Family Reunion Party Games

Family reunion party games. Games to play at family reunion.

Family Reunion Party Games

Family reunions are always a good time. The games and activities you can play are endless. Picnics offer the most options. Get everyone from Aunt Mary to the newest addition involved in the fun.

The little ones love to play in the kiddy pool. You can buy one at any toy store and they will keep the kids entertained for quite some time. Also, depending on where the reunion is you can give the kids sidewalk chalk. Some other ideas include, bubble blowers, coloring books, whiffle ball and bat, water guns, beach balls and water balloons. A piñata is fun both for kids and adults, fill it with toys and candy. Another option is to let the guests dress up. Get them some funky hats, wild and crazy wigs and a few boas and let make believe rule.

Dress up Contest

  • Old Clothes: Scarves, Glasses, Shoes, Etc.
To Play
  • Divide up into teams and choose one person to be the dress-up "dummy."
  • Use old clothes, scarves, glasses, shoes, and anything else that you can place on another person's body to dress up your "dummy."
  • Make your "dummy" as funny and creative as possible. The funniest "dummy" is the winner.

Know Your Family

  • Hat
  • Pieces of Paper
To Play
  • Put all of the names of your relatives in a hat and have everyone draw a name.
  • They must discreetly interview that person sometime during the party and find out one secret that no one knows about them.
  • After everyone has had time to do the interviews, gather the group together and have them share the secret they learned.
  • The rest of the relatives must write down on a piece of paper what they think each secret is about. The person who guesses the most people correctly wins a prize.

Likes and Dislikes
Get to know your extended family even better.

  • Index Cards
  • Pens
To Play
  • Ask everyone to write down 5 of their likes and 5 of their dislikes on index cards. Help the younger ones by writing for them.
  • At mealtime when everyone is gathered together, read the cards one at a time and have everyone try to guess which relative the information belongs to.

Scavenger Hunt
This is a game that is usually relatively inexpensive and time-consuming, good for both kids and parents.

  • Clue Sheets
  • Polaroid Cameras
To Play
  • Give the party goers clues that take them from place to place. You can have the hunt go around the house or around the city.
  • If you're driving around town, have everyone take pictures with the items they are supposed to find.
  • The team that gets all the items first wins!
  • Or instead of a Scavenger Hunt have kids solve a Detective's Case.
  • Set out clues all over the yard and have kids collect them.
  • Then the kids have to figure out what the clues mean. You might have them find clues to making a pizza, building a scarecrow, or solving a puzzle.

Crazy Olympics
Have a Crazy Olympics party and let the kids play silly games.

  • Eggs
  • Frisbees
  • Blind Folds
  • Golf Balls
  • Cotton Balls
  • Plastic Spoons
To Play
  • Play games like the Backwards Crab Walk, Blind (folded) Leapfrog, Impossible Obstacle Course, Frisbee Golf, etc.
  • Add a few ridiculous relay races for extra fun like pass the eggs, carry cotton on a spoon, one-legged race, and so on.
  • The kids can also play Silly Sports. For example, they can golf with their feet instead of a golf club, or play baseball with a broom instead of a bat. They can even run the bases backwards.
  • Or add in the traditional picnic games, a Sack Race, Egg Toss, Tug of War, Capture the Flag, Dodge Ball and that way the adults can play too.

Family Lineup
A fun game to see how well your family can actually work together. The aim is to get the team to lineup according to a distinguishing characteristic.

  • Just Add Guests! ™
To Play
  • Gather the family and put them together in a few teams. For example, put all of the cousins or aunts together as one team.
  • The emcee or leader of the reunion calls out a particular characteristic, like birth order, age, height, astrological sign, etc.
  • The first team to get lined up yells out “In Order” and they win that round.
  • Keep going for a few rounds. The team with the most points wins a prize.

  • Photo Album
  • Frame
  • Cookbooks
  • Family Recipes
  • Family Insignia Framed