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A Super Sweet 16

Looking to do an MTV style bash? Planning an over the top, blow out Sweet 16 party is great fun, but can be a lot of work. You should seriously consider hiring a professional event planner for your event. They will be able to manage all of the different vendors for your big day. Here are some elements of the party you will need to consider during your planning. Having a list of ideas will certainly help you and your planner plan the party of the year.


Location! Location! Location!

Start by choosing a fabulous location for your party. You can work around your theme, if you're having one. Are you a theatre star? Rent out the lobby of a local theatre. Love music? Rent a dance club for the night. Here are some ideas for fabulous party locations

  • A Hotel - many have fabulous ballrooms
  • A dance club
  • A theatre lobby
  • A tent - if your home and yard are big enough, use a tent.
  • A museum - most will give you access to all the exhibits
  • A mansion - see if a local historical society will rent one out
  • A car dealership - you're turning 16, right?
  • The Mall - seriously, you can rent out space in the mall after they close
  • A barn - great for a Western theme
  • A sports stadium

super Sweet 16 Invitations
No ordinary party invitation will do here! The invitation will set the tone for your party, so they need to be great! There are great options out there now for invitations that play music when you open them or that light up. Make a DVD invitation that your guests have to watch to get the details. Or send a box (we LOVE invitations that arrive in a box) with your invitation and a treat - candy for a candy theme, for example.

If you want a truly unique invitation, choose a one of a kind caricature invitation. They are fabulous and can be customized with all of your interests!

You could have your invitations hand delivered as well. This can be like a mini event! If you're having a princess theme party, then have a knight deliver the invitations by horse and carriage. If you're having the party at a car dealership, then have someone deliver the invitations in a sports car.

Super Sweet 16 Decorations and Party Supplies
I'm a big fan of lighting at a party. You'd be amazed at all the options out there and how much lighting can increase the feel and pizzazz of an event. A professional lighting company can help you wash the walls of a party room in as many colors as you like. You can have your name projected onto the ceiling or moving across the walls and dance floor. Each table can have a light directed over it as a spotlight. They even have tables that light up and change colors. Go all out with lighting. You won't regret it!

For a very modern party element, choose an area to set up a lounge. Rent couches (to match your theme/colors) and set them up along with small tables, cool rugs and lamps. This will turn into your event's VIP area.

Use your centerpieces and theme as inspiration for other decor. If you're having a tropical theme, have rented palm trees and Tiki huts around the room. If you're using balloons, then fill the ceiling with floating balloons. You get the idea - it's just as important to decorate the room as it is to decorate yourself!

Super Sweet 16 Table Decorations and Menu
You will, of course, want a beautifully set table at your party. Choose linens that match the colors of your party. Floor length linens are a must for your tables. Chair covers add a great touch too and will wow your guests as they walk in the room. Ask your event planner about spandex linens that stretch over tables and chairs. Very cool!

No paper goods for this party. Choose linen napkins and use real dishes and silverware. Add a fun napkin ring to your napkin like a (plastic) diamond necklace your friends can then wear.

The sky is the limit with centerpieces. Use something that reflects the theme of the event and you! Flowers can be gorgeous, but aren't the only way to go. There is no reason you can't do balloons. Just use a larger bouquet with an assortment of fun shaped balloons and Mylar balloons.

You and your caterer can come up with a fabulous meal for your party. You'll first want to decide if you're having a sit down meal or stations. For a formal event, sit down is nice, but stations are always a great way to get people up and walking around. Make sure either way you have plenty of servers (and stations, if you're having them) so people aren't waiting for their food.

Along with plenty of servers, make sure you have more than one bar available. Set up a light up bar (seriously) cool and have a signature drink that your caterers invent just for you! Non-alcoholic of course, but still served in cool glasses.

Light up martini glasses and other light up barware is hot! (I'd also put a light up coaster at each place under the water glass to help make the entire room glow.) It's these small touches that will make your event extra special.

Here's another great place to go all out. Start with a fabulous theme cake. This isn't the place for an ordinary sheet cake. I'm talking about a wedding cake style theme cake that is all about you! Look online for ideas and bring them with you when you go for a tasting. 

Set up a dessert buffet around the cake that you're guests won't possibly miss! Cakes, cookies, the works.

A candy buffet is also great fun. Fill assorted size jars with a variety of candy. You can choose candy that fits your color scheme or just go all out and buy all of your favorite sweets. Set out plastic bags and scoops and let your guests fill their bags.

super sweet 16 games and activities


Start with great music, of course. You'll want a great DJ or band for your event. Hire a great DJ who can bring dancers, lighting and a big screen to show videos. Many can even record and show a live feed of everyone dancing at the party. Your guests will love being on camera. Supply the DJ or band with an assortment of dancefloor giveaways like:


  • light up maracas
  • multicolored LED glasses
  • plastic fedoras
  • glitter sunglasses
  • glow necklaces
It doesn't matter how formal the party, as long as there is dancing, these items will be appreciated and used!

Now, if you can swing it, get a big name singer or artist to perform at your event. Your parents may want to surprise you with this, so make sure to drop hints about who you love!

For a theme party, you may want to add extra themed entertainment. If you're having a Fashion theme, then why not put on a fashion show? Or, if you're using an Arabian nights theme, go all out and get a belly dancer to perform. For a luau, hire people to wear grass skirts as they serve drinks.

super Sweet 16 Party Favors
You're guests will already love your party, but be sure to thank them for coming with a special one of a kind favor. You can theme it to your party or choose something that's very popular right now. Whatever you choose, have it wrapped beautifully and set at each place for your guests. Or, have someone assigned to pass them out at the party. Here are a few ideas:


  • Gift cards for music downloads - Great for a music party
  • Coach keychains - they are turning 16 too, right?!
  • Personalized Sackpacks. Very cool
  • Gift cards for the mall - for your mall theme party. A gift card is always a great, appreciated gift.

We here at hope your sweet 16 party is as super as you are!