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All eyes are on the royal family whether there's a birth, wedding, or scandal! If you're hosting a royal family watch party, make sure to have a Royal Wedding Photo Op. It may be your guests' only chance to marry Prince William! Set this standup near your party's entrance, so your friends can get a picture with Britain's future king. They'll love pretending to be Princess Kate - doesn't everyone want to be her? Print the photos out as favors for each guest before they leave. They'll never forget their one moment with the handsome prince!
  • This royal couple is about 3 feet wide by 6 feet tall.  Don't worry, this couple will last forever.
  • Choose your material. We can create your photo op on weather resistant coroplast so that it can be used outside or choose our standard heavy duty foam core.
  • Add velcro to your supports. All photo ops come with fins on the back that do not come off of the photo op once attached. We can add velcro to your support fins so that you can easily store your photo op.
  • It's easy to add a speech bubble to your royal wedding photo op. "Of course I said yes!" is a fun phrase you can include.
  • Set up a special social media page where guests can upload their pictures from the royal viewing party. Guests will love seeing everyone's photos!
You're royal family watch party isn't complete with William and his Kate! With some help from Party411, the most important VIP guests are sure to show up. Just make sure you have the decorations, activities, and favors to make your party a great one!


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