Retro 60s Hippie Mitzvah

Invite your guests to dress 60's for this fun Bar or Bat Mitzvah party!

Hippie Party Invitations
You'll be sending out a formal Bar or Bat Mitzvah invitation, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun with your party invitation. You can include a party invitation in the same envelope as your formal invitation or mail it separately. If you're mailing it separately, make sure to mail it shortly after your formal invitation is mailed.


  • A personalized retro invitation is a great choice for your hippie Bar or Bat Mitzvah and will let everyone know this party is going to be groovy!
  • A caricature or semi-custom caricature invitation is also a great option for such a special party. They are completely personalized for your child and are great for centerpieces, sign in boards, seating cards and other decorations at your party. Have your child dressed as a hippie surrounded by peace signs, in a field of wild flowers inviting everyone back to the 60s for their groovy, psychedelic Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration.

Be sure to send the invitation six to eight weeks in advance to give people plenty of time to plan.


Hippie Party Decorations and Party Supplies
Start the hippie feel as soon as your guests arrive! Hire actors (or teenagers) to dress up as hippies and walk around welcoming everyone and passing out beaded necklaces. Make sure they wave the peace sign to everyone. Ask them and all of your servers to wear tie dyed shirts.

Have a lifesize cutout of the Bar Mitzvah boy or Bat Mitzvah girl wearing a peace symbol necklace, holding their fingers in a peace sign, wearing hip hugger bell bottoms with a speech bubble welcoming guests saying, "peace, love and welcome!"


Then fill the entry area with bright psychedelic balloons. You can do this yourself with tie die balloons and bright latex balloons or hire a balloon company to create great balloon displays. It would be fun to decorate the entry with signs that look like they are right out of the 60s. Try fun wording like, "hug a hippie" or "Woodstock or bust!" Hang giant cutouts of peace signs and bright flowers.

sign in and find your seat!
  • Use one of our tie dye themed sign in boards - they have fabulous colors and truly goes with the theme.
  • The tie dye or retro seating cards can match the graphic for the sign-in board with the guest's name and table number. Create a backdrop behind this table with tie dye gossamer!
  • Attach seating cards to neon peace sign necklaces. Try fun wording like, "IT WOULD BE GROOVY IF Mr. and Mrs. Smith would sit at Table 5."
  • You can also get matching table numbers for your tables. Have a sign next to the seating cards that says, "Groove on over to your seat when you get a chance!"
  • Have a bouquet of psychedelic balloons with a smiley face at this location.

This is a great theme for special lighting. Hire a lighting company to wash the walls and spot the tables in bright colors. They can even create a custom spotlight with your child's name and event that can be displayed on the ceiling, the dancefloor or even moving around the room.

In the party room, have the Bar/Bat Mitzvah's name displayed overhead with a large personalized psychedelic banner hung behind the DJ. Ask your balloon company to create cool balloon towers to sit on either side of the DJ to help draw people to the dancefloor.

On a table in the party room, have a VW bus photo op with the windows cut out for people to stand behind and take pictures. You'll end up with great mementos from the party.

Retro Table Decorations

Start with great linens on your table! Mix bright colors like lime green, hot pink, turquoise, yellow and orange. Talk to your event center about getting bright and fun linens for the party. Then alternate colored napkins or tie-dyed napkins. Here are some great options for decorating your table.

Instead of candles on the tables, choose personalized mini tabletop lanterns with a photo of your child dressed as a hippie on all four sides. The all come with LED candles, so they are safe to use on the kids tables too, and look great surrounding a centerpiece. 

Hippie Bar and Bat Mitzvah Party Favors
You'll want to send your guests home with a wonderful favor from such a wonderful party. Start with an assortment of dancefloor gifts for the DJ to pass out, like:

  • Hippie sunglasses
  • peace sign bead necklaces
  • Peace Buttons

You'll also want a favor that everyone can keep to remember your big day! How about a tie dye t-shirt personalized with your child's name and Bar or Bat Mitzvah date on the back? Or a personalized tie dye picture frame! Put them on the backs of all the chairs and they will become a decoration as well! And, of course, Party411 can help with t-shirts, boxer shorts or any other favor you can think of for your 60s retro party! Send us an e-mail for more information on personalized party favors.

Rock on! And, Mazel Tov, from the Party Girl and the Party-ettes!