Personalized Music CDs

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CDs and CD Labels. That’s right!  Mix your own CD recording for the event, add your own personalized CD label and pretty soon you start feeling like a rock and roll star.  In any case your guests will have a favor they’ll play over and over again.
Pricing Information
Minimum of 40 CDs 
Each comes with 8- 10 songs of your choice.
Custom art charge for front label     $ 75.00 
CD in case with front label               $ 4.00 each
Front labels only (no CD)                 $1.00 each
Art charge for back label                  $ 25.00
Back labels                                      $ 1.00 each
Two weeks for production
*Music CDs are sold only with custom art/label
Order Information
If you're ready to order, have questions or want to learn more about making your party truly special, please contact us at (877) 514-8411 or by email.
Price: $4.00 Per piece.