Cold Weather Super Bowl Party Ideas

It may be warm at the Super Bowl but it might be cold in your home town! Celebrate with a cold weather Super Bowl!
If you’re not planning on going to the game, however, make sure you host a Super Bowl party that your guests will never forget! To commemorate the first cold weather game, why not make Cold Weather Super Bowl your theme? With green and blue decorations along with the perfect Super Bowl menu, your friends and family will feel like they’re right on the field (only they won’t be freezing their buns off)!
Cold Weather Super Bowl Invitations
 Send out invites to guests to get them ready to play! Make sure to mail them 4-6 weeks early so you lock in your guest list early. When choosing an invite, make sure they match your cold weather theme. These 2021 Super Bowl LV Invitations will match any football party regardless of the teams playing. We also have a fun 2021 Super Bowl LV Logo Ticket Invitation, so family and friends can feel like they’re really going to the game!
Things may look different in 2021 but that doesn't mean you can't celebrate! Set up a big screen outside and invite your close friends over to watch the game spread out, outside.

If you want to go all out with your invitation, try a sports themed custom caricature.  Choose to have your guest of honor drawn scoring a touchdown or celebrating a win as the head coach. The sky is the limit!

Make designing your invite a little easier by choosing one of the wording options below. With the write phrase, your guests will be ready for some football!
Get ready for some football
At John and Kelly’s first
Cold Weather Super Bowl Party!
Join us for Beer, Brats, and Big Hits
At Mike and Mindy’s Super Bowl Party!
Which side of the couch are you on?
Join us for a party and couchgate on Super Bowl Sunday!
Ready… Set… Party!
Come on over for a Super Bowl Bash!

After choosing some wording, you might want to try your hand at making your own invite. Try one of these easy DIY options so your invite is a winner:
  • Trace a miniature foam #1 finger on gold glitter craft paper. On the other side of the paper (the non-glitter side), write your party info.
  • Cut football shapes from brown craft paper. On one side of each football cut 6-8 holes with a hole punch. String a shoelace through the holes like the laces on an actual football, and write your party info on the other half of the invite.
  • Create a “Field Access” pass for each guest that includes all your party info. Laminate each pass and attach a lanyard in your team’s colors to each one. Guests will feel like VIPs when they receive this invite in the mail!
Whatever invitation you decide to use, make sure to include football confetti in the envelope for a fun themed surprise!
Cold Weather Super Bowl Decorations and Party Supplies

Give your guests some team spirit by decorating your venue with cold weather football gear. Greet your guests at the door with a 2021 Super Bowl LV Theme Banner and a cutout of the host or hostess as a football player or cheerleader. Wrap a scarf around your cutout to honor the first cold weather Super Bowl. (These ideas were written for a part inside, but can be modified for a party outside as well. Think portable heaters!)

To get your guests in the game, try a few of these other cold weather Super Bowl party decorations, too:


  • Hang a snowflake garland along the mantle, in hallways, and over doorways to continue the winter sport theme. 
  • When they walk through the door, don't forget to decorate your guests! Give them bead necklaces (in your team colors), so they can become part of the game. Your friends and family will love being included! 
  • Put groups of blue balloons with snowflake mylar balloons in odd numbers at focal points in the room, like the entrance, sign in table, and buffet table.
After decorating, make sure you have plenty of warm blankets and hot cocoa available so your guests can stay comfy during the first cold weather Super Bowl!
 Cold Weather Super Bowl Table Decorations and Menu
Make the tables in your venue a place for guests to gather and dish about the game. Make tables interesting by including decor that screams cold weather football. Start by covering them in football field table covers, so your guests can sit at the 50 yard line if they like!
Try adding a few of these decoration and menu ideas as part of your party, too:
  • To coordinate with the cold weather theme, sprinkle snowflake confetti on the football field table covers. Your tables will reflect the snowy field on game day!
  • Include footballs on your dinner and buffet tables and attach a few green and blue balloons to each one to add some height to your displays.
  • Don’t forget to use paper goods with your favorite team’s logo, too!
  • Make sure snacks are within easy reach of your guests at all times as they watch the game. Place bowls of pretzels and peanuts on coffee and end tables so your guests can grab a quick bite.

Delicious and fattening food is often at the center of any good football party. Along with trays of pepperoni pizza, a mountain of pigs in a blanket, and bowls of your favorite party mix, include a few yummy surprises for guests to enjoy at their first cold weather Super Bowl:


  • To combat the cold weather, provide a hot chocolate bar for your guests to enjoy! Keep a crockpot full of warm hot chocolate, and have a variety of mix-ins and toppings available for your guests to add. Whipped cream, chocolate shavings/powder, marshmallows, sprinkles, crushed candy, cinnamon, and flavored syrups are all great toppings to choose from.
  • Beer. A focal point of any Super Bowl Party. Add themed personalized Super Bowl beer bottle labels to give your brewskies a personal touch. Include a customized message from the host or hostess, too!
  • Since your guests can’t enjoy snacks on the actual 50 yard line, bring the stadium to them by having a tailgating buffet filled with classic foods. Fill a table with boxes of nuts, bagged popcorn, nachos, hot dogs, and barbecue (like ribs and brats). Friends and family won’t be able to stop themselves from going back for seconds.
  • Try these fun football brownies! Double layered cakes and thick chocolate icing make for a rich and delicious dessert.
Whatever you decide to serve, make sure there’s lots of it! A smorgasbord of food will help keep your guests fueled for the entire game.
Cold Weather Super Bowl Party Activities
While your guests will be spending most of their time watching the game, there will definitely be some down time during the game when you have to keep your guests entertained, like half-time. A few of these ideas will help keep your family and friends occupied before, during, and after the big game:
  • Give each guest a referee’s yellow flag to throw during the game. Make your own by cutting squares of fabric, wrapping the fabric around a bouncey ball, and securing it with a rubber band. Guests can ref the referees and throw a yellow flag whenever they think a bad call has been made! This activity helps family and friends get out all their anger towards those terrible referee decisions. 
  • Set up an inflatable football field in your backyard so guests can play a quick game during halftime! Give each player an inflatable helmet, set up inflatable goal posts on either end of the field, and let everyone fight over the inflatable football!
  • Before the game, have guests place bets for squares on a Super Bowl Pool Board. If you’re not sure how to run betting squares, check out our detailed instructions on our Super Bowl Party Games page. 
  • A favorite among many Super Bowl fans are the commercials. Create a Super Bowl commercial game, like bingo, to keep guests entertained. Award fun football trophies to the winners! 
Make sure to take a look at our page dedicated to Super Bowl Activities and Games to find more ideas to try.
Cold Weather Super Bowl Party Favors 
Leave it all out on the field for your guests by sending them home with something to remember the big game, win or lose! It’s easy to put together a snack bar where guests fill Super Bowl Theme Party Favor Bags with caramel corn, peanuts, and chocolate bars wrapped in Super Bowl Theme Candy Wrappers.
You could also fill bowls with fun football key chains and stress balls for family and friends to pick up on their way out the door. For a personal touch, try one of these custom favors on which you can include a funny message:


Good luck on Super Bowl Sunday from everyone at Party411, and make sure to save a beer for the Party Girl!