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Guests can visit the Antarctic at your travel theme party with an explorer photo op! Family and friends don't have to get all bundled up to visit an icy tundra. They can stay cozy and warm at your event's venue if you just set up one of these explorer stand ups. Turn your party space into different exotic locales by creating separate photo booth areas, one dedicated to a different area of the globe. It's perfect for a travel theme birthday, milestone, or even graduation party. This explorer photo op can represent the North Pole, Alaska or even northern Russia.  Party411 also has a gondola photo op (perfect for Venice), a tiki photo op (Hawaii, anyone?), and a jungle safari photo op (let's visit the Amazon). Hire a photographer to take pictures throughout the event, and then print out the best shots as favors for your "traveling" guests.  Of course, compile a photo book for the guest of honor to take along on his or her adventures!
  • This 3 feet wide by 6 feet wide explorer photo op is strong enough to travel the world!
  • Choose your material. We can create your photo op on weather resistant coroplast so that it can be used outside or choose our standard heavy duty foam core.
  • Add velcro to your supports. All photo ops come with fins on the back that do not come off of the photo op once attached. We can add velcro to your support fins so that you can easily store your photo op.
  • Add a speech bubble to give your travel theme standup a little personality.  "Greetings from Antarctica!" is fun.
  • Customize your photo op even further by adding a company logo or name.  Employees would love a travel theme corporate party – country themed table decorations, appetizer stations for different locales, and even souvenir style favors!
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