Hippie Bus Custom Invitations and Party Supplies

Happy colors and good vibes are all over these Hippie Bus Custom Invitations and Party Supplies! Customize this 60s theme with your wording!

Hippie Bus Theme Invitation

A groovy ride on a groovy invitation

Price $1.85

Hippie Bus Theme Banner

Welcome everyone to get on the party bus!

Price $24.99

Hippie Bus Theme Candy Bar Wrapper

Pass out a groovy hippie bus theme candy bar

Price $1.35

Hippie Bus Water Bottle Label

Hip water for everyone!

Price $1.20

Hippie Bus Theme Custom Lollipop

Great lollipop party favor!

Price $2.50

Hippie Bus Party Favor Bag

A party favor bag for a hippie party

Price $1.20

Hippie Bus Theme Sign In Board

Hop on the bus and share your good wishes!

Price $64.95

Hippie Afro Guy Cutout

A perfect 60s guy, afro and all!

Price $117.95

Hippie Bus Theme Seating Card

Groovy party? Groovy seating cards!

Price $1.00

Hippie Bus Table Number

Let everyone know where their hip seat is

Price $4.00

Hippie Retro Female Teen Cutout

Turn your teen into a hippie

Price $117.95

Hippie Guy Cutout

A perfect 60s guy!

Price $117.95

Hippie Retro Cutout, Female

Peace. Love. Happiness. Seems like a good way to approach a party.

Price $117.95

Hippie Male Cutout, Retro

The tie-dyed look works for everyone.

Price $117.95

Hippie Photo Op

Everyone will love these groovy photo ops!

Price $117.95

Hippie Male Photo Op

Take a photo as a hippie!

Price $117.95

Hippie Guy Photo Op

Everyone is a hippie at heart

Price $117.95