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Holy photo op, Batman! You're going to need a Batman photo op for your superhero theme event! If you're hosting a birthday party, make sure the hero of Gotham arrives on the scene.  With a Batman photo op, not only do you have the masked man himself, but your guests also get to grab a picture as the dark knight.  Set up a photo booth with this photo op and cardboard standups of everyone's favorite masked villains: Penguin, the Joker, the Riddler, and Cat Woman.  Don't forget his sidekick Robin, too!  Add a few themed props like batarangs, Batman masks, and superhero capes.  Your little superhero will be ready to defeat any super villain. To the Bat Mobile!
  • Standing at 3 feet wide by 6 feet tall, this Batman photo op is ready to head to the Bat Cave!
  • Choose your material. We can create your photo op on weather resistant coroplast so that it can be used outside or choose our standard heavy duty foam core.
  • Add velcro to your supports. All photo ops come with fins on the back that do not come off of the photo op once attached. We can add velcro to your support fins so that you can easily store your photo op.
  • Hire a photographer to run your photo booth or have guests take pictures themselves. Whatever you decide, make sure to send home photo prints as favors.
Holy superhero party, Batman! With Party411's help, you'll throw an unforgettable superhero themed event.


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Price: $117.95 Per piece.