Take Us to Vegas

Plan a fun casino theme graduation party with these great casino graduation party supplies, decorations and invitations.

12" Inflatable Dice

Great for your casino party!

Price $18.40

18" Dice Foil Balloon

Roll those dice.

Price $2.47

2015 Graduate Full Body Photo Cutout

A wonderful custom graduation party decoration made from the photo of your graduate!

Price $87.95

24" Casino Dangle

Win Some Money!

Price $2.97

33" Dice Beads

Set the Scene to Party!

Price $18.21

A Casino Party Theme Centerpiece

A great casino party centerpiece

Price $25.00

Black Felt Gangster Hat

Not for Gangsters Only!

Price $26.83

Black Gangster

The Leader of the Pack!

Price $9.51

Blinking Dice Beads

Snake Eyes!

Price $8.47

Blues Brothers Glasses

Party Staple!

Price $8.52

Casino Balloon Bouquet

You've Hit the Jackpot!

Price $8.79

Casino Confetti

Lucky Confetti!

Price $1.98

Casino Dealer Male Cutout

Watch out if you're making a "deal" with this guy!

Price $87.95

Casino Dealer Teen Cutout

She's one well-dressed card shark!

Price $87.95


Light up your casino decorations with our 14 Foot Casino Dice Electric Light Strand. This 10 Light Strand of Casino Dice will illuminate any Casino Themed Party. Packed in a poly bag of 1 set. Perfect accessory for Casino Night. Please order in increments of 1 set (10 Light Strand).

Price $11.50

Casino Mint and Candy Tin

A tasty casino party favor that you personalize!

Price $2.40

Casino Signs

Show Me the Money!

Price $4.23

Casino Theme King of Hearts Centerpiece

A casino theme centerpiece

Price $25.00

Casino Theme Queen of Hearts Centerpiece

Add a photo to this casino theme centerpiece

Price $25.00

Casino, King Of Hearts Centerpiece

Add your photo to this King of Hearts centerpiece

Price $25.00

Casino, Queen Of Hearts Centerpiece

Add your photo to this Queen of Hearts centerpiece

Price $25.00

Dollar Sign Necklace

Great Party Favor

Price $14.64

Graduation Casino Invitation

Nothing beats aces up!

Price $1.85

Graduation Casino Theme Banner

Perfect for a graduation casino party!

Price $24.99

Graduation Casino Theme Candy Bar Wrapper

Nothing beats Aces or this personalized invitation

Price $1.35

Jewel Tiara

Queen for the Evening!

Price $16.00

Passport Invitations

Get your stamp ready for the celebration

Price $3.10

Personalized Money

It's the money, honey!

Price $0.50

Pitch Black 12" Balloons

Decorate for the party!

Price $1.47

Slot Machine Scene

A Slot Wall!

Price $16.60

Standard Red 12" Balloon

Watermelon Red Balloons!

Price $1.70