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inflatable cactus
inflatable cactus
Margarita lights
margarita lights
fiesta paper goods
fiesta paper goods
LED cactus margarita glass
LED margarita glass
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New Year's Fiesta

Want to do something different for New Year’s Eve? Who doesn’t? If you’re staying home, why not have a NEW YEAR’S EVE FIESTA for family and friends. Beat that piñata to a pulp; shake those maracas; do the Mexican hat dance. Mucho grande good time! We promise.

New Year's Fiesta Invitation
Start your party off with a bang by sending out a great personalized New Year's fiesta invitation from Or try one of these fun invite ideas:
  • Make a chili pepper invite from red and green cardstock.  Write your party info on the front with white paint marker.
  • Go all out with custom fiesta caricature invitation.  We can make whatever you want! Have yourself in a colorful sombrero sipping margaritas as the clock counts down to midnight.  
  • A great way to make the invitation stand out from the rest is to include a strand or two of colorful beads in the envelope. 
  • Pop some streamers confetti in each envelope for a surprise! 
Here are some fun wording ideas for your invitation:
  • Nacho Average New Year's Eve Party! 
  • Lots of Margaritas, a little salt and lime, New Year's Eve fiesta style... It's Party Time!
  • Come and shake your maracas at the Jones' New Year's Eve Fiesta!
  • After this New Year's Eve Fiesta you'll need a Siesta! 
Make sure to send your invites out 6-8 weeks in advance.  The holidays are a busy time of year, and schedules fill up fast!
New Year's Fiesta Party Decorations
There are so many fun fiesta decorations available.  You can stick with traditional red, green and white in your decor or use an assortment of bright neon colors for a fiesta.  Work your color scheme into your flowers and balloons at the party.

Mix these with New Year's decor, and you'll have a one of a kind New Year's party. Start by welcoming your guests with a personalized fiesta banner outside wishing all Happy New Year.  A mariachi band would be a wonderful addition to the party.  They can be your main source of music or they can play throughout the cocktail hour.
Here are some great options for your decorations:
  • Outline your door with Margarita lights or colorful strands of crepe paper.
  • Balloon bouquets made with chili peppers, sombreros and margarita glasses will look great on buffets and tables and in the corners of your venue.
  • Add an inflatable cactus or two to the side (set one up higher than the other)

Whatever you decide, make sure to greet your guests with cardboard cutouts of the hosts.  The hostess as a flamenco dancer cutout and the host as a mariachi cutout will be sure to make your guests giggle!

new year's eve fiesta table decorations and menu
Choose a fiesta paper goods design that meets your fancy. Then place a fun sombrero in the center of each table. Fill the rim of the sombrero with taco chips, and it doubles as a serving platter!
It's the small things that make the biggest impact when setting a table.  Here are our favorite fiesta table additions:
  • For a different napkin, use a red bandana!
  • A Chili Pepper Necklace doubles as a napkin ring and favor.
  • Fill LED Margarita Glasses with red, orange, green and yellow M&Ms.
  • Add votive candles and scatter streamers confetti on the table as a finishing touch.
The bar is a central part of a fiesta or New Years party!  Serve margaritas and champagne, of course! This is a fiesta, so don't forget to serve up lots of Corona! Make it extra special by using personalized beer bottle labels to match your invitations.
new year's eve fiesta party games and activities
Make sure to pass out plenty of noisemakers so everyone can celebrate at midnight. Get everything you need with a colorful New Years party kit or try a few of our party favorites:
  • LED Maracas
  • Multi Color Noisemakers
  • Metallic Horns

Pull out a burro or sombrero pinata and stand back. The candy and prizes will be raining down in no time! And, of course, once the countdown ends a balloon drop is always a great way to end the night!

new years eve party favors
Give your guests a favor they can wear at the party. We love these chili pepper beads. A little bit of fiesta and a little bit of New Year's, your guests will wear them all night.
You can also send everyone home with a sweet reminder of your party by passing out a Personalized New Year's Fiesta Candy Bar.
Other fun fiesta party favors?
  • A bottle of Tabasco sauce or hot sauce 
  • A miniature cactus
  • Taco seasoning packets  ("Thanks for spicing up our New Year's Eve Party! - the Smiths)

Don't forget a custom New Year's favor bag for all of the goodies!

Enjoy your New Year's fiesta with family and friends, and save a margarita for The Party Girl!