Plan A Casino Theme Graduation Party

Cling, cling! The shuffling of the cards. The roll of the dice. The spinning of the roulette wheel. Feel like you're in Vegas? Well, maybe not. But go all out to simulate the excitement and amusement of a night in Vegas for your grad. On second thought, day or night, Vegas never shuts down. This casino theme graduation party is perfect for the guest of honor who likes fun, adventure and chance.

Pull up a chair, get out the chips and settle in to plan this "Take us to Vegas" Graduation party.

Casino Graduation Invitations
For a custom invitation that matches this Vegas theme, take a look at our personalized casino invitations. We also offer a selection of awesome graduation party invitations for your enjoyment. And try one of these great invite ideas to make your party stand out:

  • For an invitation that screams casino, attach yours to a deck of cards, poker chips, or dice. Better yet, send one oversized playing card with the party details on the back as an invitation. Say something like, “Kevin’s dealing the cards. Celebrate his future luck at…”
  • If you want your party to have a roaring twenties twist, use a permanent marker and write your invitation directly on plastic gangster hats!
  • Send a Party411 custom caricature of your graduate as a casino dealer, or perhaps looking victorious after a night of card playing, or even portrayed as a playing card! Your grad can be the King of Diamonds or the Queen of Spades! 

Don't forget to add a little casino confetti or poker chips to each envelope for a bit of themed fun!

Choose casino theme wording for your invitations.  Try one of these: 

Feeling lucky?
Take a chance and join us for
Ally's casino night graduation party!

Here's the deal...
You've been invited to Jason's graduation party!


Will's graduation is a BIG DEAL!
Join us for a night of food, fun, and gambling...

After choosing your invite, it's time to start planning for the big day! Make sure to pick party supplies, decorations, and favors that match your casino theme.

Casino Graduation Decorations and Party Supplies
Turn your home into the Vegas strip! Start by hanging a personalized casino grad banner welcoming everyone to the party. You'll definitely want a sign-in table where guests can wish the grad "good luck": 

Don't forget a girl or boy lifesize cutout of the grad dressed as a casino dealer welcoming all of your guests. Everyone will love having their picture taken with the "guest of honor". 

Go all out with a balloon arch over the sign in table - red and black balloons of course! And don't forget a red carpet runway with a paparazzi cutout taking pictures of the "stars". 

  • Wouldn't it be fun to rent a real slot machine for guests to try when they walk in the door?
  • Set out a poker chip box and have guests write "good luck" messages to the grad on playing cards.  They can toss the cards in the box, and the grad can read the well wishes after the party!
  • Of course, a casino sign in board is an easy way for friends and family to leave congratulations to the grad!
  • Scatter poker chips and dice on the table for lux confetti!

Along with your classic casino decorations, add a few custom decorations to your party space: 

If you're having seating cards, attach them to 2019 year glasses to celebrate your graduate. If you're not having seating, you'll still want the glasses. They make a great favor! 

  • Or, you can write the seating assignments directly onto small bags filled with personalized fake money with your grad's face.
  • Your guest of honor must wear a black gangster hat or glitter tiara so he or she stands out in a crowd. 
  • Then give all of your guests packets of bogus bills (or more personalized fake money) and dice beads to get them ready to gamble - Vegas style!

Go all out with your decorations! You can even rent Vegas-style neon signs, decorative luxurious curtains, even hanging chandeliers. Turn your party space into a true Hollywood casino!

Casino Graduation Table Decorations and Menu
Start by decorating your tables with a green tablecloth, then sprinkle poker chips like confetti across the top. We recommend using balloons to draw attention to your tables since they are easy and economical!

Try one or two of these great table decorations, too:

  • Casino party paper goods make serving easy. No dishes!  Plus, it matches the red, black and white color scheme.
  • Have a mix of black, red and white latex balloons with a Mylar dice balloon, or go with a casino balloon bouquet. Tie the bouquets to a dice balloon weight and you have decorations not only for your tables but for the entrance, doorways, and general room decorations as well.
  • For a larger party, you may want to hire a local balloon company to handle all of your balloons. They can bring any number of casino theme balloons including the suits, card shaped balloons and dollar signs.
  • A great centerpiece for a casino party is a personalized playing card centerpiece with either the King or Queen graduate's face on it front and center. Add a bunch of casino theme balloons or some red flowers to finish off the look.
  • Of course, your tables (from the buffet to the sign-in) need a glitzy casino touch. Metallic fringe table skirts in red, silver, and black will make your party pop!

A buffet of finger foods is the perfect way to go at your casino party (because what says casino more than buffet, no?).  Some tasty ideas for your buffet include:

  • Chicken fingers
  • Spinach & feta filo pastry triangles
  • Satay chicken
  • Cocktail samosas
  • Spring rolls served with sweet/sour sauce
  • Marinated turkey nibbles
  • Shrimp cocktail
  • Thai fishcakes served (hot or cold) with yogurt/coriander dipping sauce
  • Cocktail club sandwiches
  • Spinach crepes filled with cream cheese and hot-smoked salmon
  • Sushi rolls with a variety of fillings
  • Rare beef skewers with horseradish
  • Antipasto including all the favorites like tapenade and pâté
Casino Graduation Games and Activities

With gaming tables and prizes, this may be the most fun party that your guests will attend! Hang a casino sign to direct guests to the playing area. Set up stations around the party venue and either rent casino games or buy felt game table cloths.  Your guests will love to gamble away their fake money at each stop! You can check out our casino party games for all of the rules to popular casino games.

Ask friends and family to act as dealers, or you can hire a casino company to run the games. Another benefit of hiring a casino company is that they can bring their own tables, chips and any other supplies needed for the games.

Set up a "store" where your guests can redeem their winnings for prizes like:

  • Mini Playing Cards
  • Faux Rabbit's Feet Keychains
  • Fuzzy Dice
Make sure to hand out custom graduation favor bags so family and friends have something to haul home their goodies with. They'll think they hit the jackpot!

Casino Graduation Party Favors
Send your guests home with more than just the prizes they've won - chocolate dice or decks of cards are great favors. You can have these personalized with something like "I went to Vegas with [grad's name]!" Really, the best favor is a personalized casino candy bar wrapper customized with a special message from the grad. Of course, there are plenty of other options:

Thanks to party planning help from the Party Girl, this will be one graduation party that no one will ever forget!