Fireworks on the Fourth of July

Sure, you can have the usual July 4th party. Or, you can host a patriotic fireworks theme party that is something truly outstanding that keeps your friends and family talking until next year. And you'll become the host with the most. And that's the most you can be, right? This is a great patriotic 4th of July party to host if you live close enough to see a fireworks display from your house or if you can host somewhere (like a country club) that is having a display. Of course you can host this party for any patriotic holiday with a fireworks display!

Independence Day Party Invitations

Start at 5 p.m., so you'll have enough time before the fireworks begin. Of course, make it a cook-out.

Choose an invitation that is as fun as your party! A 4th of July party invitation will get everyone excited for your bash.
Here is some fun 4th of July invitation wording:
  • Fireworks won't be the only thing going off on the 4th... come make some noise at our annual 4th of July party!
  • WE WANT YOU... to eat some BBQ! Join us for an Independence Day cookout!
  • We have plenty of red, white and blue... all this party needs now is you!
  • Join Dave and Jane for a "Star-Spangled" Celebration!
  • We're have a party on the 4th of July, with BBQ and fireworks to light up the sky!The flag is flown, the sparks will fly! Join us for a party this 4th of July!
  • We hold this truth to be self-evident... that a party is more fun with y'all there! Please join us for a 4th of July party!
Get the kids involved: You can get the kids involved by asking them to help create invitations. You know those snowflakes that you make by folding paper over and over and then cutting pieces out? Well, if you use red or blue paper, those "snowflakes" will look like fireworks! Depending on their age, the kids can help with folding or cutting the paper. You should print all the party information out on a separate piece of paper and then glue that to the center of your fireworks. When you're done, fold them up, put them in an envelope and send them off!

Independence Day Decorations and Party Supplies
Start with a personalized banner to welcome guests and then decorate your yard and/or patio with patriotic bunting. Tie these to the top of your front door and stake to the ground on either side. Do the same off the patio and wherever possible. Here are some other fun decorating ideas:
  • Balloons are always festive and the red, white and blue should be flying somewhere.
  • Patriotic lanterns are great to use outside. They look amazing hanging from a porch. 
  • Mix in an assortment of American flags as decorations as well! 

Just think "Red, White and Blue" and your decorations will all be perfect!

Patriotic Party Table and Menu
If you're using paper plates and stuff instead of "real" china (and we suggest you do, by the way), of course use patriotic paper goods for your plates and napkins with red, white and blue cutlery and table covers. Your guests just won't believe how coordinated you are.

For your tables, use a July 4th hat as a centerpiece. Insert a piece of red tissue and a piece of blue tissue in each. If your party is inside, drop a balloon bouquet in each (red, white and blue balloons, of course). We don't recommend balloons if your party is outside - they'll swat everyone in the head in the wind! Instead fill the hats with chips and snacks for everyone to snack on during the party. Scatter star confetti around the bottom for a final touch. Tie off each napkin with a red, white and blue bead necklace.

Set your buffet up against a wall (inside or in your tent), and set up American Flags as decorations at the back of the table. Serve traditional American cook out food like hot dogs, hamburgers, coleslaw, potato salad and more. You can even make this a pot luck party and ask your friends and family to bring side dishes.

For your bar, try a patriotic cooler! I love this! It's a 25" x 19" inflatable cooler that looks like an American flag! How cool? Fill it with personalized patriotic water and beer labels!
For dessert, you may want to serve star-shaped vanilla butters cookies decorated with red, white and blue frosting (or sparkles or sprinkles). Either way, making them is a great activity for you and the kids to help celebrate the 4th!

Independence Day Party Games and Activities
Besides dinner and chatting with friends, watching fireworks will be the main activity at this party. You can ask friends to bring folding chairs so they have somewhere to sit or provide blankets and towels for everyone to sit on. While everyone is settling in to watch the show, pass out popcorn in bags for everyone to eat.

And give out a few favors for everyone to use during the show! Since it's going to get dark, pass out light up wearables and LED spinning wands. Of course you'll want American flags for everyone to wave.

Here are some fun patriotic party games for your party.

Patriotic Party Favors
As people enter, give each a personalized candy bar. Patriotic party goods are wonderful for favors.  Here are some of our favorites to consider passing out to your friends and family:
Okay, That's it. It's a fabulous fireworks party. A party that says to your guests you went out of your way to assure them a good time.

Have a BLAST! I hate to get sentimental, you know, but celebrating the flag is an okay thing to do. And the message is a good one. Have fun. The Party Girl