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Going against tradition and hosting a co-ed shower or Jack and Jill party for your wedding nuptials. Here are some games to entertain family and friends as they celebrate your marriage.

I never

  • Candy
To Play
  • Supply each guest with 20 pieces of candy.
  • The first person makes a true statement about themselves that begins with the words "I never…" For example, if one person has never cheated on a mate, then she would say "I never cheated on a mate in my life."
  • If the statement (without the "I never…") is true for other guests, then they must eat a piece of candy.
  • Everyone takes at least one turn. Keep playing until it is obvious who will end up with the most candy - that's your winner!

Who's Your Mate?
This game is similar to the Newlywed Game.

  • Pens
  • Paper
To Play
  • Have one person from each couple leave the room.
  • The host/hostess tailors some planned questions to the group and to certain couples.
  • The other half of each couple stays in the room and answers questions about their mate/date. They answer each question the way they think their mate/date would respond.
  • Have them write each answer down, so that when their partner returns he/she can give their own answer to each question.
  • Assign point values for each question that is a match.
  • Then reverse roles of the couples for the next set of questions.
  • The couple with the most points wins a prize. Make sure the prize is something they can share!

Not Yet Newlywed Game

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To Play
  • Contact the bride and groom before the shower, and ask them both a set of ten to twenty questions: favorite color, first job, favorite musician, where he/she was first kissed, etc.
  • Then have the couples at the shower try and answer how they think the bride and groom would answer.
  • The couple that answers the most questions correctly about the bride and groom-to-be is the winner.
Who’s Kiss?
This is a really funny game!

  • Bag of Hershey’s Kisses
  • Blindfold
To Play
  • Blindfold the bride, then have each of the males in attendance kiss her on the cheek.
  • Give each guy a number and have the bride-to-be guess which number her hubby-to-be is.
  • Give a bag of Hershey's Kisses to the person she guesses is her husband-to-be.

Sing Along

  • Jar
  • Slips of Paper
To Play
  • Divide the group into teams.
  • In a jar, fold up slips of paper that have different "wedding related" words on them, i.e., bridal, bouquet, chapel, groom, bride, etc.
  • Team #1 gets to draw first. Their mission is to sing a song (at least one line of lyrics) with that word in it.
  • Then it's Team #2's turn. Team #2 must take their word and sing to it. Keep going back and forth until one of the teams gets stumped. The other team wins the point.

High Roller
This is a fun game for everyone at the party.

  • Dice
  • Prizes
To Play
  • Wrap about five to ten prizes depending on how many guests are there. Use theme inspired gifts, for example if your having a BBQ give out grilling tools, BBQ sauce and spices, or bag of charcoal. Or you can give out gifts based on where the couple is going on their honeymoon.
  • Have everyone sit in a circle.
  • Each person rolls the die.
  • When someone gets a pair they pick out a prize and unwrap it.
  • This goes on until all of the gifts have been taken.
  • The second time around, everyone rolls and when a person gets a pair they are able to swap gifts with another person.
  • When everyone has completed rolling and all of the gifts have been swapped the game ends.

Bridal Shower Bingo
This is a great game that keeps everyone interested as the presents are opened.

  • Bingo Boards
  • Markers
  • 3-4 prizes (or more) - candles, soaps, etc.
To Play
  • Create or buy a blank bingo board.
  • Pass them out to your guests and ask them to fill in the blanks with gifts they think the bride will be getting at the shower.
  • As the gifts are opened, your guest’s mark off all the places they are right.
  • When someone gets a BINGO, they win a prize.
  • Have 3 or 4 prizes available.

Musical Partners
You need to have an even number of people to actually participate in this game. (The odd person, or the host, can be the one to stop the music).

  • Music and a Stereo
To Play
  • Turn some music on, and begin the game by selecting 2 people to dance with each other (fast or slow).
  • Have someone turn the music off at different intervals, and tell the 2 people dancing to select new partners.
  • Continue to play the game and select new partners until everyone is dancing.

Tie a Yellow Ribbon…
This is a great way to introduce everyone if you have an even number of people at your party.

  • yarn or ribbon, cut into various lengths (at least 100-400 uneven pieces)
To Play
  • Put everyone into pairs, and have them search throughout the house to find as many pieces of ribbon/yarn as they possibly can.
  • They must work with their partner to tie each piece of ribbon/yarn together to create one long piece of yarn/ribbon.
  • Whoever has the longest piece of ribbon/yarn at the end of 5 minutes wins the game (It is OK if not every piece of ribbon is found).

Mix and Match

  • oversized clothing (both male and female). Try to include everything from pantyhose and lingerie to shoes and hats. Make sure that there are even amounts of both the male and female clothing.
To Play
  • Mix up the clothes and put them into one laundry basket.
  • An area is then designated as the finish line.
  • There is a person in charge of timing the couples with a stopwatch.
  • When that person says, "Go," the first couple runs to the basket of clothes to get dressed as fast as possible. The woman puts on the men's clothing, and the man puts on the women's clothing (over their own clothing).
  • As soon as they are both dressed they have to run to the finish line hand in hand.
  • Each couple goes through the same motions, and the couple with the fastest combined time wins.

Bag a Mate

  • Grocery Store size brown bags
To Play
  • At some time during the party, separate the men and women. Put the men in one room, and the women in another.
  • Put a large paper bag over each person's head, and send both sexes back into one room.
  • There is no talking allowed, and each person must "feel around" to find his/her mate.
  • There are no real winners or losers (unless you really grab the wrong mate).
  • Note: When placing bags on the heads of your guests, you have the option to provide eyeholes or not.

Grab a Man
This is a quick game to pair up couples (if they are not already paired).

  • Blindfolds
To Play
Blindfold all of the women, and have all of the men walk around them in a circle.
When the host/hostess says, "Go", have the women each grab a man.
When all of the men have been caught, have them remove the blindfolds.

Give Me Some Sugar

Sugary treats (it could be a snack cake, candy bar, doughnut, etc.)
To Play
Partners must face each other with their hands tied behind their backs.
Blindfold each player, and then put a sugary treat in one partner's mouth .
If the treat is wrapped, they must somehow unwrap the treat, and feed it to their partner.
The couple who finishes the entire treat first, without using their hands wins a prize!

Daiquiri Race

  • Frozen Daiquiris or ice cream
  • Spoons
To Play
  • Blindfold the men and line them up on one side of the room.
  • Place the women on the opposite side of the room with a frozen daiquiri.
  • The women to take a spoonful of the frozen drink, carry the spoon by the handle in their teeth, and feed the drink to their partner.
  • This game has to be done without using any hands, and the first couple to finish their drink wins! (This game is also a lot of fun with ice cream instead of daiquiris).

  • BBQ Gift Basket
  • Poker Set
  • Gift Certificates
  • Gift Baskets Filled with Cookies and Candy
  • Cookbooks
  • Candy Assortment
  • Bottle of Wine

Have fun, from the Party Girl and the Party-ettes!