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Glee Theme Party

Alright, let's face it who doesn't love Glee?! This hit show has taken over the entertainment industry, selling thousands of copies of their CDs and DVDs. With the season finale coming soon, celebrate with a Glee party!

glee theme party invitations
Invite all your friends to McKinley High with a custom music CD full of your favorite Glee songs. This is the perfect way to get them in the singing and dancing mood! Or if that doesn't tickle your fancy, try a custom caricature of you as a member of glee club. What a great keepsake! also has personalized Glee invitations so you can gleek out in style!
Do you want the characters themselves on your invite? Then we have just the Glee invitation for you.  Don't forget the Glee thank you cards either.

glee theme party decorations
Make sure you hang a banner over your door that says "Welcome to McKinley High" or "Glee Club members only!" When guests walk in, have an area set up for a photo shoot, complete with inflatable microphones and guitars. Tape these music note cutouts as the backdrop. Just use a Polaroid camera and have the guests keep the pictures as souvenirs! The microphones also can double as seating cards.

Don't forget to turn your family room into an auditorium! In here, you can watch the show, play Glee songs charades, and have your own Sectionals competition! Team up and rehearse a couple of numbers, complete with choreography (and harmonies, if you're capable) and have a couple judges decide whose set is best! The winners receive a rock star trophy, but remember everyone's a winner!
glee party table decorations and menu
Make sure you have Glee theme papergoods to match the Glee theme. We suggest white table covers, as it will make the colors pop even more.
To decorate each table, lay out the white tablecloth and have a balloon bouquet in the center. We suggest an arrangement of seven balloons (odd numbers work best): 3 red, 3 yellow, and 1 music note mylar balloon. On each end of the table, complete the look with a boom box centerpiece. Your guests will be in glee with this colorful assortment!
When your guests get hungry, they can walk into the cafeteria (a.k.a.-the kitchen) and munch on an assortment of food. Here's what we have in mind:
  • Rachel ravioli
  • Finn fingers, or fish sticks
  • Kurt cupcakes
  • Mr. Schue mac-n-cheese
  • Artie artichoke dip
  • Mercedes milkshakes
  • Puck potatoes
  • Sue Sylvester salad
  • Tina tacos
  • Quinn quesadillas
A nice final touch is to have personalized signs indicating what each room is (i.e.- cafeteria, auditorium).
glee party games and activities
Karaoke is the best activity for a glee party!  Grab a karaoke machine or go to karaoke night at a local bar. You can have singles and duet competitions with a secret vote to determine the winners.  Give the winners rock star trophies and other musical goodies.
glee party favors
Send home your guests with some fun Glee theme favors.  Here are a few simple ideas:
So tune up your voice and break out your dance shoes, let's get ready to jump for Glee!