2023 Super Bowl LVII Theme Pool Board

https://i1.party411.com/p411/media/Product/ZOM/1/435621_64088_ZOM.jpg2023 Super Bowl LVII Theme Pool Board
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The 2023 Super Bowl LVII Theme Pool Board is here! Looking for an activity for your Super Bowl bash? This Super Bowl pool board is a perfect addition to any party. The board is approximately 2 feet by x 3 feet so there is plenty of room for initials in those betting squares! Choose from a stiff board made on high quality foam core or a heavy duty vinyl banner with grommets in the corners.

A Super Bowl Pool Board betting game is perfect for your Super Bowl LVI party. Here's how it works:
  • Sell each square on the grid for a set amount of money. Play big or small, for candy or fun prizes, it's all up to you!
  • Numbers 0-9 are assigned randomly across the rows and down the columns after bets are places and squares are bought. (Draw out of a hat for the order of numbers for each row and column)
  • The numbers beside each team name represent the last digit in the score for that team. For example, if the score were "AFC team 14- NFC team 3", then whoever's name is in the square under the "4" of the AFC team (Broncos) and the "3" of NFC (Panthers) would win.
The betting board is a great way to keep people interested in the game!

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Price: $64.95 Per piece.