Snails & Puppy Dog Tails

What are little boys made of? Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails. That's what little boys are made of. Throw a bouncing baby boy baby shower for mommy-to-be and baby with a blue themed baby shower. Showers are a wonderful way to help a new mom get everything she needs for her bundle of joy, and we are going to give you all the party ideas you will need to plan the perfect baby shower. Baby shower decorations, invitations, party games and personal touches will all come together for a memorable day!

Baby Boy Shower Invitations
Send a personalized baby shower invitation that will get everyone excited. There are many styles to choose from, but we recommend something blue (of course). A fun touch is to spray just a little baby powder scent perfume on the inside of the envelope (you can find "Baby Soft" at any drug store), and your guests will love the new baby smell when the open the invites!

If you want to go all out for you mother-to-be consider having a custom caricature of her drawn! Not only can you use it for invitations, but signage, seating cards and favors too! Maybe have her sitting in a nursery, next to a crib, holding an armload of sports balls, robots, cars and other "boy" toys.

Invitations should be sent out about 4 weeks before the shower. Work with the mom to be to define the guest list and pick a date that works for her. The hostess should set a budget and pick a location, both of which will affect the guest list.

Baby Boy Shower Decorations and Party Supplies


As your guest of honor arrives, welcome her with a Mom to be sash and a New Mom tiara!


You can start off by welcoming everyone with a personalized baby shower banner. Highlight the entrance with a few blue balloon bouquets as well. I love it when baby showers have a table that displays baby photos of the mom and dad to be. This is a great place for a life-sized cutout of the mommy-to-be as well. It is also a nice place to set out a personalized guest frame with a photo of the couple.

Then start thinking BOY with your decorations. Now, you can go two ways with this shower. You can choose pale blues and baby theme decorations or you can use bugs, cars, and lots of "boy" favorites.

Be sure to have plenty of cocktail napkins on hand for drinks and appetizers. Choose baby blue cocktail napkins or go with your "boy" theme and get an assortment of cocktail napkins in boy themes. I would get a variety of options and just mix them up. They will give your guests a laugh, I'm sure!

Offer your guests a drink as soon as they arrive. If you're having a brunch, how about a mimosa served in a fun light up champagne glass? Or serve champagne or even martinis for an afternoon shower. Be sure to have non-alcoholic drinks as well. (Many moms to be have moms to be friends!)

We always recommend balloons for baby showers; they are economical, they make a big impact, and there are some really cute designs available for baby showers! Make bunches of baby blue, white and crystal clear latex balloons.  You may even want to add a fun boy theme mylar balloon.

Of course you can choose more "boy" balloons, such as sports balloons, super hero balloons or pirate balloons. The possibilities are really endless.

Baby Boy Shower Table Decorations and Menu
Your tables will be a major focus in the room, so make sure they look great. White and blue linens are perfect if your venue will provide them. White table covers with baby blue paper goods are fun for a less formal party.

Additional balloon bouquets or stuffed animals are perfect centerpieces. Blue carnations and baby's breath in vases on the table are fun too. For a more modern look use low containers and put a single type of flower in each. Group the vases in odd numbers depending on your table sizes. No matter what you do for centerpieces, sprinkle some of this super cute baby boy confetti across the top of the tables.

Or create a centerpiece that is also a gift for the mom. Fill a baby bathtub with washcloths, onesies, toys, diapers or any baby supplies you can think of! Add a bow on the top and even balloons if you'd like. If you are having a lot of tables at the party, choose baskets or smaller containers and fill them with baby supplies.

Add some fun boy theme decorations that you can add to your table. Dinosaurs, lizards, bugs and super balls are fun scattered around the table.

Instead of candles on the tables, choose personalized mini tabletop lanterns with a photo of the Mom-to-be on all four sides. They look great surrounding a centerpiece.

Baby Boy Shower Games and Activities
One of the main activities at a baby shower is watching the guest of honor open all of the cute baby gifts! When she opens her gifts, make sure someone is writing down who gave what. A family member is usually a better choice than a friend for this job because they are familiar with many of the guests. Also, be ready with a trash bag for all of the paper!

Many baby showers offer games for the guests to play. Here are a few printable games that you can leave on the tables for guests to amuse themselves with -

We also have a huge list of baby shower games that you can play throughout the party on our Baby Shower Games page.

Baby Boy Shower Party Favors
Your Mom-to-be will certainly be showered with gifts at her baby shower. You should also send home your guests with a fun reminder of their day. Here are some "sweet" favor ideas:


Your mommy to be will have a wonderful time at her baby shower. She will always remember the special celebration that you put so much thought and love into!