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Deal or No Deal

Everyone wants to win a $1,000,000 so why not give your friends the chance? Invite them over for food, fun and the opportunity to go home a $1,000,000 richer!

Your guests will look forward to your party as soon as they see the invitation! Check out this cool personalized Deal or No Deal invitation.  Let design an invitation using personalized money! Put a picture of you, a dollar sign or maybe a Deal or No Deal logo where Ben Franklin should be and all the party information on the other side. Be sure to choose a green envelope since it is “the color of money!” Want something a little simpler, check out's invitations. You’re sure to find something you like.

Want to design your own invitation? How about a cutout of a silver suitcase with all the important information on the other side? If you’re handy with a scissors, design the suitcase so it opens. Write all the information with a silver or black paint pen.

Have your guests get in the spirit of the party before it even starts! Suggest that they dress up as the suitcase models (a chance to wear a fun party dress), put on a snappy suit and bald cap (available at local costume stores) and anyone can be Howie Mandel or dark glasses and a tie and the mysterious banker has arrived.

As your guests approach they’ll know that a special night is about to begin! Hang a banner over the door saying Welcome to Deal or No Deal with bunches of black and crystal colored balloons on either side of the door.

Once inside, a larger-than-life caricature of Howie Mandel will be there to greet them. (Hint: use the cutout later and take Polaroid pictures of your guests with Howie. Place the photo in a frame and your guests have a memento from a great party.)

Decorate your party room with silver and gold stars – it will make the space feel more festive.

Place a toy suitcase on each table with play money spilling out of it. Or use the suitcase as a weight for bunches of crystal-colored, black or green balloons (spray paint the suitcases silver and attach cutouts of green dollar signs on the front of them for fun).

Scatter the tables with foil wrapped chocolate coins or chocolate dollar sign lollipops. Or, place the lollipops in small glass vases around the room or on the buffet or dessert table.

You’re in luck! Since food isn’t really involved in Deal or No Deal, you can serve whatever you like. Appetizers and desserts, sandwiches or pizza, even a barbecue – whatever appeals to you will work.

Liven up the drinks with light up drink glasses or light up ice cubes. It will add some more sparkle to the night!

Ok, so here is the real reason for your party. Everyone came for fun and to win a million dollars. While you may not send everyone home with the cash, great memories won’t be hard to create. Set up the room with chairs on one side for your guests/audience. On the opposite side of the room, have a space for your models. Depending on the size of your party, you can have as many as you want. (If you really want them to look alike, pick your models before the party and ask them to coordinate their outfits.) In between, you need a space for “your” Howie Mandel, the contestant and the 3 people who are there to offer advice.  Of course you have to conceal the mysterious banker! Hide your banker behind a half-open door or if you have a screen, put the banker behind the screen and backlight it so you can only see a shadow. You will need a small table to but the all-important buzzer or bell on for when your contestant decides Deal or no Deal. And finally, you need the board listing the dollar amounts in each suitcase. Let make an authentic looking board that will be the showcase of your party.

Let the game begin! Have your Master of Ceremonies (wearing a bald cap of course) choose a contestant who picks his/her advisors and a suitcase and start the dealing. If you don’t have a million dollars available for the prize, how about some play money? Or, how about a delicious chocolate bar with a customized Deal or No Deal candy bar wrapper? can create a sweet and memorable candy bar wrapper.

Party Favors and More
Everyone loves to leave with a souvenir from a great party!  It may not be a real million dollars, but your guess will love wearing dollar sign necklaces that glitter and glow.

Putting on a bald caps will have everyone laughing long after the night has ended.

Remember the photo your guest took with the cut-out of Howie Mandel? The magnet on his/her refrigerator will be a reminder of the great party you gave.


Deal or No Deal it's time to party.