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dollar sign necklaces
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black jack tablecover
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Bond Casino Royale New Year's


When it comes to planning a Casino party, there’s only one party to have…and that’s a Bond, James Bond, 007 Party, of course. If you play your cards right, your guests will be treated royally and you'll be the talk of the town! Look out Las Vegas! Move over Monte Carlo! Casino Royale, here we come…

New Year's Eve Party Invitations
Send a fantastic invitation so that all of your guests know that your Casino Royale New Year's party will be fabulous. has several personalized New Year's invitations, including a Casino Royale Invitation, for you to choose from. What a wonderful way to start off the celebration!

You can also make your own James Bond invitations with layers of black and white cardstock. Add some personalized money in with the invite, or attach a few poker chips to the cardstock. When you seal the envelope write or stamp the back flap with the words "Top Secret".  Don't forget to add a handful of casino confetti for some extra pop. You guests will be unbelievably excited to receive such a creative invitation, so don't be surprised if everyone RSVPs with a yes!

Here is some fun wording for a Bond theme invitation:

Her Majesty's Secret Service
Invites you to spend the evening of December 31st
At the Casino Royale (The Smith Residence)
To celebrate the New Year!
Let us know if you're shaken but not stirred enough to come!

However you invite all of your guests, make sure to let them know this is a "black tie" event, or ask them to come dressed as their favorite bond girl, villain, or 007 himself!

James Bond New Year's Decorations and Party Supplies

As your guests enter the hall or party room, greet them with a life-sized cutout as you dressed as James Bond, the iconic Bond girl, or even Dr. No. Place a basket near the cutout with lots of New Year's wearables.  Add a speech bubble to your cutout letting everyone know to help themselves!
  • New Year's Party Kits
  • Silver Dollar Sign Necklaces
  • Silver Top Hats
  • Dice Beads
  • New Year's Confetti Horn
Make sure your guests think they are walking into the Casino Royale on New Year's Eve. Decorate your venue in a red, black and white color scheme with some of these themed party supplies:
  • Great your guests at the door with a Casino Royale Theme Banner.  "Miss Moneypenny and 007" are hosting, of course!
  • Balloon bouquets with metallic dice and poker chip balloons will look great near the buffet and in corners around your venue.  Don't forget to tie each bouquet down with a stack of poker chips!
  • For the walls, try and get your hands on some James Bond movie posters, they are the perfect wall decoration.
  • Poker Chips - Pile them on all of the flat surfaces. Speaking of piles of money, scatter personalized money. It's an easy way to add decoration to side tables!
  • Give all of your guests a big plastic cup to keep their "winnings". (This is where the personalized money comes in again!)
  • Make your own casino with blackjack table covers!
  • Keep the lighting soft and play some Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin in the background.
  • Put Goldfinger in the DVD player to add a little more Bond to your ambiance.

Casino Royale menu and Table Decorations
The menu is really up to you. You can have anything from a full-blown 7-course dinner or elegant buffet to serving munchies throughout the evening, with coffee and dessert at the end.

If you're serving a sit-down dinner, you'll want to have seating cards. You can make your own by attaching mini playing cards to each one. White linens for the tables, topped with cloth squares of red or black make a handsome room. Nice white china and flatware trimmed in glittering silver or gold add to the glitz and glitter. Sprinkle tables with foil wrapped chocolate coins for an extra spectacular touch.

If you prefer to have a buffet, make sure you decorate it with color coordinating table cloths. Set out casino paper goods and silverware bundles wrapped with party beads so people can easily grab and go with the food.

Add some fun signage to different sections of the buffet to tie in with the theme:

  • Shaken Not Stirred Martini Bar
  • Octopussy Sushi Bar
  • Gold-Finger Foods
  • Dr. No-Double Dipping

Or you can let the martini's classic garnishes be your inspiration. Olive tapenade is a must, and onion dip will be a hit, too.

No casino party's complete without lots of drinks so don't forget the bar. If you're making toasts, serve champagne. You have to serve martinis, what kind of James Bond party would it be without them? LED champagne and martini glasses will add an extra element of fun to the bar. With the booze flowing and the gambling going you can bet your guests will have the time of their lives!

Want to add some sizzle to your Casino Royale party? Modeling agencies can supply fabulous showgirls to walk around the game tables and serve champagne to your guests—unless you want to do the posing (oo-la-la!).

Don't forget to give your tables some pizazz as well! Try a few of these table decorating ideas:

  • Wrap a red or silver fringed tableskirt around each table for a little bling. 
  • Hang a silver fringe chandelier above each table o add drama! 
  • Finish off your table look by scattering casino confetti
There is no easier way to keep your guests entertained than to host a casino themed party!  Follow some of our activity and game tips below.

Casino Royale Games

This is the fun part. Rent casino gaming equipment from local vendors. They'll have set ups for Poker, Blackjack, Craps, Wheels of Fortune and Roulette tables. They may even have a list of dealers you can hire to run the games. Follow these tips to make your casino special: 

  • An alternative to renting talent is to tap volunteers from your own group to man the tables in shifts.
  • Guests can win personalized money from the gambling tables, which they can then turn in for fun party favors!
  • Make sure to equip your dealers with playing cards and poker chips
Don't forget to take a look at all of our New Years Party Games to help keep your guests entertained until the ball drops! 
At midnight get everyone together to countdown to the New Year. Tell everyone to get their noisemakers ready and welcome 2015 with a bang! Consider handing out confetti horns and confetti poppers a few minutes before midnight, or set up a balloon drop!
Party Favors

Let your guests cash in their winnings at the end of the night for fun prizes:

Make sure to give each guest a Casino Royale favor bag to hold all of their goodies!  
Good luck, and Happy New Year from everyone here at!