and clapboards.


There are so many great ideas for centerpieces!

Use the nominees and the characters they played as inspiration in naming your party foods! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Crab DipCaprio
  • Cate Caprese Blanchett Bites
  • Baked Brie Larson in Puff Pastry
  • Jennifer's Miracle Mop Mini Meatballs
  • Mini Micheal Fassbender APPLE Pies
  • Matt Damon Martian Potato Skins

Create a winning drink station for your guests.  Pick and choose a few pitcher drinks, bottled beers, self serve mixed drinks and such to offer your guests. Set out all the fixings to make a few cocktails and give them names based on the nominations. Be sure to add a sign to your "Best Picture Bar" so everyone can appreciate your creativity:

  • The Big Short B-52
  • Bridge of Spies Moscow Mule or White Russian
  • Brooklyn Bellini or Long Island Iced Tea
  • Fury Road Bloody Mary
  • Martian Mimosa
  • Hot Buttered Revenant Rum
  • Spotlight Screwdriver
oscar Party Activities
Entertainment is the easiest part of your party. Watching the awards show is definitely the main attraction. Have your guests fill out a ballot as they come in with their choices for best actor, film and director. A pair of movie tickets would be a great prize for the winner.

More fun Oscar® party ideas and activities - Charades based on movie themes, or Name that Movie (tell your guests a famous line and have them tell you what movie it was heard in) will have crowd laughing all night long. Everyone wants to be a star and here’s your chance to make it happen.
movie party favors
Set up a great photo booth for your guests. They’ll be clicking and posing all night long! Great photos are a fantastic party favor.


Another great option is Party411.com's personalized mint and candy tins! This movie theme mint tin works perfectly with this theme.

An Oscar Party created by you and Party411.com will make you the brightest star around! It’s sure to become an annual event, just, like the awards show.