Sweet 16 Sweet Dreams Slumber Party

"To sleep, perchance to dream…" not at this Sweet 16 slumber party! Party all night long (in your pajamas) in celebration of this special birthday. This party can start as a co-ed event, (with the boys being sent home later in the evening) or you can make it a girl's only affair. Either way it will be a night to remember!

Sweet 16 Slumber Party Invitations
Choosing an invitation for your party is an important first step. An invitation sets the tone for the party, and gets everyone excited about attending, which is why it is important to have a unique and fun invitation that reflects your personality. Fortunately there are plenty of great options out there, which makes finding the perfect invite easy!

You can't go wrong with a personalized Sweet 16 invitation. We also have personalized driver's license invitations available for all 50 states (and DC)! You can also get matching keychains as a favor to the guest of honor, and give one to mom, dad and all the grandparents too!

Backstage pass invitations are another unique way to spread the word about your Sweet 16. They are even available laminated with a black lanyard, so your guests can wear them to the big event. Talk about the VIP treatment!

If you want an invitation that will also be a treasured memory, consider having a caricature invitation made. It is one of a kind and a great way to commemorate this milestone. You can even use the art for favors, centerpieces, and even thank you notes!

Whatever you choose for the invitation, carry the design elements and/or colors through for your whole party, from party ware and centerpieces to balloons and signage to give it a coordinated, cohesive look.

Sweet 16 Sleepover Decorations


You really don't need a ton of decorations for a sleepover.  Here are a few simple ideas to make your sleepover more festive!
Welcome everyone with a sign in board! Your friends can leave you a birthday message, and the sign in board will be a treasured memory of your special day. 

As your guests walk into the party they will be wowed by all of the pink, white and blue balloons! Gather the balloons together in odd numbers (it always looks better) and scatter them throughout the rooms. Balloon bouquets should go in the corners, in the doorways, at your sign in board, and anywhere that needs a little color.


Make sure to have lots of music, you can even ask your friends to bring their favorite CDs or iPods so you can play them throughout the night.

Sweet 16 Slumber Party table and menu

Have a buffet table set with lots of snack foods and beverages to keep everyone's whistles wet. Set out Sweet 16 party paper goods. Make silverware bundles from plastic silverware and Sweet 16 party napkins, with feather slap bracelets as napkin rings! Personalized water bottle labels will impress everyone, and they are so easy to do! Just wrap them around your favorite bottled beverages and set them out in a cooler of ice for your guests to enjoy!
By the time the girls wake up (say, 11-ish) you can have a gourmet breakfast smorgasbord spread out and ready for the girls. You can do the cooking yourself, ask your parents to help or have the breakfast catered and served or just prepared and delivered -- it all depends on your budget!
Your breakfast fare may include any or all of the following: fresh fruit, waffles, pancakes, omelets and eggs, sausage, bacon, Canadian bacon, ham, hot and cold cereals, fresh breads, pastries, bagels, and muffins, whipped cream, cream cheese, salmon or lox, crepes, quiche, cinnamon toast, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, juices, or anything else you can think of that would suit their fancy.

Sweet 16 Slumber Party Games and Activities
So what are you going to do all night? I recommend getting really loud and having tons of fun, which is easy to do when you are surrounded by your best friends. If your having boys over for the first part of the evening, here are some fun activities you can try:

  • Dancing - you will have all of the good music to play right? Make it even better by passing our some glow jewelry!
  • Charades and other games…check out our Sweet 16 Party Games
  • Camp it up…dress up in glasses and masks for a picture taking photo opportunity that will make a scrapbook and/or video to remember.

But what about after the boys leave and it's girls only? Or maybe they weren't lucky enough to get invited at all :) Try some of these great girls only activities:

  • Spa night…have someone come and teach make-up tips, do each other’s hair, nails, and review fashion magazines for the latest trends.
  • Boy Talk…like you’re not going to do that anyway!
Make sure everyone has enough energy to make it through the night by keeping plenty of sugar handy. Set out a mini candy buffet with some fun candy. Fill in with your favorites, such as M&Ms, Skittles, or fun sized candy bars.

Sweet 16 Sleepover Party Favors
In the morning as everyone is getting ready to leave, hand them something to thank them for coming with a few fun treats:

  • Flashing Rings - who wouldn't want a big flashy diamond ring?
  • Personalized Mint Tins - a personalized 16 mint tin is a treat guests will savor.
  • Personalized Candy Bar - everyone will have sweet memories of your fabulous Sweet 16!

Have fun at your Sweet 16 Slumber Party, from Party411.com!