Halloween Kids Party Ideas

Kids Halloween Party Ideas

Happy Halloween!This may be a no-brainer, but kids LOVE Halloween.  What could be better than dressing up as a princess or a Storm Trooper and having complete strangers give you candy? Then there are those fun Halloween parades at school with even more candy.  Jackpot! 
So this year, why not throw a Halloween party just for the kids?  They are sure to love it, and your friends will thank you for giving their children another chance to wear their costumes.  Here are some tips and ideas to make your children's Halloween party fun and festive.
 Kids Halloween party tips
Your party is sure to be great, but here a few tips to help with the planning.
  1. Talk to your child and see what they would like for their Halloween party!  You may be surprised at all their great ideas.
  2. Halloween costumes can be scary, so you may want to note on the invitations if you'd like your guests to choose something child-friendly.
  3. Parties for young children, under the age of 5, should be kept to an hour and a half.  For older kids, 2 hours is just fine. 
  4. Depending on the location, be aware of the number of children you are inviting.  A party hall can hold plenty of friends, but keep the numbers down to have a manageable party at home.
Kids Halloween party Invitations
Once you have your date, you’re ready to choose an invitation. Of course, the invitation is one of your most important decisions, because it lets the guests know in advance what a great party you’re planning. Party411 has a lot of spooky invitations for Halloween that can be customized! Here are a few of our most popular kid friendly designs...
Candy Corn Halloween invitations and party supplies
See all Halloween invitations
Choose some fun Halloween wording for your invitations.  Here are a few ideas for invitation intros:
  • No tricks, just treats!  Jonathan is having a Halloween feast!
  • Tricks and treats and lots of good things to eat!
  • Join us for some not so scary Halloween fun at Rachel's Halloween bash!
Get the kids involved! let the kids help and create your own Halloween party invitations.  Here's a Halloween shapes template that you can print out on bright paper, and let the kids cut the shape and then add your party information. They can even color on some details or add fun stickers!
kids halloween Decorations and Party Supplies
We all know there are plenty of creepy, scary Halloween decor available.  That just won't work for a kids' Halloween party!  Luckily there are also child-friendly fun Halloween decor available. You can decorate with pumpkins, of course, but be sure to add some other fun Halloween decorations. Here are a few staples that we love for any party.
Personalized Halloween water bottle labels
  • Halloween Cutouts make a big impression at the door! These life-size cutouts instantly transform your little host or hostess into Dracula, Frankenstein, or a witch.  Perfect for a fun photo op!
  • Personalized Halloween Banner - A great Halloween party welcome! Hang it outside to let everyone know where the party is, or hang it inside for a perfect decoration.P
  • Halloween Water Bottle Labels - Place them on your tables, buffet, or drink station.  They match your invites and favors and are that extra little touch everyone will notice!

Here are some other great kid friendly Halloween decorations that fit with any Halloween theme:

  • Balloon Bouquets - Black and orange balloon bouquets are simple and can decorate your whole party space, just add a mini-pumpkin as a balloon weight.  Or try bunches of white balloons - the kids can draw ghost faces on them with black marker!
  • Crepe Paper - Use black crepe paper to make a spider web design on the ceiling! Put a black balloon in each corner and add crepe paper legs to turn them into spiders.  A fun themed twist on a traditional decoration.
  • Spider Webs - Hang stretchy spider webs on light fixtures and bannisters.  They're a inexpensive decoration that takes up plenty of space!
Of course, any decorations in black, orange, and white are perfect for a kids' Halloween party.  As long as your decorations aren't scary, they'll be a hit with guests of all ages!
Halloween Kids Party Table Decorations and Party Menu
Start with orange and black paper goods that make clean up easy and add bright fun colors to your room! Next choose a fun centerpiece for your tables...
  • Gather up some pumpkins and gourds and make a display in the middle of the buffet table.
  • A super fun and simple centerpiece is a Halloween pumpkin bucket (you know, like the ones you use for trick or treating) filled with candy.  Functional and fun!
  • A simple black witch's hat in the middle of each table makes for a no-hassle centerpiece.

You'll have a great time with dessert. You can certainly go to any grocery store and find Halloween themed cookies and cupcakes. Or you could Get the kids involved!

  • Kids love to bake. Let them help decorate cookies or cupcakes for the party. Get candy corn, M&Ms, frosting and sprinkles and have them go wild. Even toddlers can put M&Ms on cupcakes! Be sure to get extra - you're bound to "lose" a few to your child's stomach...and yours too!
  • Below are a few fun Halloween desserts we've made for our kids Halloween parties in the past.  The "fingers" are chocolate covered pretzels with different colored chocolates dipped on the ends.  Gummy candies make great fingernails. 
  • The circle treats are just rice treats with frosting and sprinkles added with Halloween stencil.
Homemade Halloween desserts, chocolate fingers

Rice treats for Halloween

Kids halloween party Games
There are so many wonderful activities and games for Halloween that it will only be hard to choose the best for your party.  Here are some of our favorite Halloween activities for kids:
  • Pumpkin Decorating - For older kids, set out the supplies for them to carve their own pumpkin.  For younger kids, choose the mini pumpkins and have stickers, glitter and markers available.
  • Candy Hunt - This is a great game for an outside party.  You guessed it - it's basically an Easter Egg hunt with candy.
  • Costume Parade - A parade is great for a larger party or a kids' party at a school.  Let everyone know to bring their cameras!
  • Halloween Pinatas - What a fun way to get the kids MORE candy!
We have more ideas over at our halloween party games page too.

kids halloween party Favors
Loot bags are always popular and a must at a Halloween party. You can start with a personalized Halloween party favor bag or choose a favor bag that matches your paper goods.  Create your own pumpkin theme loot bag with an orange bag tied off with green floral tape.  
Homemade Halloween treat bags
Then either fill it with a few fun Halloween toys and treats, or leave them empty and set up trick or treat stations around the room.  Here are some fun personalized Halloween party favors that the kids (and their parents) are sure to love.
Custom Halloween candy bar wrappers,
Custom Halloween lollipop favors. Giant Halloween lollipops.
Halloween mint and candy tins
Custom Halloween party favor bags
The favors will serve as a sweet reminder of a fantastic Halloween party. Have a perfect time at your child's Halloween party!