A Driver’s License Birth Announcement

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https://i1.party411.com/p411/media/Product/ZOM/0/440420_68884_ZOM.jpghttps://i1.party411.com/p411/media/Product/DET/0/440420_68884_DET.jpgA Driver’s License Birth Announcement
https://i1.party411.com/p411/images/products/licenses-baby-a-k.jpghttps://i1.party411.com/p411/images/products/licenses-baby-a-k.jpgA Driver’s License Birth Announcement
https://i1.party411.com/p411/images/products/licenses-baby-o-w.jpghttps://i1.party411.com/p411/images/products/licenses-baby-o-w.jpgA Driver’s License Birth Announcement
https://i1.party411.com/p411/media/Product/ZOM/0/440420_102896_ZOM.jpghttps://i1.party411.com/p411/media/Product/DET/0/440420_102896_DET.jpgA Driver’s License Birth Announcement
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We have birth announcements that match all 50 state licenses. You can select a Drivers License number that "fits" your baby, or you can make up your own!
  • Low Minimums: Order as few as 25...or as many as you want!
  • Choose from any of the 50 United States or Washington DC!
  • Plenty of Choices Available: Choose either a 4.25" x 6.75" size invitation or a 2.125” x 3.375” 30ml thick plastic card.

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Minimum order is 25 license invitations. You will receive a proof by e-mail within 2 business days.


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25-50 $1.85
51-100 $1.75
101+ $1.65