New year luau. Luau theme party for New Year's Eve.

New Year's Eve Luau Party

Having a theme party for New Year’s Eve is a sure way to get on everyone’s social calendar. It's December and if you live in a cold climate, your friends and family are already tired of the cold and snow. Make this party a tropical paradise--with just a hint of the holidays!

new year's luau party invitations
Anything tropical. has great luau themed invitations, including a luau custom caricature that you can design yourself! Try a couple of these invite ideas to help make yours stand out:

  • Cut bright colored paper (green, pink, or yellow) in the shape of a flip flop.  Run ribbon as the "straps" and write your party info on the front.
  • Wrap your invitation in a flower lei, which guests can then wear to your party!
  • Weave a tropical umbrella pick through your invite by using a hole punch.  Family and friends will look forward to all the tropical drinks you'll be serving at your New Year's luau!
  • Now, of course, you can go with a more traditional New Years Eve party invitation. Mail in a padded envelope with a pair tropical sunglasses!
  • Go all out with a message in a bottle invitation.  Fill a clear bottle with sand, an umbrella pick, and your invite rolled up.  Finish it off with a stopper, and mail or hand deliver to your guests.  What a great way to get your party started off right!
  • Don't forget to put a handful of colorful flower confetti in each envelope before dropping them in the mail. 
Try one of these luau themed wording options for your invites:
Limbo until the clock strikes twelve
At Jim and Lisa's New Year's luau!
Baby, it's cold outside
But not at Jake and Hannah's
New Year's luau party!
Grass skirts, coconuts, tikis and flowers,
Head on over until the wee hours! 
Ask your friends to dress tropical or touristy, and make sure to send your invites out 6-8 weeks in advance.  Holiday schedules fill up fast! 

new year's luau decorations and party supplies
Make your venue an island oasis from the moment family and friends walk in the door. Hang a Luau Party Banner above your door welcoming family and friends to your New Year's Luau!

Imagine greeting your guests with the host as a male luau cutout and the hostess as a female luau cutout. Add a hula skirtcoconut bikini top or beachcomber hat to the cutout! Add a speech bubble saying, "Haoli Makahiki Hou! You've arrived at Barb and Joe's Tropical Paradise!" (That means "Happy New Year" in Hawaiian.)

As your guests enter, they can pick up an assortment of luau gear to wear during the evening.  Don't forget New Year's apparel as well! Here are some great options:

If you have a mixed group of friends and name tags are called for, tag off plastic leis with the name of each guest (so no one goes unknown).

Use a mixture of New Years and luau decorations for your party. Just be sure to use bright tropical colors! New Years ceiling swirls in bright colors will draw the eye, and luau balloon bouquets on the buffet and in the corners of your venue will brighten up any room.  Try a couple of these fun decorating ideas, too: 

After making your home a tropical oasis, don't forget to serve your guests a Hawaiian feast they'll never forget. 
new year's luau menu and table decorations
Make signs for your buffet and bar and list the menu, giving it a mix of holiday luau titles like Beach Holiday Hula Avocado Dip, Merry Merry Margaritas, etc.  Your menu should be tropical with a holiday flare. Banana fritters, coconut cake in the shape of a tree—use your imagination!

Tropical drinks would be a nice touch as well…and, if we come up with a tropical drink with eggnog, I'll let you know! The first drink should be served in coconut cups. We've also got luau shot glasses, which are perfect for a rowdy New Year's Eve!

Spend as much time decorating your tables as the rest of your venue. Use a few of the following tips and tricks:
Don't have time? Decorating your tables is a snap with an easy Luau Table Kit

new year's luau activities
We have tons of luau games and activities to choose from.  Try one or two of these fun luau classics to keep your guests entertained until the ball drops:

Make sure to have luau music playing in the background, and hand out confetti horns and poppers before the clock strikes midnight!


new years luau party favors
We always like our guests to leave with a sweet remembrance of the evening. One of these favors will be an instant hit with family and friends:
Have a great time at your tropical celebration, and Happy New Year from everyone here at!