Bridal Shower Games

Bridal Shower Games. Games for Bridal Showers.
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Bridal showers celebrate new beginnings. Make the shower a splash with any of these fun bridal shower games.

Bridal Shower Bingo
This is a great game for a bridal shower that keeps everyone interested as the presents are opened.

  • Bingo Boards
  • Markers
  • 3-4 prizes (or more) - candles, soaps, etc.
To Play
  • Create or buy a blank bingo board.
  • Pass them out to your guests and ask them to fill in the blanks with gifts they think the bride will be getting at the shower.
  • As the gifts are opened, your guest’s mark off all the places they are right.
  • When someone gets a BINGO, they win a prize.
  • Have 3 or 4 prizes available.
Bridal Shower Candy Bar Game
  • Candy Bars
To Play
  • As guests arrive, hold out a roll of toilet paper and ask each guest to tear off whatever length of toilet paper they think they'll need. Don't explain what it's for but you might say something like "We're short of TP tonight, and I wanted everyone to have some before we ran out."
  • At some point in the party gather the guests and measure the bride's bust, hips, leg length, or whatever with the strips of toilet paper.
  • Put up a board or tray with all of the candy bars. Give a sheet to the guests and have them match the Candy bar with the wedding related word. Winner gets to keep the candy!
    • The Bride – Hot Tamale
    • The Groom – Mr. Goodbar or Big Hunk
    • In'Laws – Snickers or Nutrageous
    • Father of the Bride – Sugar Daddy
    • Flower Girl & Ring Bearer – Runts or Junior Mints
    • Wedding Ring – Butterfingers
    • Wedding Night – Skor or Oh Henry!
    • Wedding cost – 100 Grand
    • Honeymoon – Take 5
    • The First Year – Rocky Road
    • Groomsmen – 3 Musketeers
    • Vendors - Pay Day
    • On "Cloud 9" - Milky Way
    • First Child - Baby Ruth
    • Drink before the ceremony - Life Saver
    • Wedding Bird - Dove
TP Mystery Game

  • Toilet Paper
To Play
  • As guests arrive, hold out a roll of toilet paper and ask each guest to tear off whatever length of toilet paper they think they'll need. Don't explain what it's for but you might say something like "We're short of TP tonight, and I wanted everyone to have some before we ran out."
  • At some point in the party gather the guests and measure the bride's bust, hips, leg length, or whatever with the strips of toilet paper.
  • The guest with the closest length of TP wins.

Life Thread

  • Spool of Thread
To Play
  • Pass around a spool of thread, and tell each guest to break off a piece. (Don't tell them what it's for or how much to take.)
  • As soon as everyone has taken a piece of thread, go around the room and have each person talk about themselves as they wrap their piece of string around their finger.
  • They are not allowed to stop talking until the string is completely wrapped around their finger. Be careful that no one inadvertently cuts off her circulation! In the interest of saving your circulation, you can play the same game with toilet paper. For each square you take, you have to tell the group one fact about yourself.
  • Whoever takes the longest string/piece of toilet paper and can give the most facts about themselves wins.

Power Pop

  • Balloons
  • Strips of Paper
To Play
  • Write on the strips of paper “You get nothing”, “No prize for you”, “Try again”, and one with the bride’s name on it.
  • Put the strips of paper into the balloons so that everyone has a balloon with a strip of paper in it. Then, blow up the balloons.
  • Give each guest a balloon.
  • Have each participant try to use any method that they possibly can to try and pop the balloon.
  • The guest who pops the balloon with the bride's name in it wins a prize!

Crossed Out
  • Small Gifts
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
To Play
  • Purchase small gifts, such as journals, gift certificates, nail polish, hand lotion, soap, candy. Then wrap each gift.
  • As your guests arrive, give every few people a small gift. For example, you can give every 4th person a gift or give out the gifts however you choose.
  • When everyone is sitting, tell the group about the "no crossing" rule. If a person holding a gift is caught crossing her legs, then she must relinquish her gift to the person who catches her crossing her legs. This game should be played for the entire length of the shower.
  • At the end of the shower, anyone with a gift gets to open it. If a person who already has a gift catches someone with a gift crossing her legs, she can either trade gifts with that person, or choose a person who is "giftless" to give the extra gift to.

Making Memories
Help the bride create memories with this activity. Perfect for the scrapbooking bride!

  • Photo Album Pages
  • Scissors
  • Magazines
  • Markers
  • Pictures of the Bride and Groom
To Play
  • Break all of your guests into several groups.
  • Supply each group with a photo album page, scissors, and some old magazines.
  • Give each group a topic that pertains to the couple-- dates, honeymoon, future, careers, hobbies, etc.
  • Have each group create a collage that has to do with their topic by cutting pictures out of the magazines.
  • When everyone is finished, put all of the pictures together in the photo album and pass it around. If you want, you can award small prizes for "most creative", "prettiest", "funniest", etc.

Recipe for Happiness
This is a heartwarming activity. The bride will walk away with advice from her closest friends and family.

  • Stationary
  • Pens
  • Box or Basket
To Play
  • Give each guest a piece of stationary and have them each write down what they feel is a recipe for a good/happy marriage.
  • When everyone is done, fold the "recipes" in half and place them in a box.
  • Have somebody pull them out one by one and read them out loud. As they are being read, have everyone try to guess who wrote each recipe. There really is no "winner" except for the bride-to-be that is if she takes and follows the combined advice.

Word Chain
  • Just Add Guests! ™
To Play
  • Have all of your guests sit in a circle.
  • Have one person start the chain by saying one word that describes a wedding.
  • As you go around the circle, people state their new word, which can be more than one word. And they say the words that were spoken by the people preceding them. For example, first person says "veil", second person says "veil, best man", third person says "veil, best man, gifts", and so on.
  • Play the game until you go around the circle once. The person who is able to remember and say all of the words in order wins.

Purse Treasure Hunt
  • Your Guest’s Purses
  • Small prizes
To Play
  • Have everyone put their purses on their laps.
  • Yell out an item and the first person that finds it in her purse gets a prize.
  • Start out with easy things and make them crazier as you go on. For example, start with something like a driver's license and finish with something like hand lotion or baby items.
  • Award a prize for the first person to pull each item out of her purse.

Say the Word
  • Nametags
  • Markers
To Play
  • Before the shower begins, make a list of words that have to do with weddings. Words like dress, shower, bouquet, bride and groom work.
  • Write each of these words on a nametag.
  • As the guests arrive give each of them a nametag.
  • If the guest utters the word on her nametag at any time during the shower, then the person who heard them say the word gets their nametag.
  • At the end of the shower, the person with the most nametags wins a prize.

Sock Guess
  • Tube Socks
  • Honeymoon Items: Sunscreen, Condoms, Room Keys, Sunglasses & Flip Flops
  • Paper
  • Pens
  • Pins
To Play
  • Purchase several pairs of tube socks.
  • Gather the same number of items that the couple will need on their honeymoon -- sun block/screen, condoms, room key, sunglasses, etc. Gather objects that relate to where the honeymooners are going.
  • Let the guests know where the couple is going.
  • Place one item in each sock, tie it closed, and pin a number on it.
  • Guests have to feel each sock using their FEET ONLY and guess what is in the sock.
  • Write down each guess on a sheet of paper.
  • Whoever guesses the most items correctly wins a prize.

Honeymoon Ramblings
  • Paper
  • Markers
To Play
  • Give each guest a piece of paper and a marker.
  • Have them put the paper on the floor in front of them.
  • Let them then try to bend over and trace their right hand on the paper. However, they must do this without bending their knees at all!
  • While everyone is attempting to do this, have one person record on a piece of paper what everyone is saying.
  • Once everyone is done, announce, "This is what (bride's name) is going to say on her wedding night." Then read all of the responses. Some of the responses might include:
    • "No way."
    • "This really hurts."
    • "This is easier than I thought it would be."
    • "I can almost reach it."
  • Let the bride have the sayings as a keepsake.

  • Bags of Lemons
  • Stockings
  • Soda Bottle
  • Water
To Play
  • Buy enough lemons and pairs of stockings for each guest.
  • Fill soda bottles a third of the way full with water.
  • Place the lemons in each of the legs of the stockings.
  • Everyone wraps the stockings around their waist, so that the lemons drop low.
  • Everyone swings their hips back and forth to knock over the soda bottles with the lemons.
  • Whoever knocks over the soda bottles in the least amount of time wins.

  • Spa Gift Basket
  • Bottles of Wine
  • Fine Chocolates
  • Photo Albums
  • Kitchen Utensils