Western Theme Party411

Western Theme Party Frequently Asked Questions

I never met a cowboy I didn’t like. Maybe that’s why I have a liking for western theme parties. Between the great food (BBQ) and great music (country western), I practically fall over myself putting the date on my calendar and can’t wait to feel “home, home on the range.”

Q: Do you think people mind if I ask them to dress western for the party?
A: It’s interesting. Some people love to dress up and will pull out their western gear complete with studs and turquoise and others are put off. As long as you make it a suggestion and not a demand (like telling them to dress like there’s a new sheriff in town), go for it.

Q: Can a western party be a dressy affair?
A: There’s no reason why not. I’ve seen some pretty duded up cowboys and cowgirls. A Rhinestones and Cowboy theme is common as is a Boots and Blacktie Ball (as proved by Laura and George Bush). Western party themes work no matter what the occasion.

Q: What is an easy and inexpensive way to pull through a western party theme when decorating a large room?
A: Hay bales. No kidding. Surround the dance floor; pile them atop each other; use mini bales as centerpieces. This is inexpensive and the straw is a little messy but it screams western. Throw in some horseshoes for good luck.

Q: What is a unique activity?
A: An old western “WANTED” poster. Consider hiring a local caricature artist (let’s call him Quick Draw McGraw), and let him sketch each guest as a favor to take home. You can buy these as blanks or make your own.

Q: What’s a fun thing to use for a photo op?
A: Cowboy hats. Cowboy hats, believe it or not, run around $15 a dozen. They have cowboy hats with fur, with sequins, in neon colors, leopard design and metallic to name a few. Buy an assortment and let guests choose their poison.

Q: What’s a fun thing to use for nametags and/or seating cards?
A: Sheriff badges, what else? You can find them with a blank in the center for the name or the less expensive model just says, “SHERIFF” and can be easily attached to a card with a western/frontier motif.

Q: Must it be a barbeque?
A: No. Western grub doesn’t necessarily mean anything that’s covered in BBQ sauce. I bet wagon trains served everything from steaks to ribs to a big old stew out on the range (not to mention buffalo burgers). And you can do the same.

Q: What would you suggest as a favor?

A: There are great cowboy boot mugs that you can use for the first drink and guests can take them home (they come with LED lights and without). In fact, this is a great way to decorate your saloon (bar). Stack them high and maybe throw in some cactus shot glasses for a great display.