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personalized music invite 
backstage pass 
bottle label 
Music note fedoras
music note fedoras
Elvis sunglasses 
elvis glasses
peace necklace 
peace necklace
spike bracelet 
flashing spike bracelet
music note balloon 
music note balloon
music instruments
music instruments
Rock n Roll theme Sweet 16 candy bar wrapper 

Sweet Sounds of 16

Everyone says that the best parties are the ones that everyone dances at. No matter the genre or the era, music theme parties are the hottest theme parties around. So why not use music as your Sweet 16 theme?

Sweet 16 Music Theme Party Invitations
Your musical Sweet 16 party will get off to a great start with a personalized music invitation. From the Roaring 20's to Hip Hop, there is an invitation for every musical theme. You can also go with a more traditional Sweet 16 invitation, and hint at the music theme in your wording.

Backstage pass invitations are perfect for any music themed Sweet 16. You get to use your own wording, and choose from over seven designs. You can even get them laminated with a black lanyard, so your guests can wear them to the big event! We will also include a white padded envelope to mail these special passes!

If you want a completely unique invitation go with a custom caricature invitation from Party411. These fabulous invitations are works of art to be treasured long after the party is over. And the caricature can be used again for your sign in board, centerpieces, even thank you notes.

Sweet 16 Music Decorations and Party Supplies

Depending on the musical theme you choose, your decorations will be different. Take some time to look at the themes below and you’ll find each one has it’s charms. Have you always loved Pac-Man, Blondie and neon colors? Go with the 80's theme. Do you have a passion for pearls and feather boas? The Roaring 20's theme is for you. Is Elvis your homeboy? 50's rock and roll here we come! The good news is you have lots of options:

Whichever theme you choose, keep two things in mind. First, make sure you have enough room to dance at your venue. If you're having the party at home, (and you don't have a dance floor) be sure to clear some space in the house. Secondly, encourage your guests to dress for the theme. Once people are in “costume” you’ll find that inhibitions disappear and they are more willing to get out on the dance floor. We have recommended some wearables for every theme, so hand them out, according to your theme of course.
Roaring 20s 
Gold Beads
Music Note Fedoras
50s Rock n' Roll
Elvis Sunglasses
Black Fedoras
60s Hippie
Hippie Hats
Peace Sign Beads
70s Disco
Funky Glamour Glasses
Disco Ball Necklaces
80s Party
Candy Necklaces
Neon 80s Sunglasses
Add some items made for the dance floor like:
  • Light Up Bracelets
  • Glow Necklaces
  • Tambourines
Nothing gets the party started like good music and glow jewelry, trust us!

Music Table Decorations and Menu
Decorate your tables with music themed paper goods. If you are having a seated dinner, make fun seating cards by attaching a hangtag seating card to an inflatable microphone. Set each place with a bottle of water with a personalized bottle label on it. Make silverware bundles by wrapping plastic silverware in napkins and using something fun and unexpected as a napkin ring:

  • 20's - Pearls
  • 50's - Guitar Beads
  • 60's - Peace Sign Necklaces
  • 70's - Disco Ball Necklaces
  • 80's - Glitter Bracelet
  • Hip Hop - Dollar Sign Bling Necklaces

Balloon bouquets made up of colorful latex balloons and a music note Mylar balloon are the perfect centerpieces. Scatter decade appropriate wrapped candy on the table top. Pop Rocks were huge in the 80's, and Smarties were a 50's favorite. Your local candy store should carry a variety of decade themed candy.

Don't forget to decorate your buffet, gift and cake tables as well! A few more balloon bouquets, metallic table skirts and metallic table cloths will do the trick.

Sweet 16 Music Party Games
Most of the activity at your party will take place on the dance floor. Besides dancing the night away, consider have a karaoke or lip-syncing contest, a dance off, or even an air guitar contest. Hand out iTunes gift cards as prizes!

Inflatable musical instruments are a fantastic dance floor giveaway that everyone will love to rock out with. Another way to make your dance floor rock is to give your DJ glow jewelry to hand out.

Another common activity at a Sweet 16 party is the candle lighting ceremony. Checkout out the Sweet 16 Candle Lighting Ceremony Guide if you need instructions. And don't forget to check out our complete list of Sweet 16 Party Games!

Sweet 16 Music Party Favors
The sweetest end to a musical Sweet 16 is sending everyone home with a party favor they will never forget! A delicious milk or dark chocolate candy bar surrounded by a personalized candy bar wrapper from is a tasty way to end the festivities.

Another great party favor is a custom CD with your party playlist. A CD cover that coordinates with your invitation is a great favor for a music themed Sweet 16. Send us an e-mail for more information!

Have a great time at your Music Theme Party Sweet 16!