Princess Theme Sweet 16

It's your Sweet 16, and it's time to party like the princess you know you are! The right Sweet 16 decorations and party supplies will turn your venue into a gorgeous fantasy. You can also add in lots of personal touches that will make your Sweet 16 Princess Party unique!

Sweet 16 Princess Invitations
Use a personalized Sweet 16 Princess invitation to let your guests know what a royally good time they will have when the come to your Sweet 16. Remember to give all of the important information, like date, time, and location. You should also include a line to let everyone know to dress up for this special event, for example if you would like it to be "black tie". You can also encourage guests to dress like members of your royal court. Mom and Dad would have a blast dressing as the King and Queen, and any brothers could be court jesters (or princes, if you want to be nice!)

If you want to send a spectacular invitation, consider a caricature invitation. Using art that has already been drawn, we can add a photo face or a caricature face and personalize the message for you! You can use the caricature as the design for other fun elements in your Sweet 16 birthday party, including centerpieces, a welcome sign, thank you notes, and much more!

Hand deliver invitations to your closest friends along with a special tiara for them to wear to the party; that way everyone will know they are in your "royal court"!

Your Sweet 16 Party - Make an Entrance!
Drama's essential to a fantasy princess Sweet 16, so make sure your grand entrance is fit for a princess. Does your venue have a staircase you can descend? What about a royal announcer and a trumpeter?

If you are making your entrance through a doorway, make it special with beautiful decorations. Have pink balloon bouquets or a balloon arch at the door as well. Pick a favorite song to be playing when you enter, and make sure to wave and smile!

While your guests are waiting for you to arrive, have them leave you a special message on a personalized sign in board that matches your invitations.

As your guests enter have a life-sized princess cutout there to greet them. (You can pose with it after your grand entrance for a great photo!) Set a table near the entrance with tiaras on it for all of the girls to put on. Don't leave the boys out, they get crowns!


Sweet 16 Princess Decorations and Party Supplies
Fill the room with pink balloons. Tie them in bouquets and place them in corners, on tables, and near major points of interest (your table, the buffet, the DJ and dance floor). If your ceiling will allow it, fill even more balloons with helium and let them float over the dance floor. Hang a personalized princess banner over the DJ or the buffet.


Use white twinkle lights everywhere! You can wrap several fake trees in white lights and make an enchanted garden lining the room. Mix in a few strands of twinkle lights for variety.


Princess Sweet 16 Table Decorations and Menu
Make your tables look as magical as the rest of the room. Start with a silver tablecover. Matching Sweet 16 paper goods complement your other decorations and tie the theme together. Wrap your silverware in a Sweet 16 napkin, and then use colorful bead necklaces as a napkin ring.

Fill a glass bowl with water and place several glowing ice cubes in the bottom of the bowl. Float a few flowers on top of the water for the perfect centerpieces.

Add a silver tableskirt to your buffet for some fun sparkle. Votive candles along the back of the buffet are a nice touch. Depending on your budget, here are a few more ideas for your table decorations:


  • Candy…I would sprinkle chocolate foil-wrapped chocolates on the table; stars, crowns, or shoes are perfect.
  • Linens…depending on your budget, a silvery overlay would be fabulous! Most linen companies in your area will have these with pink napkins that will coordinate perfectly with the silver!
  • Napkin rings…you may be able to find inexpensive long white gloves to tie around the napkins as a napkin ring (one each, of course). If you don’t like that idea, get some magic wands (the kind with stars and ribbons on the end) and wrap the napkin around one at each setting. Tie the napkin with star garland. A great look, I promise.
  • Champagne Bubbles…at each seat—for a fabulous atmosphere.

Sweet 16 Princess Games and Activities
Do you have a big empty wall that needs some dressing up? Add a few more balloons on the walls.  Consider bunching the balloons with 16th birthday balloons that can double as a photo op!

You can combine the photo op with your sign in book by setting out Polaroid cameras. Have your guests leave you a photo and a message!

Or put up a "castle" wall where people can leave messages—just a large piece of foamcore will work (at any art store) or if you’re artistic, spray light gray and draw lines where stones would be. Provide markers so everyone can sign.

Have your DJ pass out fun dance floor giveaways such as noisemakers or light ups and glow items. If you are not having a DJ or band, you’ll need music, of course, so be sure you have a good-quality CD player and a lot of tunes that are acceptable. Check and see what your guest's favorites are, and maybe everyone can bring one favorite CD.

Another common activity at a Sweet 16 party is the candle lighting ceremony. Checkout out the Sweet 16 Candle Lighting Ceremony Guide if you need instructions. And don't forget to check out our complete list of Sweet 16 Party Games!

Princess Party Favors - "Thanks for coming to my Sweet 16"
Hand out a special party favor your friends will be talking about long after the sun goes down. Here are some fun ideas:

  • Personalized Candy Bars - an unforgettable (and delicious) favor that every guest will love.
  • Personalized Mint Tins - there are great Sweet 16 designs, you personalize the message, and you choose the candy!
  • Feather Boas - for perfect photos and dress up.
  • There's nothing better than a party that glows! The #1 favorite party favor is glow jewelry. No matter what you are celebrating, we have glow necklaces, glow glasses (very popular), bracelets and more. Check it out!

From, have fun at your Princess Sweet 16!