Twilight Theme Party

We love Twilight at We can't get enough of the books, the movies and the characters. We're hooked on vampires and werewolves! We think Twilight is a great theme for a Twilight movie release party or a Twilight theme birthday party. It works even if you're just in the mood for a great party! We hope you enjoy our suggestions for Twilight theme decorations, invitations, menu ideas and party favors.

Twilight Theme Invitations
You'll want to set the tone for your party from the moment your guests get their invitations. A personalized Twilight theme invitation is a great way to get everyone excited for your party. It features symbols from all four books in the Twilight colors, red, white and black. (And, of course, we'll be featuring those colors at our party!)

A great party begins with a fantastic invitation. Think about it, W.W.A.D? (What would Alice do?) She would not invite everyone over the phone or through an email. What she would do is send a one of a kind invitation. The perfect choice is a semi-custom Twilight caricature inspired by the Twilight movie poster. You or the guest of honor can replace Bella on the poster and be with Edward on the invitation. Of course, you can leave Bella on the invitation and personalize the invitation with your wording. Now that's an invitation no one will forget! You can even use the same art for a sign in board, centerpieces, candy bar wrappers or any decorations for your Twilight party.

If you want to make your own invitations stick with a black, red and white theme. I like the idea of printing the party information on a white piece of cardstock and layering a black piece behind it. Add a red ribbon as a band around the middle for an elegant Eclipe-esqe touch.

If you're planning on going to see the movie during your party, make sure to let people know when and where you'll be meeting. It's a good idea to get there early to get tickets for the group and to get seats for everyone together.

Twilight Party Decorations
First impressions matter, so make sure that the first impression of your Twilight party is astounding. Take a cue from Alice's decorating style and string white twinkle lights up the drive and all around the entrance to the party. Make sure to fill the trees and bushes with lights too.

Everyone will know they are in the right place (and in for a great time) when they see the custom Twilight inspired banner hanging outside. Personalize the top message and choose from two great quotes from the book:

"And so the lion fell in love with the lamb..."
"What a stupid lamb,"
"What a sick, masochistic lion."
“What if I’m not the superhero? What if I’m the bad guy?”

Already everyone will be super excited and they are not even inside yet!

As everyone moves farther into the house, wow them with your decorations. Continue using the twinkle light in the house. It will make for great mood lighting. Mix in some strands of red lights in with the white.

Stick with the color scheme from the books, decorate with black, red, and white latex balloons scattered around the party area. Crêpe paper is a fun and inexpensive way of decorating a room. Mix red and black, or just use red to represent the ribbon from the cover of Eclipse.

Movie posters make simple and inexpensive decorations. Hang them around the room. If you're using the semi-custom invitation, we can enlarge that for you (with or without your party text) for you to frame and hang at the party. If your Twilight party is for a special occasion, this framed artwork makes a great sign in board. People can sign on the art itself, or on the frame.

Here are a few more Twilight decorating ideas:

  • Red and white parrot tulips are the perfect flowers for your Twilight party. Ask your local florist to order a few dozen for you. You can also use red roses all around the room.
  • Music is also a great way to set the mood. Play the soundtrack from the Twilight movie, or check out the Twilight Playlist from Stephenie Meyer for song ideas.
  • Print out images from the movie or quotes from the books and use them in your photo frames.
  • Don't forget the apples! Pile red apples in dishes and place them on the tables around the room.
  • Set out a display of trees, wolves and the moon in the background!

Now that your room looks perfect, lets move on to the tables!

Twilight Table Decoration and menu

Start by setting your tables with beautiful red and black linens. If you're not using real linen, black plastic tableware works just as well. 

For your centerpiece, how about a bouquet of tulips (from the New Moon cover) on a chess set (from the Breaking Dawn cover). Wrap a beautiful red ribbon (from the Eclipse cover) around the vase. You can even add a few red apples (from the Twilight cover) inside the vase if it's large enough.

For confetti on your table, use small diamond-like crystals. You can get these at any craft store. Your table will sparkle like Edward!  Or black star confetti is great, too!

Instead of plain votive candles on your table, take a red apple and cut out a space in the top for a small tea light candle. Set these around the table for a beautiful and perfect Twilight look. It would also be fun to place this apple candle holder right on top of the Twilight book where the apple is on the cover. Too cute.

An obvious choice for your decor is Italian food. Bella and Edward (well, Bella, at least) eat Italian on their first date and the Cullen's cook Italian for Bella on her first visit to their home. And, of course, they spend a small (and unpleasant) amount of time in Italy in New Moon.

Here are a few more ideas that will help you prepare the perfect Twilight menu:

  • Serve finger sandwiches that you cut into animal shapes with cookie cutters! Look for bears, a large cat (Edward loves mountain lions) and a deer.
  • Red velvet cupcakes with white icing are the perfect dessert. Dust them with gold edible glitter (check your local baking supply store). Set out a little sign that reads "Do I dazzle you?"
  • Another fun dessert option is to have a chocolate fountain. Theme it for your party by making it a "Chocolate Blood Fountain" with red chocolate dye.
  • Take a cue from the Twilight book cover and serve red candied apples. Yum.

You can serve a great theme cocktail for your adult guests. Don't forget the Twilight theme beverage napkins! Here is a golden hued drink that fits the theme perfectly -

He turned to look at me with a wistful expression. The golden eyes held mine, and I lost my train of thought.

I stared at him until he looked away. Bella Swan, Twilight

Edward's Eyes (Bellini)

  • 1 parts Peach Schnapps
  • 3 parts Champagne (or Sparkling wine)

Combine in champagne flutes, serve. You can make non-alcoholic "mocktails" from peach nectar and sparkling cider for an underage crowd.

At your bar, make sure to have water with personalized Twilight bottle labels. These are great for your Twilight party.

Twilight Party Games and Activities
There are lots of ways to keep your guest busy at your Twilight party. If you are going to the movie in the theater why not have a screening of Twilight before you head out. Twilight trivia is another fun idea. You can hand out a golden onion (remember when Bella and Edward won it in school?) as a prize. Just spray paint a large onion with gold paint; easy and perfect for your theme!

A fun mixer type game lets you match all the Twilight couples. Give everyone nametag with a character from the book and have them find their partner. Or you can use our fun, free Twilight printable of Twilight characters and have them match the correct couple. (Here is an answer key you can also print.) Here are some of the Twilight couples:

  • Bella Swan and Edward Cullen
  • Rosalie Hale and Emmett Cullen
  • Alice Cullen and Jasper Hale
  • Esme Cullen and Carlisle Cullen
  • Angela Weber and Ben Cheney
  • Emily Young and Sam Uley
  • Jessica Stanley and Mike Newton
  • Renée Swan and Phil Dwyer
  • Victoria and James

If you have a handy group of friends why not make a Twilight themed crafts a party activity? An easy and fun activity is making your own Twilight character inspired bath salts!

Twilight Bath Salts

  • 2 cups Epsom salt
  • 2 teaspoons of baking soda
  • 10-12 drops of essential oil

Just stir ingredients really well (metal bowls work best) and give your guests a jar or cello bag to take the salts home in. Have your guests mix their own character fragrance. Give them an assortment of oils that match the elements to each characters scent. Here are the different scents as described in the books -

  • Edward - honey, lilac, sun
  • Bella - freesia, lavender
  • Jacob - earth, woods
  • Alice - citrus, orchid

Simple and fun, and a great party favor too!

Twilight Party Favors
Of course a great party also has great party favors! Send your guests home with a Twilight inspired favor they will love! We think the Twilight theme personalized mint tins are a great choice! Here are some other fun Twilight party favors:

Your Twilight theme party will be so much fun; your guests will anxiously await your next event! With ideas and products from you know that all your celebrations will be memorable ones. If you're hosting a Twilight party, let us know. We'd love to see pictures!