Lost Theme Party

I am not sure how the tradition got started...maybe it started with Lucy and Desi when little Ricky was born. Or perhaps with JR, and the mystery of who shot him. Or the last episode of MASH, ER, Friends or Seinfeld. I'm just not sure, but it has become the "norm" (we can thank the last episode of "Cheers" for that!) to celebrate when something happens in TV-land that's bigger than us all. Here we are, the end of another era.

So, gather your friends together to celebrate and have a LOST theme party and re-live what happened on that Island!

Lost Party Invitation
An Airline Boarding Pass invitation for Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 is perfect for your Lost theme party. These invitations look just like real airline boarding passes, but are full of all the information you and your guests need for your LOST party.

Ask everyone to dress in their finest LOST theme apparel. Some may show up in ratty tank tops and jeans. Others may wear jumpsuits. Some may dress in 70s gear. Maybe someone will come wearing scrubs pretending to be Jack Shepard. I'd wear a tank top and a pretend pregnancy belly to be Claire. You'll want to have a camera on hand for pictures of this crowd!

Another idea is a Dharma theme recruiting letter invitation. Keep your text simple without giving too many details since we all know how evasive those Dharma folks can be with information. Tell everyone that they have been chosen by the Dharma Initiative for an important job and let all the recruits know what time they need to report to the submarine. Maybe send a small package of jelly beans with the invitation and cover the label. Tell people to please eat the "vitamins" before getting on board the sub. (You do remember that all the Dharma recruits were knocked out during the submarine rides, right?)

How about a message in a bottle? Hand write invitations and roll them up and put them in empty bottles. Make sure there is an S.O.S. asking for people to help rescue you from the island. Let them know you are one of the survivors of Flight 815 and that you have been stranded on an island. Now, mailing these invitations could be mailed if packed properly in boxes, but that might be a bit expensive to mail. So, these invitations are best handed out in person. Of course, then you get to see the look of excitement on everyone's face as you invite them to your party.

Lost Party Decorations and Party Supplies
At the entrance to your party, have Mylar balloons spelling out LOST welcoming your guests. You can get these and have them inflated at any local party store. Hang them on a slight angle like they show the show name at the beginning of each episode.

Since Lost is based on an island, start with tropical decor. Think luau without the fun Tiki poles, leis and grass skirts. Around the room place an assortment of inflatable ukuleles or inflatable palm trees. You can scatter half open suitcases with clothing falling out around the palm trees.

A beach scene setter is 40" x 4' scene of the ocean, a beach and palm trees. It's got a great Lost feel and would be perfect as a backdrop at your party.

You can also turn an area of your party room into your own Dharma station. Start with 70s music playing in the background. Then give all of your guests a plain white nametag to wear with their name and Dharma job. Make sure someone is a "Workman" and that you have a security team. Name different areas around the house (or party location for the different Dharma stations, such as The Swan, The Hydra, The Flame, The Looking Glass and The Orchid. Small signs with our faux logo work perfectly.) Hang a LOST theme welcome banner in your station as well.

Throughout the party, add small touches to show your sense of humor and party planning expertise! In the bathroom, float a small toy boat in the bathroom and add a sign to the top that says, "Not Penny's Boat." In the kitchen, have a suitcase open on it's side and filled with knives (a la John Locke).

Lost Party Table Decorations and Menu
There are a lot of fun ways to decorate your tables for a LOST party. Start by placing snacks (nuts and fresh fruit) in palm tree bowls.

  • If you can get your hands on one, find an old computer and tape the LOST numbers "4 8 15 16 23 42" on the screen.
  • Choose a tropical centerpiece, like a tropical plant or mini palm tree with seashells scattered around the base.
  • A cute stuffed polar bear is another inexpensive option.
  • Toy airplanes (preferably broken in half)

Stock your bar with water and beer cans that all have that Dharma appeal. Sawyer would be pleased. We have personalized water bottle labels and beer bottle labels for the theme. Everyone will get a kick out of your bar!

Your menu will be determined by the time of your party. If you're having people for just the show, then all you need are some desserts and snacks. If you want to start the festivities early, start with dinner. Theme all your food around LOST, of course. Here are some food ideas that work well at a LOST party:

  • Fried chicken - cover the boxes with homemade "Clucks Chicken" labels and even add a photo of Hurley
  • Island Fare - coconut shrimp, jerk chicken, etc.
  • Airplane food - for snacks, offer airplane pretzels and peanuts. For the meal, serve everyone on those small trays used on a plane. (Those small bottles of alcohol would be fun too!)

Lost Party Games and Activities
Obviously you and your guests will be entertained at your party simply by watching the show. But, you can always add a few games to spice up the action. Start with a fun photo op. A VW bus photo op is perfect for any event help with the Dharma Initiative. The windows are cut out, so you and your guests can stand behind the photo op and take great pictures.

Have a Lost trivia contest that you can play during the commercials. You can focus on events, characters or any of the minutia of the show. How about match the nicknames Sawyer has used for people to the correct person. Remember when he called Lapidus, "The pilot who looks like he stepped off the set of a Burt Reynolds movie"? Hilarious. (We know all the best were saved for Hurley!) Here are some examples, and the answers, all of which we found online:


  • Big Kahuna: Ben
  • Dr. Wizard: Daniel
  • Scotty: Desmond
  • Muttonchops: Hurley
  • JumboTron: Hurley
  • Blondie: Juliet
  • Freckles: Kate
  • Doc: Jack
  • Captain Falafel: Sayid
  • Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon: Jin and Sun
  • Mr. Clean: John
  • The pilot who looks like he stepped off the set of a Burt Reynolds movie: Lapidus (ha ha!)

There are a ton of Lost fan sites out there. (We're not the only ones who are crazy about the show.) Pick a theme and do a search online and you'll be able to quickly come up with a Lost trivia contest.

Lost Party Favors
Thank your guests for coming and send them home with a Dharma approved party favor, a chocolate bar with a personalized wrapper. They come in dark or milk chocolate and are delicious! Hurley would love them and we think he'd probably order a case. (Maybe as a nice gift for Libby.)

How about a small bag filled with travel size shampoo and other toiletries. Tag it off with a note thanking them for flying with Oceanic airlines and telling them you hope they enjoyed their flight, wherever it ended up. (You can even add a bit of sand in the bottom of the bag.)

We hope you and all your friends have a great time at your LOST party. We at Party411.com can't wait to find out how your party is going to end!