New Year's Eve Luau Party

Having a theme party for New Year’s Eve is a sure way to get on everyone’s social calendar. It's December and if you live in a cold climate, your friends and family are already tired of the cold and snow. Make this party a tropical paradise--with just a hint of the holidays!

Luau Party Invitations
Anything tropical. has great luau themed invitations or find one at any stationery store.

Ask your friends to dress tropical, touristy or summer. The tacky tourist thing is always fun—remember to have some personalized single-use cameras on hand. There are some great photo ops available. Imagine greeting your guests with the host in a male luau cutout and the hostess as a female luau cutout. The cameras make a great favor, or you can ask everyone to take pictures and leave the cameras behind. You will love all the fun photos!

Now, of course, you can go with a more traditional New Years Eve party invitation. If you want to really go all out, mail it in a padded envelope and include a pair of sunglasses.

New Years Luau Decorations and Party Supplies

Outside the door, place a luau man or luau woman cutout with your face(s) welcoming all to your home. Add a hula skirt and a coconut bikini top or a beachcomber hat to the cutout! Add a speech bubble saying, "Haoli Makahiki Hou! You've arrived at Barb and Joe's Tropical Paradise!" (That means "Happy New Year" in Hawaiian.)

As your guests enter, they can pick up an assortment of luau gear to wear during the evening.  Don't forget the New Year's apparel as well! Here are some great options:
If it is a mixed group of friends and nametags are called for, tag off plastic leis with the name of each guest (so no one goes unknown).

Use a mixture of New Years and luau decorations for your party. Just be sure to use bright tropical colors! New Years ceiling dangles in bright colors hanging from the ceiling would be great. Have bouquets of mixed balloons together. Here are some great options:
New Years Luau Table Decorations and menu
The first drink should be served in coconut cups. We've also got luau shot glasses that are great for New Years Eve!

Centerpieces can be glitter top hats with tropical flowers (or balloons) coming out.
Make signs for your buffet and bar with the menus listed, giving it a mix of holiday luau titles like Beach Holiday Hula Avocado Dip, Merry Merry Margaritas, etc.  Your menu should be tropical with a holiday flare. Banana fritters, coconut cake in the shape of a tree—things like that. Tropical drinks would be a nice touch as well…and, if we come up with a tropical drink with eggnog, I'll let you know!
New Years Luau Activities
For some fun luau games and activities think limbo, or piñata or music or a combination of them all! This could be great fun and something none of your guests expect!  Have luau music playing in the background and make sure you guest have noisemakers for midnight!

Luau Party Favors for the New Year
We always like our guests to leave with a sweet remembrance of the evening. Why not a personalized luau theme mint and candy tin, and throw them into a favor bags!  Check out these custom New Year's Eve favor bags
Have a great time at your tropical New Year's celebration!