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Under the Sea: A Sunken Treasure Sweet 16

An "Under the Sea" theme incorporates all that is wonderful about the mysterious, unseen world lying just below the surface of the water. The beautiful colors of the water, the coral reefs, and sea life are breathtaking. Combine that with sparkling sunken treasure, and you're in for a Sweet 16 that no one will ever forget!

Sweet 16 Under the Sea Invitations
Your guests will not be able to resist the sirens' call of an Under the Sea Sweet 16 personalized invitation. Whether you choose an under the sea design or the sunken treasure chest motif, your guests will be full of anticipation!

You can also make your invitations by using blue cardstock. Purchase a pair of scrapbooking scissors with a wave pattern to dress up the edges. Add a little fish confetti to the envelope and your are all set!

If you want a completely unique invitation go with a custom caricature invitation from Party411. What could be more fun than an invitation featuring a custom illustration of you as a mermaid surrounded by sunken treasure and bubbles? These fabulous invitations are works of art to be treasured long after the party is over. And the caricature can be used again for your sign in board, centerpieces, even thank you notes.

Your Sweet 16 Party - Make an Entrance!
Your guests will be arriving before you do, so make sure there are a few things set up to keep them busy while the anticipation of your arrival builds. Set up a table near the entrance to your party and cover it with water patterned gossamer. Place on the table a sunken treasure chest filled with bubbles for your guests to blow in the air as you make your entrance. You can place a fishbowl and note cards, or a sign in board on or near the table so that guests can leave you a message while they are waiting.

Have a family member or your DJ make the announcement that you are about to come in so that everyone can line up and get their bubbles and cameras ready! Walk into the party under a balloon arch backlit by white twinkle lights (what a dramatic photo this will make!) To really bring your entrance over the top, buy or rent a bubble machine and have someone turn it on right before your Under the Sea entrance. Then have someone blow a horn made from a conch shell as you walk in.

Under the Sea Sweet 16 Decorations and Party Supplies
The best decorations for an under the sea party are live fish and sea life. Having your event at an aquarium, sea life park, or water park is a fantastic way to get built in décor. If this is not a possibility you can still create an underwater experience that will rival the real thing (and stay dry at the same time!)

Start with gossamer, use it to cover everything! Hang water gossamer from the ceilings and walls. Drape it over tables, use it to cover the chairs. Measure your space to see how much you need (it comes in rolls in 25-100 yards) but make sure you get a little extra so you can let it drape. Nothing evokes the same under the sea feel as waves of water-like fabric.

Now add balloons all over the room. Under inflate clear balloons with helium so they are round, like bubbles. Tie the "bubbles" to clear fishing line and attach them to the floor, they will look like they are floating! Make balloon bouquets out of balloons, and add a dolphin, fish, seahorse or whale Mylar balloon to each bunch. (There are so many wonderful sea theme balloons to choose from!) Place these bouquets at the entrance to the party, on your sign in table, in the corners, along the wall, and in any large area that needs a little decoration like a lobby or sitting area.

Sweet 16 Under the Sea Table Decorations


Be sure to add some fantastic under the seas theme décor to your tables:


  • Make silverware bundles by wrapping cutlery in napkins and then using shell necklaces as napkin rings.
  • For a centerpiece, set a vase filled with brightly colored flowers and pearl strands inside a treasure chest centerpiece.
  • Sprinkle plastic gold coins in the center of tables.

Decorate your buffet with a blue table cloth, and scatter more pearl strands and gold coins between the dishes. Hang fish netting along the front of serving tables and secure starfish randomly throughout the netting.

Sweet 16 Under the Sea Games and Activities
Dancing is the main activity at any Sweet 16, so you should make your dance floor a fabulous setting no one will forget. Set up  balloon bouquets on either side of the DJ or dance floor. Hang sea-life cutouts over the dance floor; they will reflect the lights and look amazing! Have your DJ hand out glow necklaces (preferably blue!) for everyone to wear, and move the bubble machine from the entrance to the dance floor for the perfect under the sea dance floor!

Another common activity at a Sweet 16 party is the candle lighting ceremony. Checkout out the Sweet 16 Candle Lighting Ceremony Guide if you need instructions. Make sure your candle lighting matches the rest of the Under the Sea theme by using floating candles in a clear bowl with blue tinted water.

Don't forget to check out our complete list of Sweet 16 Party Games!

Under the Sea Party Favors
Party favors are a nice way to say "thank you for coming". You can hand them out at anytime; leave them at each place setting, have the DJ pass them out, or have people pick them up as they leave. Here are some fun ideas:

  • Sweet 16 Under the Sea Candy Bars - A personalized candy bar in milk or dark chocolate, what could be better than that?
  • Sea shell picture frames
  • Sea shell necklaces

From us here at have a super sweet 16!