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New Year's Day


If you’re not too exhausted from the night before, or if you’ve attended a fete, but not had one, here are a few ideas for what to do on New Year’s Day.

New Year's "Hangover Cure" Brunch
There's nothing more fun than stuffing yourself on New Years Day and then laying down for a big sleep. Ahhhh. Your friends had a long night the night before and will think of you as a savior because they know what waits!

  • Send out a brunch theme invitation (or a champagne invitation!) or call and invite your favorite people to a Hangover Cure Brunch. You could even invite everyone in their pajamas!
  • Set up a great buffet with breakfast stuff: eggs/omelets, meats (sausage, bacon, Canadian bacon and others), potatoes, breads, cream cheeses and jellies. Add some lunch stuff, too: roast beef and turkey on egg rolls, salads, Jell-O molds and more. The more food, the merrier. The more people the better.
  • You'll also need a juice bar: tomato, orange and others. Add a touch of this or that for those who are really fighting their hangovers! And maybe even consider serving mimosas (orange juice and champagne), if you really like these people.
  • Use paper goods so there's nothing to clean up, and pat yourself on the back for having a good old-fashioned food feast!
Send your guests home with a fun variation of this hilarious hangover kit! They'll love nursing their sore heads with this thoughtful (and ironic!) favor.

New Years Day Open House
So, you want to see your friends, and last night you were busy at someone else's party, dancing the night away in a hotel ballroom or visiting your favorite club. An open house is a great way for family and friends to stop by and say hello:
  • For your menu, stick to dessert! (Who knows, your guests may be coming to your Open House from their best friend's brunch.) Holiday cookies, eggnog, gourmet coffees and teas are all a must!Fun stuff like chocolate coal, cinnamon sticks, chocolate coffee spoons, sugared tea spoons and more would be a cute touch. Go to a local gourmet shop and look at the fabulous stuff they have. The packaging is so cool, you can use it to decorate!
  • Consider setting up a hot chocolate bar with a crockpot of your favorite cocoa, mini marshmallows, cinnamon, chocolate syrup, and sprinkles.  Your guests won't be able to resist going back for more than one mug!
  • The most you need for decorations is maybe a New Year's banner hanging above your door and some New Year's paper goods. Concentrate on the food.
Don't forget to give each guest a New Year's theme candy bar as they head out the door!

New Years Day Football Party
Everyone loves to watch football, so plan a football party for New Years day:
  • Send out a New Year's invitation asking friends and family to ring in the New Year by watching everyone's favorite game! Add some football confetti to the envelope to tie in the theme.
  • Set out bar food with classic game favorites - nachos, hot pretzels, chili, and more. Make room on the couch and you're set.
  • When decorating, mix New Year's and football decorations.  Football theme paper goods will look great with New Year's decorating kit! 
For more great ideas, check out our football theme party.

New Years Do Good Day
After a night of merriment and fun, spend New Years Day giving back to your local community. Gather some friends and volunteer. It's a perfect way to start the year. Here are a just few ideas:
  • Serve food at a local soup kitchen.
  • Visit residents at a nursing homes.
  • Walk dogs at an animal shelter or play with the kittens.
  • Want to give back to your neighborhood? Bake casseroles at home and deliver them to the elderly on your block.
No matter how you spend the day, spend it with family and friends and it will surely start your year off right!

New Years Day Shopping Party
Get all your friends together and have a shopping party! And at the end of the day, over dinner, compare what you bought, the bargains you found--a kind of show and tell! 
  • Start the shopping day at 1 p.m. or so. End it in time to meet for dinner. Make it a "progressive" shopping trip. You know, like a progressive dinner but better yet.
  • Make sure to stop at some point with the whole group and enjoy a drink!  Mimosas or bloody mary's are a fun option.
  • Since this is really a “mobile” party, you probably won’t have a lot of traditional decorations, but a fun party favor is a great idea. Matching custom t-shirts? An eco-friendly shopping bag? Useful personalized mint tins to pop in purses? Any of these will be appreciated! 
Good luck planning your New Year's Day party, and Happy New Year from everyone here at!